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A Selfreflection of a Creative Process of Working on Nevina and Erectionof the Heart
Blažková, Anděla ; TEJNOROVÁ, Petra (advisor) ; ADÁMEK, Jiří (referee)
This master thesis is a subjective reflection based on proper selfreflection during my work on performances Nevina and Erection of the heart. It is not a theoretical study but more an understanding and defining of my own ways of searching between a dramatic character of Absolut and function of a performer. In first part I analyze the performance Nevina directed by Petra Tejnorová. I present some conditions and forms of realisation a live cinema project. In next chapter I point out names of all the dramatic characters with their description from my point of view and I search connections and facts of a dramatic character of Absolut, that is communicating me the text. Then I am reflecting the dramatic character from my point of view with my own imagination. I analyse all the dramatic situations in which Absolut is present and I present the ways to get to her own emotions. I search connections between emotions and experiences of a dramatic character and my own. I find out the importance of knowing what I am performing and at the same time I find out the importance of a fact that a dramatic character should not know what is he performing at the same time. I analyze a searching of a „mask“ for a scenic adaptation of being blind and I mention a part from my own notes based on my own experimentation with vision. I clarify technical requirements for an actor to work with during the realization: a camera, a microphone – microport, space and I mention the importance of the fusion of actor with this technical issues. I am reflecting the truthfulness, certainty and authenticity of film acting. In the second part I am mentioning experiences of working on school performances with directors during my studies on the accademy and I mention reasons of importance of searching for an own topic. I am analyzing the creative process of Erection of the heart directed by Petra Tejnorová. In next chapters I uncover the creative process – contact improvisation and searching of my own topic. I analyze the ways of touching the core of my own topic and I mention the final version of my monologue in this performance. I outline my own reflections – possibilities and rules of a way to get in touch with a spectator. I realise the possibilities of a performer while knowing the possible winning and loosing during the playing. I mention a reaction of one spectator after seeing our show. In the end I answer myself a question if the authenticity of an actor is changing while he is telling someone else's story or his own thoughts and oppinions.

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