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Nutrition in strength sports with a focus on protein intake
Krčová, Daniela ; Chytilová, Eva (advisor) ; Krupičková, Zdislava (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of protein intake in fitness strength sports. Proteins are one of the most important nutrient for strength athletes because muscle mas is made up of about 20% of proteins. Because of athlete's desire for a well-balanced muscular body, they attach proteins a major role and often overstate their significance. Bodybuilding and other strength sports are often associated with extreme protein intake, which can lead to negative health effects (deficiency of some minerals, kidney load, digestive troubles, etc.). The aim of this thesis is to evaluate whether power athletes receive excess, optimum intake or lack of protein according to the current recommendations for sports nutrition. A record sheet for diet intake was used to collect the data. The protein intake of power athletes was calculated in the Nutriservis program and compared with the recommendation according to number of training lessons and the target of the athletes (fat reduction, weight maintenance or muscle growth). The diet of power athletes was also critically evaluated. The results were evaluated by relevant text commentaries and summarized using a graph. The result is that 45% of strength athletes consume excess protein and their intake is higher than 2.0 g protein/kg/day. However, it was also found...
Alternative eating habbits and their perception by people aged 18-27
Mokrejšová, Andrea ; Pejšová, Hana (advisor) ; Chytilová, Eva (referee)
1 Abstract: This Bachelor's thesis is focused on problems of alternative nutrition and their knowledge and perception by young people in Czech republic. The Bachelor's thesis is divided into two parts; theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part the most popular alternative eating ways are analyzed. By a search was made text about general characteristic of alternative diets and about healthy benefits and risks resulting from their compliance. In this part is the characteristic of young people group by psychosocial view. There are included the discussion about reasons why they can decide to compliance alternative nutrition and their general attitude to nutrition and healthy lifestyle. The practical part tries to explain the context between nutrition and health for respondents and their knowledge about alternative dietology and their general relationship to alternative nutrition. These facts were evaluated by anonymous questionnare. We can see that the majority part of respondents doesn't observe principals of alternative dietology but they have knowledge about it. Their perception is positive and some of respondents regulate their food. The absolute majority of respondents doesn't percept the strict observe better for their body health than racional nutrition. The main goal of this Bachelor's thesis...
Wall shear stress and its role in progress of atherosclerosis
Chytilová, Eva ; Malík, Jan (advisor) ; Horký, Karel (referee) ; Piťha, Jan (referee)
Atherosclerosis is associated with systemic risk factors such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus and smoking. Nonetheless, atherosclerosis is a focal disease, preferentially affecting predisposed areas. The main local hemodynamic factor is wall shear stress, the frictional force acting tangencially on the endothelial cell surface. The effect of wall shear stress depends on its magnitude and direction, as well as on the characteristic of vessel geometry and blood flow. Wall shear stress is an important determinant of endothelial function and phenotype. Previous research showed that arterial sites with chronically low WSS are more prone to the development of atherosclerotic plaques. Mostly, it is the case of outer wall of arterial bifurcations, where the stroma of vessel wall prevents arterio-constriction in response to low WSS. However, lower WSS was described also in straight arterial segments, such as carotid arteries, in the presence of atherosclerosis risk factors.

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2 Chytilová, Ekaterina
1 Chytilová, Eliška
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