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The British in India in the Era of Richard Wellesley (1798-1805)
Šanc, Josef ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
(English): The British India evolved significantly during the administration of governor-general Richard Wellesley. The primary objective of this Master's thesis is to analyze this imporant period of Indian history. The two most important conflicts of this period will be outlined - the last war with Tippu Sultan and the fairly complex Maratha Confederacy conflict started by the signing of the Treaty of Vasai. This treaty is very important milestone of the British rule in India. The thesis will also analyze the british policy of subsidiary alliances, which was applied to indigenous rulers.
Hlučin Region in the Past
Hartmannová, Denisa ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Pelcová, Naděžda (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor's thesis is to map the historical development of the area called Hlucin region with the help of available sources. The purpose of this work is to describe all the important historical periods of this territory from the 13th century to the present - starting with the Margraviate of Moravia and the Principality of Opava, through Prussia, the First Republic and the German Reich, ending with Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. The intention is also to clarify what the specifics of Hlucin region came from. Professional publications dealing directly with Hlucin region, or the region of Silesia to which it belongs, in a wider context, were used during the preparation of this work. In addition, materials from the Hlucin Museum were also used, as well as internet sources to capture recent or current facts and figures.
Czech-German relations in Cheb during the years 1918-1938
Rybařová, Zuzana ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the relations between Czech and German residents in Cheb during the period between the world wars. The investigated issue is placed in a deeper historical context of the position of Chebsko within the Czech lands and the Czech Kingdom. Emphasis is placed on the complicated situation in connection with the province of Deutschböhmen immediately after the establishment of the independent republic on certain significant events related to the increase in the number of the Czech population after the annexation of Chebsko to Czechoslovakia as a result of the post-war peace treaty and on the growing anti-Czech attitudes after 1933 when in Germany Adolf Hitler came to power. The bachelor's thesis is primarily based on a considerable number of literary works, but also on periodicals, archive materials and some other sources. The main aim is to approximate the national conditions in the city which was predominantly German for a long time. KEYWORDS Cheb, Czechs, Germans, Czech-German relations, interwar period
Ukrainian view of foreign policy stance Ukrainian State Hetman Pavol Skoropadsky (April-December 1918)
Blynnykov, Sergii ; Horčička, Václav (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
Příloha č. 2 Anglický abstrakt bakalářské práce ABSTRACT OF THESIS Title: Ukrainian perspective on foreign policy stance of the Ukrainian State of Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky (April-December 1918) Author: Sergii Blynnykov Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Václav Horčička, Ph.D. Number of pages and characters: 56/86801 Number of appendices: 2 Number of references: 56 Abstract: 511 The bachelor's thesis The Ukrainian view of the foreign policy position of the Ukrainian state of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi (April-December 1918) will deal with the Ukrainian view of the international policy of the Ukrainian state in 1918, where the Hetman - Pavlo Skoropadskyi ruled instead of the king, the Ukrainian view of the development and change of his international politics and the role of Ukraine in the international context. The author is based on professional Ukrainian literature, although he has studied both Russian and German, but he mainly emphasizes the Ukrainian point of view on this problem. In addition to assessing the relations of the Ukrainian state in 1918 from the Ukrainian point of view, this is an attempt to examine the changes in these relations during 1918, to define the main stages of foreign policy during the rule of Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky. It will try to outline the concept of the governor's foreign policy and...
Mayor Josef Caňkář
Zdenková, Lucie ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Stracený, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the capture of life destinies of a teacher and later (from 1923) a regional politician Josef Caňkář (1889 - 1975) who was the mayor of Poděbrady in the years 1927 - 1939 and the chairman of the national committee of the town of Poděbrady in the years 1946-1948. The aim of the study is to illustrate the rise of the educator in Poděbrady in the dramatic years of the first half of the twentieth century and his persecution by the Nazi and Communist regimes. Firstly, it represents the character of Josef Caňkář, his origin and political career and then it takes sounding into the specific problematic issues of the town which associates with Josef Caňkář's work in the town of Poděbrady. Diploma thesis deals with the turning points in Josef Caňkář's life and the history of the town and spa depending on the change of the ruling regimes. It penetrates the fate of Josef Caňkář during World War II, his imprisonment in a concentration camp Sachsenhaussen while it still emphasizes the connection with the town of Poděbrady. It also tries to provide related aspects of Josef's decisions and its implications for the town, the lives of the citizens, his family and himself. Last but not least, the work deals with the contacts of Josef Caňkář and the reasons for his departure from public...
The history of business in Polička
Kynclová, Hedvika ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
This bechelor thesis focuses on the history of business in Polička from its inception to the present. It is divided into the period before and after industrialization, when attention is paid to merging businesses that still feature in today's market. KEYWORDS the history of business, business in Polička, major companies
Cooperation between Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk and region's schools in the area of education
Líbalová, Jana ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
Cooperation between Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk and region's schools in the area of education Diploma work is divided into two parts. Theoretic part of work talkes about development cooperation museum and schools in the area of education children and teenagers in Czech republic from 2. halves 20. century to the presents. Next chapter is relates to Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk, for him are created educate programs in practical part of these diploma work . The chapter is presents history of Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk, inclusive familiarization with actual activities, his continual expositions and with offer of educate activities for schools and next interested persons. First part of work close current data theory of education and next museum activities, which affected conception created programmes in second parts diploma work. Practical part presents two educate programs created for Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk, inclusive take into account needs and aims of all of the three subject, for that are programs totalled - schools, museum and participants programmes. On the ground of roundness work and requierement special knowledge contentual pages programmes list second part diploma work also with history town - Nymburk, inclusive his most considerable memories respective to subject educational...

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