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Arts Education and Amateur Art Week 2018: Final report
Bulínová, Karolína
Zpráva popisuje průběh úspěšného 6. ročníku Týdne uměleckého vzdělávaní a umělecké tvorby, který opět představil řadu uměleckých a tvůrčích aktivit. Zpráva zdůrazňuje jejich význam pro kulturní život v zemi.
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Arts Education and Amateur Art Week 20st - 28th May 2017
Bulínová, Karolína
Průběh pátého ročníku Týdne dokazuje, že pevně zakotvil a nese své poslání - ukázat veřejnosti, jaké množství aktivit může nabídnout jeden jediný týden v roce, a tím dokumentovat význam amatérských aktivit jako nejdostupnější formy neformálního uměleckého vzdělávání pro kulturní život u nás. Přehled všech realizovaných akcí.
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A Dance Profession – Its Form and Socio-economic Status
Bulínová, Karolína ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (referee)
My dissertation seeks to outline the social and economic status of members of the ballet troupe of the National Theatre in Prague after 1945. a defining aspect of this period was the effort on the part of the ballet ensemble to achieve recognition for ballet as an autonomous genre of theatre in its own right, and to achieve a status independent from the Opera, of which the troupe was part until 1958. The inferior status of ballet in terms of the theater hierarchy was reflected by the remuneration of the dancers themselves; their wages were always lower than those of the staff of the Opera or Drama troupes. i have tried to document the evolution and changes in the social and economical status of ballet artists as employees of state repertory theaters, depending on the context of each period and also by presenting them on two concrete trajectories and the experiences of individual artists. The financial conditions are documented by contracts, and the general situation further attested by additional personal documents, particularly correspondence. Frequent requests for a raise in wages or the paying of an advance, pleading and often no less than abjectly humiliating letters are ample evidence that the economic situation of dancers as professionals often stretched the limits of a basic living wage.
History of the Turkish Ballet and Contemporary Dance
Adiguzel, Belgi ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (advisor) ; Bulínová, Karolína (referee)
My thesis is based on dance art and its current situation in Turkey. In my work I begin to analise the history of dance in Turkey from the Ottoman era, followed by the process and repertoire of the state ballet companies, independent foundations and contemporary dance companies. Except the institutional history, I also mention some of the Turkish choreographers who changed the course of developement of dance in Turkey.
The choreographic work of Jarmila Jeřábková: "Slovanské tance"
Kacianová, Veronika ; Gremlicová, Dorota (advisor) ; Bulínová, Karolína (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the creative choreographic process of Antonín Dvořák´s "Slovanské tance" by Duncan dancer and choreographer Jarmila Jeřábková. Each chapter focuses on different scenic aspects of the choreography and its evolution. The main part of this analysis is a section where individual dances are described in terms of space and character and this give us a full picture of this scenic dance utterance. In the following chapter the newspaper announcements and reviews about "Slovanské tance" from the period press help to create a full picture of the way how the public perceived this dance work and how the image of Jarnila Jeřábková changed. The conclusion of this bachelor thesis focuses on the comparison of two approaches to "Slovanské tance!- by Jarmila Jeřábková and Jarmila Kröschlová.

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6 BULÍNOVÁ, Kristýna
6 Bulínová, Kristýna
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