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Language biographies and social networks of Czech minority members (on example of Czech-Croatian and Croatian-Czech bilingualism Czechs in Criation
Stranjik, Helena ; Nábělková, Mira (advisor) ; Vukovič, Petar (referee) ; Dudok, Miroslav (referee)
The goal of the thesis Language biographies and social networks of the Czech minority members (on example of Czech-Croatian and Croatian-Czech bilingualism of Czechs in Croatia) is to contribute to the knowledge of language behavior of the Czech minority members from Czech or mixed Czech-Croatian families living in Croatia. Language is one of the basic identity attributes of both individual and group of individuals. Being a social phenomenon, language has got two basic functions: the communicative function (as a communication device) and the identifying function (an individual identifies themselves with a group through the use of a certain language). The author of the thesis strives to describe the language processes that are going on in compatriot families, and the factors which affect maintaining the language within the national minorities, on the example of the Czech minority in Croatia. The first part of the thesis introduces the Czech minority in Croatia since the times of the Czech's moving into Croatia, their organizing within the minority or founding of Czech associations and schools, up to the present form of existence, minority organization and Czech minority status in the laws and statutes of the Republic of Croatia. The author also describes the Czech minority language and summarizes...
Tradition of purism in Croatian linguistics
Vlašić, Marija ; Gladkova, Hana (advisor) ; Dudok, Miroslav (referee) ; Šurla, Andrej (referee)
The main topic of the doctor's thesis is tradition of purism in Croatian linguistics, i.e. the development of Croatian language from the point of view of the thesis of purism as a constant in Croatian langauge. The focus is placed by the author on the role of Croatian linguistics in building such a traditional image. The thesis furthermore explains motives and perspectives of the mentioned tendency. The thesis questions the role of purist principles in the construction of language identity and analyzes long-term consequences of this tendency in Croatian linguistics. The introductory chapter gives an overview of theoretic opinions on the term of purism and current ideas of the recent socio-linguistics and furthermore explains the position of Croatian linguistics on the level of purism of Croatian language. Puristic tendency of Croatian language is in Croatian linguistics considered analogue to the language development. Therefore, purism is a very important element of identification built into the character itself of Croatian language. The view onto Croatian linguistic history is narrowed in the second part of the thesis, in which the author analyzes the materials, in which elements of implicit and explicit purism are to be seen (from pre-standard era, beginning of standardisation and particularly the...
Slovak in Vojvodina: status and communicative application
Novotná, Věra ; Nábělková, Mira (advisor) ; Nekvapil, Jiří (referee) ; Dudok, Miroslav (referee)
Sl o vak in Vojvodina i s an active and vítal realization of the Slovak language outside of Slovakia - the examination of its status and communicative application is currently a relevant topíc in the research orientation toward Slovak in minority settings. Slovaks have lived on the current territory of Vojvodina for more than 260 years. Most of them migrated there from the territory of what is now Central Slovakia, to a lesser degree from western Slovakia, and some, for a certain period of their life, came to the territory of what is now Hungary. Over a period of time, living conditions as well as state units changed, but the Slovaks maintained all of their national attributes, their cul ture and language. This dissertation presents developmental demographic characteristics and an analysis of the legal status, education system and individua! elements of culture in the life of the Slovak minority in Vojvodina. The language of the Vojvodina Slovaks developed in conditions of isolation from their homeland (the geographic and political spheres) and has been the subject of specialized research by Slovak language experts, both from Vojvodina and from Slovakia, since the end of the 18th cen tury. The development of the Slovak language in this setting has been taking place in coexistence with other languages from...

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