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A Virtual Instrument for Measurement of Flicker
Cabala, Ľuboš ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Šlezingr, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the voltage fluctuation, its causes, resourses and affections on light sources. Further the posibbilities of the voltage fluctuations limitation are mentioned. This thesis also contains the decriptions of construction of UIE/EIC flickermeter on which bases the virtual flickermeter is programmed in the LabVIEW.
Ecological problems energetics CR
Šilar, Martin ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Matoušek, Antonín (advisor)
This project presents the current status of power resources and supply in the Czech Republic and examines its different connections with ecology. The existing situation in energetics is described in the first chapter of the thesis. This chapter contains general information as well as an analysis of the progress to date related to the structure of installed power and to the amount of electricity generation and their consumption. The description of the common influence of energetics on the environment is provided in the following chapter, which also introduces the next step, namely a short survey of the characteristics of the currently used energy resources and their direct relationship to the monitored ecological problems. The practical part of the project is based on the calculation of emission in the fifteen biggest thermal power station in the Czech Republic. The calculated amounts of emission are compared with the related features of nuclear waste. The last chapter contains information about the EU legislation concerning the reduction of carbon dioxide. In this respect, there are presented also the measures planned to facilitate the reduction of carbon dioxide in Czech Republic.
The quality of electric energy in a low voltage public supply networks
Vývoda, Marek ; Pithart, Jan (referee) ; Bok, Jaromír (advisor)
This thesis deals with description of qualitative parameters of supply voltage as well as measurement and data evaluation issues. Theoretical part of thesis describes basic characteristics of low voltage and limits based on standard specification. Next chapter deals with specification of measurement devices used for supply voltage quality measurement. The purpose of these theoretical parts is to introduce reader into supply voltage quality issues and can be used for preparation of measurement and acquired data evaluation under norm ČSN EN 50160 (Voltage characteristic of electricity supplied by public distribution systems). An analysis of real network is the last part of this thesis, in which application of acquired knowledge on assigment of real states of qualitative parameters of supply voltage in network.
Stabilized operation of the 400 kV power line
Jurča, Ondřej ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Blažek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with methods of solving lines under voltage levels of a very high transmission voltage and extra high voltage. The first, theoretical part of this paper analyses different methods how such lines are solved. In particular, an accurate solution is provided simulated by means of a line with evenly distributed parameters, and an approximate solution simulated by means of a line with lumped parameters. Furthermore, special cases of steady running conditions of the line are reviewed, such as no-load running, short-circuit run and line operation with natural load. In conclusion of the theoretical part is given a general method of solving an extra-high-tension and extra high voltage network; also, some graphical methods of solving such networks are shown including their brief description. The second, practical part of the present paper involves application of the above mentioned methods of solution on a specific line with given parameters, solving conditions at the beginning of the line under steady running conditions and in special cases of the line operation. The conclusion of the thesis summarises the obtained results and provides final assessment of the individual methods of solution in terms of calculation accuracy.
Usage rate watercourse
Görig, Michal ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Matoušek, Antonín (advisor)
The Bachelor’s project deals with a design of the small water power plant. In the first part of project there is a theoretic introduction about renewable energy sources and possibilities to electric energy produce from them, it describes possible types of water-power plants and their turbines. Next part is specialized for the choice of suitable area for building of mentioned small power plant. The design of machinery contains suitable turbine and generator. The electric part of water-power plant and connection to electric grid is also described. The last part values the investment to realization of this power plant.
Utilization of biomass energy
Horváth, Martin ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Procházka, Zdeněk (advisor)
Restoring sources of a energy and their development brings questions how these can be these sources the best utilized. The main aim of my bachelor`s thesis is an acquainted with methods of biomass conversion to energetic potential and his advantage. Than is mentioned proper project of the biogas plant and calculation of produced electric energy quantity in select cogeneration unit base on data on specific excrements production bred pigs and biogas production from slurry. The result is a variant evaluation of economy of the biogas plant operation for agricultural enterprise according to number of bred pigs and possibility of electric energy utilization.
Energy labels of electrical appliances
Diblík, Jan ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Drápela, Jiří (advisor)
In my bachelor's thesis I engaged in energy cards of electrical appliences. I acted and controled for Law number 406/2000Collection, for manage energy what frame preparation Czech Republic walk in European Union introduce in harmony with european legislature. This law and legislature in conjunction with law signify charge for all producer alectical appliences mention energy cards in the all appliences. I mention for example energy card. On the energy card are appliences distribute for seven energy class according to class A is the most of economy class and class G is least economy class. On the energy card mention next particulars, for example name or business symbol of producer, identity symbol of model applience use of producer or impporter and next. In my thesis I engaged progresses for determine energy class electrical appliences formation universal progresses for determine energy class appliences, define basic universal qualities and parameters. There are pieces of knowledge is possible take advantage of already non-cards appliences, determine energy classes divided for two groups. First group energy class is enumerace for consuption electric energy and second group energy class is enumerace with regard to next quantity. It was extract wrote next important and universal date on energy card. All pieces of knowledge took advantage of application energy card on non-card appliences factual home bakery of bred. At this home bakery of bred chaose reference conditions at what measured electrical consuption. I was set up energy class in what Iam put into its this consuption. For objektive was set up energy card this home bakery of bred.
Design of an extraction steam condensing turbine in the Precheza company.
Pavelka, Tomáš ; Paseka, Bohumil (referee) ; Bok, Jaromír (advisor)
This diploma thesis is concerned with the design of the machinery with an extraction steam condensing turbine in Precheza corp. The theoretical part of this thesis describes the energetical situation in the company and the primary consideration about recovery of the heat, released at sulphuric acid production, for electrical power production. There is also presented brief description of the sulphuric acid production and the fundamental principles of the steam production at this process. In the practical part of this thesis there is performed the calculation of the heat-flow diagram of the steam turbine and the calculation of heat and producted electrical power at the basic operational states. There is presented the source code for the calculation of the heat-flow diagram using Matlab software. In the end there is mentioned the economical evaluation of the whole project, using the fundamental economical methods, such as net present value method, or profitability index, including the calculation of the pay-back period.
Parameterization of electric appliances immunity curves to voltage dips and short interruptions
Šlezingr, Jan ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Drápela, Jiří (advisor)
This master’s thesis work deal with diagnosis parameters immunity curves uniphase appliance on short - term voltage dips a interuption. Immunity curve is dependence smallest possible sizes RMS voltage for performance given to criteria function on time continuation voltage event. Curves of resistance is different for each electric appliance, and depending on the size and over-voltage network, the burden on resources and voltage during the event.. The goal of this work is to devise a methodology for measuring the implementation of parametric measurement limit curves of resistance for selected types of appliances.
Evaluation of voltage events regarding to immunity of electric appliances
Švindrych, Jan ; Bok, Jaromír (referee) ; Drápela, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with evaluation of voltage events regarding to immunity of electric appliances. This thesis is divided into three logical sections. In the first part are shown the voltage events, their definitions, causes and spreading in the mains. The second part deals with measurements and existing possibilities of evaluation of voltage events. The third part deals with suggestion of new evaluation of voltage events regarding to immunity of electric appliances and verification in practice.

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