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Ethical dilemmas of working in an asylum house for mothers with children in distress
This thesis deals with the topic of ethics in the field of social work in asylum house for mothers with children in distress. At first the thesis generally characterizes social work in asylum houses. Than it describes the importance of ethics in the profession of social work. The next part focuses on outputs detected through semi-structured in-depth se-mistructured interviews and realized with six workers (social workers and workers of social services) in institution St. Zdislava's house for mothers with children in distress in Klatovy. The reader is acquainted with the most common ethical dilemmas of workers in St. Zdislava's house. One of the dilemmas is analyzed through the optics of Kant's ethics.
A medical social worker in the health care facilities
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of medical social work in health care facilities and its position in an interdisciplinary team that is necessary in providing quality and comprehensive patient care. The first part generally characterizes the specifics of the profession and content of competences and activities of medical social worker. It also describes interdisciplinary teamwork. The practical part focuses on data analysis detected through semistructured interview in-depth semistructured interview and realized with five medical social workers in the health care facility Hospital České Budějovice, a.s. Research results show that the hospital provides quality and comprehensive patient care. The quality of provided care could be higher by introducing supervision, increasing the number of medical social workers and removing of technical barriers in communication and information transfer.
The incorporation of new areas of suburbanization into the surrounding landscape
The diploma thesis evaluates the spatial plans of chosen municipalities of commercial and residential suburbanization in the area of České Budějovice. The issue of research were particularly old and new plans of both municipalities and their comparison, including the proposal of new functional areas in the territory. The most important documentary used were the spatial plans of municipalities and following terrain research . Results are presented by both - text and graphic form. For processing the results geographic information systém ArcGIS 10 was used.
Administrative justice in Czech republic
This thesis deals with administrative justice in Czech Republic, which has a relatively short tradition because it came into operation in 2003. Thesis is focused on history of administrative justice in Czech lands since reign of Habsburg Monarchy. Further there is described a current form of administrative justice. Following chapter deals with models of judicial review in selected states of the EU, finally I will outline basic differences between judicial reviews of this states and Czech Republic.

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