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Recycling technology for plastics components of car batteries
Bartoš, Otakar ; Tocháček, Jiří (referee) ; Melčová, Veronika (advisor)
This paper deals with the recycling of plastics from lithium batteries, more specifically polyvinylidenefluoride and polyethylene. Two samples of different nature were analysed. For the first sample, the presence of polyvinylidene fluoride was expected and the sample was analysed by TGA, DSC and FTIR. It was found to contain a maximum of 3.53 % PVDF contaminated by the solvent NMP, which was used for isolation and failed to evaporate. The remainder of the sample consisted mainly of HDPE and contained other unspecified contaminants in smaller quantities. The second sample in the form of a mixture of films was manually sorted and characterised by FTIR and was found to contain 80% HDPE film and 18 % PP. Subsequently, unsorted, and sorted batches consisting of PE were created and treated by mixing, leaching, both, or none to determine the effect of the treatments on the resulting mechanical properties. After the treatments, the batches were processed by kneading and tested by tensile tests. The results show that the leached batches have a higher tensile modulus, around 1.7 GPa, than the other batches, which is close to the reference material HDPE Liten MB 71, while the mixed batches have a higher purity as determined by SEM/EDS analysis. The treated samples also achieve very high elongation at break. The highest elongation achieved was above 500 %. In addition, blends of the reference material HDPE Liten MB 71 and 10, 20 and 30 wt.% of re-sorted, leached, and mixed PE films were made. The blends were again processed by kneading and subjected to tensile tests. Overall, the properties of the 20 % blend with a modulus of elasticity of 1.74 GPa and stress at yield point of 29.1 MPa, were closest to the reference material and represent a suitable compromise between the amount of added recyclate and the deterioration of mechanical properties.

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16 Bartoš, Ondřej
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