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Ectopic pregnancy - etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach
Fischerová, Michaela ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this work entitled Ectopic pregnancy - etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach, was to give a complete and complex summary of this topic. Ectopic pregnancy is the most frequently occurring acute abdomen episode in the Czech Republic and it is an important factor of female morbidity and mortality, therefore it deserves special attention. The paper clearly states the risk factors of ectopic pregnancy together with methods and recommendations for the prevention and therapy of the risk factors. The following part of the text gives the reader a closer look on the different possible clinical forms of ectopic pregnancy. Further, the possibilities of modern diagnosis are analyzed, with a major importance given to the use of ultrasound imaging. The end of the work is given to today's therapeutic possibilities. The condition as a whole, as well as specific situations are described.
Ectopic pregnancy - Etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach
Lygre Husmo, Cecilie ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
Ectopic pregnancy causes major maternal morbidity and mortality, with pregnancy loss, and its incidence is increasing worldwide. It is still the most common cause of maternal deaths in the first trimester. An ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube, if not treated, can cause tubal rupture and/or intra abdominal bleeding. Treatment options for tubal ectopic pregnancy are surgery, medical treatment, and expectant management. Most fatal cases result from delayed diagnosis and inappropriate investigation and treatment despite the management of women with suspected ectopic pregnancy improving considerably because of improved tools for diagnosis and management. Prompt diagnosis and treatment thus is a very important measure to prevent the potential life-threatening complications of ectopic pregnancies.
Ectopic pregnancy - etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach
Tichá, Zuzana ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of ectopic pregnancy. The first chapter defines the concept of ectopic pregnancy and its various types. The following sections examines the incidence of ectopic pregnancy and its etiopathogenesis. A large part is devoted to risk factors and further focuses on the most important of them. Attention is paid to establishing a diagnosis - history with a description of possible symptoms, findings on gynecological examination, ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory and laparoscopic techniques. This is followed by a description of the differential diagnosis and possible complications which can be caused by ectopic pregnancy. Part of the text concentrates on the management and therapy with greater emphasis on medical treatment, which is used in some indications in developed countries as an alternative to laparoscopy. The penultimate chapter deals in detail with a rare type of ectopic pregnancy. The conclusion proposes a possible method of prevention.
Ectopic pregnancy - etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach
Brinch, Tonje Elisabeth ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
An ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal kind of pregnancy, which occurs outside the uterus. The term "ectopic" was adapted from the Greek word, ektopos, which means "out of place". It is a major cause of maternal morbidity and mortality when misdiagnosed or left untreated, and accounts for as much as 9% of maternal death in this USA. The condition is thought to be an error or flaw of the human reproductive physiology, which allows the fertilized egg to implant and grow outside it`s natural location. Studies has shown that approximately 1-2% of pregnancies are ectopic and 97% of these occur in the fallopian tube (so called tubal pregnancies). Less commonly, the ectopic pregnancy is in cervical, ovarian, or intra-abdominal sites. Some conditions can blocks or slows down the normal way of a fertilized egg through the fallopian tube to the uterus.It is believed that the fertilized egg gets stuck on its way and that the most common cause is a scarred, damaged or misshapen tube. The abnormally implanted gestation grows and draws its blood supply from the site of implantation. As the gestation enlarges, it creates the potential for organ rupture because only the uterine cavity is designed to expand and accommodate fetal development. The rupture can result in massive internal hemorrhage that threatens the mother's life...
Ectopic pregnancy - etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach
Ondračková, Pavlína ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
Ectopic pregnancy is the most common acute abdomen in gynecology. This affection is any pregnancy in which the fertilized ovum implants outside the intrauterine cavity, most frequently in fallopian tube. Trophoblastic tissue of conceptus grows up aggressively and it causes a lesion surrounding organs and acute and massive intraabdominal bleeding is imminent. Ectopic pregnancy mortality rates is about 1‰. Risk factors are especially all of fallopian tube pathology, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases, using intrauterine device, methods of assisted reproductive technology, endometriosis, etc. Diagnosis has to be determined very fast. It results from anamnestic dates, like a irregular menstrual period or when the risk factors are present, and physical examination, it could be sings of pregnancy or sings of intraabdominal bleeding there. But most important for diagnosis are repeated ultrasonography examination and biochemical determination of the serum hCG level. Based on all of these informations it is absolutelly necessary to verify or eliminate ectopic pregnancy diagnosis quickly and the current situation has to be resolved. As a differential diagnosis should be mention any affection with intraabdominal bleeding, inflammatory processes, intrauterine pathological gravidity or torsion of...
Ectopic pregnancy- etiology, modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach
Norvik, Anders ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
Ectopic pregnancy can be a life-threatening condition occurring in women all over the world. Over the past decades there has been a fluctuation in the incidence of the condition. This can be explained by factors like changing incidence of PID in the population, changing habits in contraceptive (IUD) use and increased diagnostic abilities. The clinical picture of ectopic pregnancy can be very individual and the doctor must therefore always have a high suspicion towards the diagnosis in a fertile woman, independent of symptoms. The presenting signs and symptoms range from a completely asymptomatic woman to a woman presenting with an acute abdomen and shock. The symptoms most commonly reported are abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or spotting and amenorrhoea can also be present. The cornerstones in the diagnosis, together with history and physical examination, are ultrasound and hCG levels in serum. Despite the big progress in diagnosing the condition there can be cases where the physician will feel unsure about the diagnosis. Complication that we fear the most is rupture. It can lead to death. Since this is a outcome we don't want, it is necessary to increase the awareness among doctors and nurses and always think of the condition when presented with a woman in her fertile age.
Ectopic pregnancy, etiology - modern diagnostic therapeutic approach
Laurynová, Veronika ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor)
The theme of my thesis Ectopic pregnancy I chose from several reasons. In early studies on 3.LF I had a great interest in the field of gynecology and Obstetrics and wanted to pay him in the future. Although I later fundamentally changed its decision, the issue is still interested in menot only from a medical point of view but also from the perspective of my ownor as a gynecological clinic clients and possibly one in the futuremotherhood. Also, because with this diagnosis that I met in my close circle of family, whererelatively It took a long time before being detected. This is also another motivefor me to get on this clinical situation as much information as possible.

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