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Non-Traditional Quasi-Resonant Snubber Circuit For Flyback Converter
Benda, Dušan
This paper deals with the topic of simulation and practical applications of using a nontraditional, non-dissipative snubber circuit for a flyback converter. Simulation of the snubber was created in MATLAB Simulink. A quasi-resonant snubber circuit was tested on a DC/DC converter for a photovoltaic panel.
Dc/Dc Converter For One Photovoltaic Panel With Fully Digital Control
Benda, Dušan
The paper deals with the topic of design and realization of full digital control DC/DC converter for one photovoltaic panel with a 250 W peak power. A flyback topology with a non traditional snubber circuit was selected for the DC/DC converter.
Electronic Parts of Small Photovoltaic Power Plant
Benda, Dušan
The aim of this project is to propose a comprehensive system for the management, control and monitoring of individual components of photovoltaic power plants. This article describes the various methods of approaches to solving each described parts including an outline of the issue. The output of work are functional and tested equipment.
System of DC/DC converters for solar cells of a fotovoltaic power plant
Benda, Dušan ; Huták, Petr (referee) ; Vorel, Pavel (advisor)
This master thesis describes the design of a DC/DC converter for one photovoltaic panel with a 250 W peak power. The master thesis is divided into parts dealing with detailed design of power electronics, analog circuit design, description of control MPPT algorithms and software for control circuit. The chapter with the mathematical modeling of the converter created in the Matlab Simulink was added beyond the assignment.
Electronic parts of small fotovoltaic power plant
Benda, Dušan ; Šťastný, Ladislav (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
The thesis describes the design, implementation and subsequent testing of electronic circuits for usage in small photovoltaic power plants. It focused on the sub-power appliances, battery charging and monitoring of photovoltaic panels. Introduction of this work deals with selecting appropriate controllers for each subsystem and comparison of the proposed facilities with commercially available applications. A substantial part of the work describes the selected controller for each subsystem implemented and circuit design of the individual components of electronic systems in detail. For each subsystem are implemented measuring and comparing the results achieved.

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