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Media as a threat to democracy? The Influence of media on politics and public sphere
Půlpánová, Barbora ; Lustigová, Martina (advisor) ; Balcerová, Zdeňka (referee)
The most important factor for the right functioning of democracy is the existence of independent public sphere, which should create critical public opinion as a base for policy making. Nowadays, however, is the independence of public sphere still weak. Media play an important and rising role in this situation. They changed their position from pure mediators of informations to the main actors of social and political life. Media now represent lucrative business and their owners therefor aim for maximising of the profit. This development is associated with bulvarisation of media and loss of their critical role in society. It also influences the politics, which adapt itself in order to gain public popularity. At the same time, the politics try to manipulate media thanks to specialist on public relations or other experts on political marketing. Classical democratic triangle - society, political parties and media was replaced by new power scheme, which includes experts, media and populists political strategists, which create the public opinion instead of citizens. Society can have democratic institutions, but the culture and the way of functioning doesn't have to be democratic in all cases. The aim of this paper is therefor to describe the factors, which can spoil the relation between citizens and their political...
Role of media in international politics and conflicts
Bartošová, Simona ; Lustigová, Martina (advisor) ; Balcerová, Zdeňka (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Role of the media in international politics and conflicts" pursues position and influence of media in either international and common politics, impact of political events on the media themselves and mutual interaction of media and politics. Further follows war conflicts and their processing and submission throughout different types of media. The thesis also addresses influence of media on development in war areas, and within the study specializes on concrete territories in which so far gained theoretic knowledge is utilized to comprehend the particular situation, application of the knowledge on the particular conflict including obtaining new theoretical skills through critical evaluation of praxis in the problem area. The thesis addresses media phenomenon as itself, basic history of each kind of media, outlines common dilemma of relation politics - society, political communication and marketing role of the media (impact on voters through medial campaign or propaganda). The basic question of the thesis is how strong is medial impact within political events including armed conflicts, and whether modem (even post-modern) vision of media as a world superpower really complies with empirical praxis of present time.

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1 Balcerová, Zuzana
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