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Archaeological textiles - links between past and present. NESAT XIII
Bravermanová, M. ; Březinová, Helena ; Malcolm-Davies, J.
Proceedings from the international conference NESAT XIII (North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles).
Anežka Schulzová as a Bridge Between Denmark and the Czech Lands
Jarošová, Kristina ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Humpál, Martin (referee)
This Bachelor thesis provides a comprehensive assessment of the personality and literary contributions of the Czech translator, theatre critic and librettist, Anežka Schulzová. Best known for her translati-ons of the Danish literary critic Georg Brandes' work (such as the volume The Romantic School in France and the monograph Sören Kierkegaard), Schulzová provided Czech readers with the very first opportunity to engage with Brandes' work through her direct transla-tions from Danish, instead of the more common German translati-ons. The thesis also conducts a survey of responses to these translations, in addition to an examination of Schulzová's obituaries, which offers a reflection on the personality of Schulzová through the eyes of her contemporaries. Powered by TCPDF (
The Textile Finds from the Prince Tomb II. found at the site Žuráň near Podolí. Interpretation and Reconstruction of the Unique fabric from the Migration Period.
Jakabová, Vanda ; Beneš, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
This work deals with the re-examination of the textile finds and the tool accompanying their production from the Chamber Grave II in Žuráň near Podolí. This examination is providing the basic textile analysis with the results of the scanning electron microscopy SEM, which assisted in the identification of two kinds of yarn materials on the textile pseudomorphs. The results of the quantitative roentgen fluorescence analysis of golden lamellas, still wrongly interpreted in the literature as a brocade fabric, proved them to be from pure gold. Based on the analogies, this work offers chronological classification of the finds to phase E of the Moravian migration period (500/510 - ~ 568). Additionally, included is the evaluations of all know textile finds from the same period from the area now known as the Czech Republic. Finally, experimental replication of the analysed textile was performed in order to test the limits of the loom and tools connected to local textile production during the Migration Period. Key words Migration period, phase E, Žuráň, Chamber grave, elites, textile pseudomorphs, golden lamellas, archaeological textiles, pleated effect, barred damask, burial clothing, reconstruction, experimental archaeology
Chronic innocence: A queer reading
Stanjurová, Martina ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Stahr, Radka (referee)
Bc. Martina Stanjurová The Chronic Innocence: A Queer Reading Abstract: The Master's thesis analyses Klaus Rifbjerg's novel The Chronic Innocence (1958), one of the central works of the Danish literature. The analysis is carried out from the gender studies perspective, namely through the principles of the post structuralist queer theories. The thesis deals with the analysis of the dynamics of the relationship between the central figures, the narrator Janus and his classmate Tore. By using the queer reading method, the thesis unveils how the narrator expresses and conceals his platonic fascination for the friend. Moreover, the thesis tries to explain the essence of the narrator's relationship to the female figures, which shows misogynic traits.
Translation of Danish Proper Nouns into Czech
Jelšík, Adam ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Slouková, Radka (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyse the translation solutions used for the translation of proper names between Danish and Czech in five contemporary translations of Danish fiction. The first part deals with the definition and division of proper names in the Czech linguistic theory and with the analysis of the Translation studies literature, which will serve as the basis for the analysis. The main focus of the following part is the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the individual translation solutions in the analysed texts. The analysed proper names will be divided according to the translation procedures used in their translation. The results of the analysis will be used to draft the tendency in the translation of these names.
Female Characters in Karen Blixen's Work
Dolejší, Agáta ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Slouková, Radka (referee)
This paper introduces at first the inception of feminism in the society and later in Denmark. Then it presents feminist literary theory and the motives which the theory pursues. In the second part the paper analyses three Karen Blixen's tales and compares them to Sigrid Undset's novel. At this comaparison it endeavours to point to a difference of the authors and to a Blixen's unique perspective on female status in society through her work. Powered by TCPDF (
Courtesy and Women in the Scandinavian Knightly Epic
Ivánková, Markéta ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Polách, Vladimír (referee) ; Malaníková, Michaela Antonín (referee)
Courtesy and Women in the Scandinavian Knightly Epic Abstract The aim of this dissertation was synchronic and diachronic evaluation of gender roles in Scandinavian courtly epic from its beginning in the 13th century until the end of the 15th century. Its different conceptions of women, love, and courtesy were chosen as criteria, which make the main specifics of continental courtly fashion apparent - of the fashion which these translations were meant to introduce into Scandinavia. Besides literary analyses of gender norms, we have considered texts of pragmatic nature and even selected artefacts of material culture. Our focus, therefore, included a broader social, cultural, and political context of this literature and social norms and literary conventions of other contemporary literary genres in Scandinavia. Our work is based not only on primary sources and findings of literary history, but also on interdisciplinary research. Our analyses demonstrate the destabilisation and redefinition of gender boundaries in Old Norse literature, which was caused by translations of knightly epic, where the male hero was allowed so far unparalleled degree of sensitivity and feminine openness of emotions. Prior to these translations, honour and status of any man, who would humbly beseech his beloved like the heroes of...
Archaeological textiles - links between past and present. NESAT XIII
Bravermanová, M. ; Březinová, Helena ; Malcolm-Davies, J.
Proceedings from the international conference NESAT XIII (North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles).
Archaeological textile research in the Czech Republic
Bravermanová, M. ; Březinová, Helena
The paper is a synoptical summary of scientific research focused on research of archaeological textiles in the Czech Republic. It maps the development of this discipline from the 19th century to present, lists the most important experts involved in the research of the historical development of textile production and its archaeological evidence.
Ekphrasis in the Works of Karen Blixen
Slouková, Radka ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee) ; Jedličková, Alice (referee)
This thesis analyses ekphrastic passages in the short stories of the Danish writer Karen Blixen. It points out the various definitions of ekphrasis while drawing on a wider conception of this phenomenon which is based on the current intermediality discourse. The texts are analysed on two levels: 1) Ekphrastic thematization, i.e., the transfer of content elements from visual arts to literature, especially regarding landscape painting, portrait and still life. 2) Ekphrastic realization, i.e., the practical use of painting techniques in literary texts, such as the choice of colours or the depiction of light. The results of the analyses indicate a diversity of forms of ekphrasis in Blixen's works, be it in terms of scope, form or integration into the text structure. The results also point out the importance of the so-called pictorial model concept in the author's poetics.

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