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Reflection and popularization of archaeology in the mass media
Laštíková, Lucie ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Popelka, Miroslav (referee)
The paper analyzes the archaeological topics published from the 1st January 2014 until the last day of the 2014 in selected Czech media, specifically in the newspapers called Právo, Hospodářské noviny, Mladá fronta Dnes. Examined is also tabloid Blesk. Included are also their online portals -,,,, and Based on the analysis reproduced articles exported from the media database and based on the online questionnaires that were used to question journalists and archaeologists redefined the basic rules of communication between them, including communication difficulties which may arise during common cooperation. The thesis also contains a database of the editors and active journalists who deal with such problems, including their work contacts, to facilitate the work of archaeologists attempt at media coverage of their own research, and many other archaeological projects. Keywords Archaeology, mass media, daily press, publicity, infotainment, journalist, newspaper, communication, medialisation, popularization
Bone pins of the Early Bronze Age in Bohemia and Moravia
Čihák, Martin ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Langová, Michaela (referee)
Bone pins of the Early Bronze Age are interesting, not too frequent, and still properly unprocessed kind of artifact. Probably based on an older tradition, but they were soon replaced by the metal pins. The main objective is to develop as most detailed catalog of findings as is possible, tracking the finding context and chronological position of bone pins in the Early Bronze Age in Bohemia. The subject of the work is also a question of technology used in the production bone and antler industry and its evidence from the Bronze Age, focusing on the technology and processes used in the production of bone pins. Another factor which is monitored is the social status of bearers of the bone pins in the Early Bronze Age.
Velvary and its surroundings in prehistory
Kovandová, Lucie ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Slabina, Miloslav (referee)
This work is focused on prehistory in Velvary and its surroundings. The main aim is describe findings of archaeological periods and cultures from palaeolithic to roman period, which were found in localities surrounding Velvary. The attention is on findings in City Museum Velvary. Some of them were archaeological described and published in professional literatures, but most of them were not in the attention of archaeologists. The work is also focused on surface survey in this area. Keywords Central Bohemia, archaeology, prehistory, regional settlement, Velvary
The Late Bronze Age in the region of Písek, Southern Bohemia
Pokorná, Kamila ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Smejtek, Lubor (referee)
The thesis presents the results of evaluation of archaeological finds from the two settlements in Písek (site "nemocnice") and Topělec. Both settlements are dated to the Late Bronze Age. With respect to the fact that only Late Bronze Age sites of smaller extent have been evaluated and published in South Bohemia so far, the studied settlements offer a more complex view on the composition of ceramic finds in this period and region. Both sites provide ceramic finds analogous to those from Central and Wes Bohemia, however, they do not differ significantly from other South Bohemian sites.
The Late Bronze Age settlement at Hostivice, distr. Prague-West (Central Bohemia)
Kvěchová, Eliška ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Chvojka, Ondřej (referee)
Anotation This study describes results of the processing the excavations obtained during a research of Štítary settlement at Hostivice, distr. Prague-West (Central Bohemia). With the help of ceramic reamains, two residential phases were identified that corespond with the shift between the middle and younger degree of culture. The study was concerned with the existence of separate homesteads. They were not proved. The study looks at the form of the pottery at time when social changes are evident in Central Bohemia. Keywords Central Bohemia - Bronze Age - Štítary culture - settlement - pottery
Prehistoric settlement of Levý Hradec (Central Bohemia)
Vávrová, Barbora ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Dobeš, Miroslav (referee)
The thesis presents the results of processing the excavation of the acropolis of Levý Hradec (district of Praha-západ). The excavation took place between 1940-1954 under the leadership of Ivan Borkovský (ARÚ ČSAV in Prague). The hillfort is known as the Early Medieval center, however it was notably settled during the prehistory as well. Unfortunately, these findings have not been processed yet. The main aim of this thesis was the identification of prehistoric cultures on the basis of pottery collection, assignment of the extent of settlement in particular cultures and effort to date the prehistoric phases of fortification on the basis of original documentation and the pottery findings. Moreover, there was the attempt to identificate the excavated objects in documentation and cross connect the pottery with documentation.
Bronze Age Settlement in Vinoř-V Žabokřiku
Kleinová, Kateřina ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Smejtek, Lubor (referee)
This study describes results of analysis of findings obtained during the excavation of Knovíz settlement in Praha - Vinoř "V Žabokřiku". One whole above-ground structure was found and few more can be presumed besides the features. The residential area could be separated from the storege area. Great amount of pottery, loom weights, daub, stone industry and individual animal bones was found mostly in bigger features. This settlement represents Knovíz culture in Late Bronze Age (phases Br D - Ha A1) according to the pottery products' analysis. There is no evidence of other cultures. In the site there were breeded domestic animals, we can presume growing and proccessing corn, also textile production. There is no evidence of bronze itams pruduction. Keywords: Central Bohemia - Praha-Vinoř - Bronze Age - Knovíz culture - settlement - pottery
The settlement evidence of the Middle Danube Tumulus Culture in the Prague-Slaný region (Central Bohemia)
Lipovská, Silvia ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Chmela, Tomáš (referee)
7 Abstract - aj In addition to general information, this Thesis represents specific knowledge about settlement and the settlements dating from the Middle Danube Tumulus Culture in central Bohemia. A catalog encompasses basic information about the locations of previous research. The catalog includes not only the sites of destructive archaeological research and collections, but also the ancient sites with the insufficient information, incidental findings and the findings from the museums. These sites serve as a basis for analyses, defining the problems of this Thesis. In the Annex are enclosed maps with locations where destructive archaeological research was conducted, the goal is to identify the locations accurately. Keywords Central Bohemia, Prague, Bronze Age, Middle Danube Tumulus Culture;, settlement, archeology
Problems of children burials in prehistory of Bohemia and Moravia
Vélová, Lucie ; Popelka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Bláhová, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with children remains in archeological cultures of the Bronze Age at the area of Czech Republic. 1318 findings have been gathered and put into a database together with all available details. Special attention has been set upon multiple child burials, deposition of child remains into settlement pits, presence of charities and individuals with exceptionally rich funerary goods. Individual chapter has been dedicated to phenomena connected with children in the Bronze Age such as burial of unburned bodies in jars, anthropophagy and human sacrifices. The thesis is complemented by comparison with findings of child remains from the Neolithic and the Eneolithic (which the author analysed in her bachelor thesis).
Únětice culture settlements and burial grounds at Hoštice - Sečné louky 4 and Mořice - Pololány 1 (Moravia)
Novotná, Klára ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Limburský, Petr (referee)
The subject of this thesis is processing archeological locality Hoštice-Sečné louky 4 and Mořice-Pololány 1. Take up with archeological findings, their analysis, determination, primary interpretation and contextualization to the chronological period. The work includes an assessment of correlate settlement and burial ground of uneticer culture, and interpretation settlement burials.

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