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Numerical Analysis of a polydisperse sedimentation problem
Dvořák, Daniel ; Felcman, Jiří (advisor) ; Feistauer, Miloslav (referee)
The problem of the polydisperse sedimentation as the system of the partial differential equations is formulated. The hyperbolicity of the problem and the determination of the eigenvalues of the Jacobi matrix of the flux function is studied. Based on the conservation laws of the mass and momentum completed by the constitutive relations the so called MLB model is derived. The one- dimensional problem is formulated. The Sherman-Morrison formula is used to find the inverse matrix of the sum of the diagonal matrix and the matrix being the product of two vectors. In order to find the eigenvalues of the Jacobi matrix of the flux function the rank two perturbation of the diagonal matrix is used. In such a way the problem of the determination of the eigenvalues is reformulated as the solution of the so called secular equation. The eigenvalues can be localized and the strong hyperbolicity of the problem under certain conditions is proved. 1
Ontogenetic changes of the face.
Benešová, Eliška ; Eliášová, Hana (advisor) ; Dvořák, Daniel (referee)
The human face is characterized by a combination of morphological characters, which are unique for each individual. These characters are subject to change during ontogeny influenced by age, pathological conditions, injuries. The aim of this diploma thesis was an observation of age changes in the face of individuals in the age range from one to eighteen. Resource material were black and white photographs of girls and boys. Analysis of age changes in facial area was performed using methods of geometric morphometrics, specifically thin plate spine (TPS). The shape analysis confirmed, that between age and face shape exists significant relationship. It was found, that is mainly due to significant changes in height and width ratios. Face extends and narrows, forehead height is reduced and lower jaw grows to lenght. Facial changes are also influenced by the sex of individuals, while for girls the overall growth in the face stopps about age of fifteen, for boys continues to the age of eighteen years. Keywords Geometric morphometrics, thin plate spline, ontogenetic development of the face, age changes.

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