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Europeanisation of the foreign policy of Sweden, Finland and Austria after the EU accession
Balcar, Vojtěch ; Martinková, Viera (advisor) ; Vlček, Václav (referee)
This thesis deals with the phenomenon of Europeanization of the foreign policy of Sweden, Finland and Austria after their accession to the European Union. All these countries joined the EU at the same time in 1995 and have a long tradition of neutrality, which makes them suitable for comparison. In the thesis, using the of the method of Foucaultian historical discursive analysis, the changes in their foreign policy in relation to the process of Europeanization and, in connection with this, the development of the discourse regarding their identity in this area are researched. This development is analysed in relation to aspects such as the attitude to the EU itself and its enlargement, to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine or, for example, to Brexit and relations with the United Kingdom or to the international mission in Afghanistan. Both secondary and especially primary sources are used, such as the official government documents and minutes or statements of representatives of individual states. In the introduction of the thesis, the methodological and research framework is presented, as well as the state of the current literature on this topic. Chapters devoted to the concepts of Europeanization and neutrality follow this. Then the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU is presented. Then follow the chapters...

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3 Balcar, Vratislav
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