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Teacher as an Observer of the Pupil's Learning at Montessori School
Bartušková, Lucie ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
This thesis deals with observation of pupil in Montessori system which was designed by Maria Montessori. One of the principles this education is individual approach of the teacher to the student and respecting his learning pace. Thus the teacher becomes an observer who must know he level of education of each pupil in his mixed class. But how to map individual student progress? The aim of the thesis is to describe and analyze the way and the importance of observation as professional activity of a teacher teaching in a heterogeneous class in Montessori school and to assess the possibilities of modifying observations for classical primary schools. The first part of the thesis describes alternative schools and the characteristics of Montessori pedagogy as an introduction to the main principles of the examined environment of the practical part. It also describes the pupil and teacher as the main participants in the educational process and describe their role in this alternative type of education. It maps observations in pedagogy in the end - in educational research, initial education and, finally, in the teacher's professional activity. Practical research has used methods of observation, interviewing, and analysis of school's materials to map the way, how individual observations are made in one...
The role of a midwife and a pediatric nurse in ensuring termomanagement by a physiological newborn
The theoretical part is focused in ensuring thermal management for a physiological new-born baby. To ensure the optimum thermal management for a new-born baby is very assential in order he/she can adapt to the external environment after the birth as a new-born baby is prone to loss of heat in the first moments after the birth. Body temperature regulation after childbirth is not sufficient and stable and therefore a new-born baby can get quickly cold when the surrounding temperature is low or, on contrary, he/she can get overheated when the temperature is high. That is why the nursing staff should minimize heat losses of a new-born baby and prevent his/her overheating. The first goal was to map out the knowledge of the nursing staff at the Department of Neonatology of ensuring thermal management of a physiological new-born baby at the labour ward. The other goal was to map out the way of ensuring thermal management of a physiological new-born baby at the labour ward. The research investigation was conducted by means of a qualitative survey using in-depth interviews and hidden observations of paediatric nurses at the Department of Neonatology at the Hospital in České Budějovice. All interviewed nurses have proved they know the way of ensuring thermal management of a physiological new-born baby at the labour ward correctly and at the same time all nurses observed have followed the Nursing Care Standard in Neonatology No. 513 Thermal management of a new-born baby when ensuring thermal management. This bachelor thesis could be used as a study material for students of the following years of midwifery studies. Further, it could be used as information material for the already experienced or fresh midwives and paediatric nurses. The outcome of the bachelor thesis is a leaflet providing information on ensuring thermal management of a physiological new-born baby.
Geografický, historický a ekonomický rozvoj amerického státu Florida / The Geographical, Historical and Economic Development of the State of Florida, U.S.A.
Abstract The first part of the thesis would concentrate on the general characteristics of the state of Florida, namely on its geographical, social, cultural and economic features. In the second part she will analyze some historical aspects of the colonization of the American south-east and she would concentrate on contemporary politics of Cuban immigration. This chapter is supplemented with the results of the testimonies made by people living in Florida. Another part would be devoted to the Kennedy Space Center and its contemporary research. The final part of the thesis processes the data obtained in the survey which was made in some secondary schools in České Budějovice. The purpose of the survey is to verify how much the students of secondary schools know about Florida.

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