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The equipment for control very low temperatures during the detection defects of solar cells
Stojan, Radek ; Bača, Petr (referee) ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with measuring of very low temperatures during the detection defects of solar cells by photoluminescence method. Liquid nitrogen is used to cooling solar cells. Properties of liquid nitrogen and safety of handling are described in this work. Themperature in cryo area is measured by the thermocouple senzors. A main part of this work was to concept and creation of equipment for themperature controling in cryo technique. This equipment signalling danger scorch in low temperatures. The device was created to complement work place for the detection defects of solar cells by photoluminescence method.
State of charge prediction of lead acid batteries
Chochola, Ondřej ; Bača, Petr (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
The general aim of the thesis is a detailed examination of battery charging condition possibility of lead-acid accumulator with the help of pulse current method. The methodology consists of experimental cell testing by pulse battery charging and pulse battery discharging during a progressive change of charging and discharging current as well as charging and discharging time change. The testing procedure proceeds at a various battery charging condition. Principal aim of this work is to compare final voltage dependencies and to establish the usability of pulse current method to determine battery charging condition.
Modification of measurement workplace for solar cells
Roček, Radovan ; Bača, Petr (referee) ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor)
The problems of solar cells are described in general in theoretic part of the master’s thesis. In particular there is described structure of solar cells, procedure of production of solar cells, kinds of defects that can occur in solar cells and diagnostic methods of detection of this defects. The solar simulator, electroluminescence method, detection of defects during microplasma shining, LBIV and LBIC method belongs to category of diagnostic methods. The main focusing is on diagnostic method of LBIC (Light Beam Inducted Current). The workplace which exploits this method is used in laboratory in Department of Electrotechnology on University of Technology Brno. This method is very exact and it reveals most of defects in solar cell but the problem is the slow speed of testing. In practical part of the master’s thesis the main solved problem is the proposition and realization of modified workplace of LBIC that would work on more modern level, it means using performer PC for service program and Agilent 34410A the modern measuring device. The speed up of the testing time is the goal of modernization in existing accuracy of finding. The modify workplace is realized and compared with the existing workplace subsequently.
Resistance measurement of corrosion layers with help of conductometric method
Juras, Jiří ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
The work deals with topic of bipolar electrodes of lead-acid accumulator. Theoretical part of the thesis presents of comtenporary knowledge of the topic as it is described in scientific literature. Experimental part deals with conductometric method that is used in corrosion rate measurement of experimental electrodes.
Development control programme for autonomous fotovoltaic system
Janáč, Stanislav ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
The project considers realization system, which allows us to test six different operation modes on lifetime of accumulators. The system will be connected to computer, that will perform measurement of current and voltage and switch betwen charge and discharge modes. The measured values will be recorded in certain time intervals to computer memory. After some time these measured data will be analised and the most optimal operational mode will be set.
Shadow effect on solar systems characteristic
Dus, Ondřej ; Bača, Petr (referee) ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with study of shadow effect on solar system characteristic. The general aim is to design and create solar module for study of shadow effect and measurement under solar simulator.
Using konduktometric method for conductivity measurement of the corrosive layer of lead alloys
Neoral, Jiří ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
Lead-acid batteries are the oldest and most common type of secondary cells. Their biggest use is as a power source for a car starter. Bipolar lead-acid batteries could also be used for new applications such as power sources for hybrid electrical vehicles (HEV) for their high power. But there are still many technical problems limiting its use in these applications, which have to be overcome. This could cover parasite reactions as is gas creation, heat removal from the battery and another big problem is substrate corrosion. This diploma thesis concerns the actual state of bipolar lead batteries in the world with detail orientation to substrate corrosion. This thesis describes the conductometric method of lotion conductivity measurement and its modification for measurement of lead grid conductivity. From that we can find out, that when material loses more conductivity, the greater the corrosion. This thesis describes needed preparative experiments for assurance, that the conductometric method can be used for corrosion speed measurement and there are other experiments testing different lead alloys for corrosion speed.
Studie malé vodní nádrže na Radišovském potoku
Báča, Petr
The thesis "Study of small reservoir on the Radišovský potok" explores the possibility of building small reservoirs below the Radišov village. The introduction contains a general literature review of tackle. Furthermore, the natural conditions are described in the locality. The main section draws up the technical and biological solution of pond. It includes the results of soil analysis, a description of the technical design of the structure and individual object dimensioning and calculation of hydraulic flow capacity of individual objects. The appendix contains technical drawings of the pond. The economic balance and current funding opportunities for the construction are the part of thesis.
RBC model - application to the Czech Republic
Báča, Petr ; Pánková, Václava (advisor) ; Chrobok, Viktor (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the basic Real Business Cycle (RBC) model. RBC theory provides pure supply-side explanation of economic fluctuations. Generaly acknowledged contribution of RBC theory is the fact that the model is developed strictly on microeconomic basis. The thesis consists of two basic parts, theoretical and practical. First, historical background of RBC theory is mentioned. Then the basic RBC model is step-by-step derived and all equations are provided with explanations. In the last theoretical part section RBC theory critisism is discussed. In the practical part the derived basic model is applied to the Czech economy. First certain properties of the Czech business cycles are examined. Then, the basic model is calibrated, simulated and the results are commented.

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