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Energy sensitive X-ray radiography for the non-destructive inspection of historical paintings
Žemlička, J. ; Jakoubek, J. ; Kroupa, M. ; Hradil, David ; Hradilová, J. ; Mislerová, H.
Pigments containing iron, although they form a very large group, have never been considered very suitable for datation of color layers and identification of the origin of the painting, due to their abundant occurrence in nature, good availability and widespread use in all historical and pre-historical periods of time. In this paper we have verified that mineralogical composition of clay minerals in earthy pigments is a suitable tool for more detailed specification of material provenance and, in the case of ground layers, also the provenance of the artwork as such. It was obviously convenient to preferably use raw materials from a close and thus also cheaper source. For the purposes of statistical comparison we evaluated elemental composition of earthy grounds on 70 paintings from the 16(th)-18(th) centuries from Czech collections. We performed detailed mineralogical analyses for a selected representative number of grounds on 35 samples in total. We discerned 6 types of material in total 2 types of boles, 3 types of other earths, and one type representing iron-rich red from oxidized zones of hydrothermal ore deposits. We were able to distinguish between earthy pigments of Central European origin (coming from Czech and Bavarian locations) and those coming from North-Italian sources. Thus we were able to assign anonymous paintings to an appropriate place of origin.
Two towns of the Bohemian Middle Age - Slaný and Louny
Žemlička, Josef
The short story of the historical connection of the towns Slaný and Louny (Central Bohemia) in the Middle Age.
The material equipment of the oldest Benedictine-Monasteries in Bohemia
Žemlička, Josef
The study discuss the origines and ways of the material equipment of the first Benedictine-Monasteries in Bohemia.
The Germans, the German law and the changes of the 13th Century
Žemlička, Josef
Paper follows the German Law and the Changes of the 13th Century.
The medieval colonisation in the work of František Palacký and the recent conditions of the research
Žemlička, Josef
The article consens with the problem of the medieval colonisation in the Czech Lands and with the questions of its interpretation.
Moderní informační infrastruktura organizace - na konkrétním případě
Žemlička, Jan ; Kubešová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Slabý, Jiří (referee)
Diplomová práce se zabývá problematikovu budování informační infrastruktury organizace. V první, teoretické, části se zabývá obecně pojmem informace, jejími atributy, významem a účelem, který přestavuje pro současné podniky jeden z klíčových faktorů úspěchu. V druhé, praktické, části naznačuje na konkrétním případě možnosti budování informační infrastruktury na platformě produktů společnosti SAP, s ohledem na organizační a uživatelské požadavky.

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