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The Influence of Acral Setting on the Activation of Muscles in Upper Limbs and Trunk - According to R. Brunkow's Method
Brožová, Alena ; Palaščáková Špringrová, Ingrid (advisor) ; Helcl, František (referee)
Title: The influence of acral settings on the activation of muscles in upper limbs and trunk, according to R. Brunkow's method. Aim: The aim of experimental study was to record the electric activity of particular museles in upper limbs and in the area oftrunk at various angular acra settings and during the activity ofgiven force on the root ofthe arm by means ofsurficial electromyography. Methods: First, bibliographic search was completed. Theoretical knowledge on R. Brunkow's methods, neurophysiological principles of motion management, functional anatomy of arm, functional biomechanics of arm joints and electromyography is summarized in the opening part. Then a random group of probands was selected. Consequently anamnestic date was gained and approximated kinesiological analysis was carried. Afterwards, a record of electrical activity of particular muscles by means of surficial electromyography was created. Every examined person was measured three times; at isometrie contraction 30ř and 70ř of dorsal flexion in wrist and at 70ř of dorsal flexion in wrist and parallel force of 40 N on the root of the arm. The resulting EMG records were processed by means of special software by function Standard Report, by which the value of electric activity integral was gained. The values electric activity integral...
Lifestyle of mothers on parental leave living in Třeboň region
This thesis deals with the lifestyles of mothers on parental leave, living in small municipalities in the Třeboň region. It maps various aspects of their lives such as leisure time, personal hobbies, activities with children, social contacts, the options for various activities at the place of residence, personal development, social support, and satisfaction with the current period of life. The thesis is divided into two parts a theoretical one and an empirical one. The theoretical part is divided into six areas the first one deals with the definition of the concept of family, with the ways families have evolved to their current form, and with its function. The second area defines parenting; it deals with the changes that childbirth brings to the family, with the needs of the child, with maternity and parental leave. The third area describes the ways of combining childcare and work; it focuses on the options of institutional care for children; it deals with gender stereotypes and division of work in the family. The fourth area defines the lifestyle and related concepts such as leisure time, ways of spending it and the lifestyles of mothers on parental leave. The fifth one defines a village, the Třeboň region; it deals with the social isolation of mothers living at villages. The sixth area describes the theoretical background; it focuses on the social support for mothers on parental leave and a socio-ecological model. At the beginning of the empirical part, the objectives of the thesis are defined. The cognitive objective is to find out how parenting affects the lifestyles of contemporary mothers on parental leave, living in small municipalities and what factors have an impact on spending their leisure time. The data was collected using the qualitative research strategy and the chosen technique was semi-structured interviews. The basic group consisted of mothers on parental leave, living in small municipalities boroughs Třeboň: Břilice, Přeseka, Stará Hlína, Nová Hlína, Holičky, and Branná. The research group members were selected using the 'snowball' method when the researcher selected one respondent and she recommended the others. A total of 15 women participated in the research. The records of the interviews were transcribed into text. In accordance with the research questions, ten categories were established: leisure time, hobbies before childbirth, hobbies after childbirth, social contacts, activities with children, options for activities in municipalities, deficiencies in municipalities, personal development, social support and satisfaction. The discussion compares the research results with the views of other authors dealing with the issue. The research showed that parenting affects fundamentally the lifestyles of mothers, especially in terms of leisure time, personal hobbies, self-fulfilment and personal development. In general, the conducted research makes it possible to put together a picture of ways mothers on parental leave live in small municipalities in the Třeboň region. It outlines the ways these women spend their leisure time and days with their families, what their needs, possibilities, wishes and relationships with the others are. Therefore, the objective of the thesis has been met. The thesis can be used as informative material for mothers-to-be, parents of small children, for students and, last but not least, for the staff at the public administrations of the municipalities concerned.
The care of seniors in the field day care of the Regional charity Třeboň
Our population is aging, people are living longer. There are a growing number of seniors who are non self-sufficient due to their age and need help from others. Since their families may not always be able to take care of them, these people need adequate social services. This thesis deals with two groups of seniors that use two social services available in a small town. The first group contains seniors living in their homes ? in-home care clients, the second group are Senior Home residents. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part consists of four sections, the first deals with the aging of population in the Czech Republic, the second deals with the care for seniors, the third describes aspects of seniors´ lives and the fourth section defines the Home Care for seniors and the Senior Home in Třeboň. The objective of the thesis was to compare aspects of life of these two services users. To collect data, the strategy of qualitative research was used and the following techniques were chosen: participant observation, semi-conducted interview and personal documents analysis. In the discussion, the author compares the results of her work with the views of other authors dealing with senior issues. This thesis can be used as information material for both the mentioned workplaces, as well as for students and, last but not least, for seniors who are deciding which service to choose.
Comparative foraging study of selected species family Cebidea - "nails monkeys" in the ZOO Plzeň.
The main objective of this study was investigation of accurate diet portions and observing food preferences of callitrichids. The work was executed in the Pilsen ZOO in 40 days between March 2010 and September 2010. The studied species were: Leontopithecus chrysomelas, Saguinus imperator, Saguinus oedipus, Callithrix jacchus, Saguinus midas and Saguinus fuscicollis. The aim was to find out the actual nutrition values of the diet and to determine preferences for given fruits. The results were compared with recommended values. The amount of fat, proteins, fiber, calcium and phosphorus in the diet of callitrichids were compared with the recommended quantities of diet. Little diferences from recommended nutrition values were found in some cases without major impact on the animal health. The second part of the research was focused on the food preferences for five types of fruit. The results show that callitrichids prefer grapes and banana.

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