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Tail labelled oligonucleotide probes for the detection of DNA-protein interactions
Pivoňková, Hana ; Němcová, Kateřina ; Horáková Brázdilová, Petra ; Havran, Luděk ; Macíčková-Cahová, Hana ; Hocek, Michal ; Fojta, Miroslav
DNA-protein interactions can be monitored via different ways. We introduce novel, fast and simple approaches in DNA-protein interaction detection based on electrochemical measurements of DNA alone (structure-sensitive DNA sensing), or DNA modified with osmium tetroxide bearing nitrogenous ligands, or measurements of redox-active moieties enzymatically attached to the end of a DNA substrate thus forming a labeled tail (by terminal transferase).
Redox labelling of nucleic acids for analyzing nucleotide sequences and monitoring DNA-protein interactions
Fojta, Miroslav ; Havran, Luděk ; Horáková Brázdilová, Petra ; Pivoňková, Hana ; Kostečka, Pavel ; Macíčková-Cahová, Hana ; Raindlová, Veronika ; Vrábel, Milan ; Hocek, Michal
Nucleobase labelling of DNA for electrochemical sensing was attained through chemical modification of thymine bases with osmium tetroxide in the presence of nitrogenous ligands, or via enzymatic incorporation of nucleotide conjugates with redox-active moieties using labelled deoxynucleoside triphosphates. DNA hybridization, primer extension and PCR techniques were used for sequence-specific DNA assays. Tail-labelled DNA substrates were applied to monitor DNA binding by tumour suppressor p53 protein.

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