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Productive single parts from shet metal by the help of technology Hydro- Mac
Štancl, Jiří ; Dvořák, Milan (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The project in this bachelor thesis solves a proposal of design technology production of extract from deep sheet iron 17240, thickness of 2 mm. Pursuant to of the literary pursuit a problem of the deep drawing, calculation and production of 40 000 pieces a year, was designed hydromecanical deep drawing. Drawing tool is fixed in hydromechanical press EMU 4000 by AP & T company. This press reaches nominal force of 4000 kN. Drawing punch is produced from instrumental steel 19 436, heat-worked according to drawing documentation.
Production single parts from sheet metal
Hartelová, Karolína ; Matušková, Jarmila (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The elaborate project present suggestion of technology of produktion pressed piece from engineering steel 11 375 in framework of engineering studies in branch 2307. Production series do 100 000 pieces. By virtue of literary study of surface forming work and calculation was devised procedural tool. The tool is solved by form usual rack fix on crank press LEN 40 (producer TOMA Industries Trnava), with traction 400 kN. Punch and stamping die are made from tool steel 19 436.3 (POLDI 2002) along graphic documentation.
Corner fitting manufacturing by compound tool
Loukota, David ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
Project have for purpose propose acceptable technology for manufacturing corner fitting by compound tool. Corner fitting is made from steel sheet 11 321.1 thickness 1,5 mm in production set 600 000 pieces in a year. Was select variant with manufacturing compound tool, which make to part on four steps on automatized manufacturing line. This line includes press about power press 1000 kN, feeding and levelling serving and containing rewinder. In economic results are calculated costs production of a piece, final costs and break-even point which is coming after production 216 049 pieces.
Optimization of surface treatment of stainless steels
Mačátová, Lucie ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
The project deals with the processes of degreasing industry and testing new laser cleaning process, which has been experimentally verified and tested in the production process. Project also deals with soldering in general as a technology of joining metals. Included are the main components of the soldering, such as solder, flux, the types of connections and their use, ways of soldering and last but not least the soldering corrosion-resistant steel.
The manufacture of hold-down arm by technology of fine blanking process
Mikyska, Josef ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
MIKYSKA Josef: The manufacture of hold-down arm by technology of fine blanking process. The diploma thesis deals with innovative technology of „hold-down arm“ by fine blanking technology. The component is made of steel plate no. 12 041.20, 3mm thick. The theoretical part presents possible solutions. In the project there are compared versions of fine blanking technology. Regarding the required size accuracy, surface quality and assumed series production of 600 000 pieces per year the fine blanking technology using V-ring was proposed as the innovative technology. On the basis of technological calculations the triple action hydraulic press GKP-F 100 (produced by Feintool) and a blanking tool were determined. The blanking tool solution is accomplished including calculations and futher documentation. Then, the project implies technical and economical evaluation of the present technology ( conventional blanking with consequentional cutting) and of the newly designed technology. According to the analysis using the newly designed production technology economic and time savings are achieved.
Surface treatments in mechanical engineering
Čudová, Monika ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The project was developed within the bachelor study presents experimental verification of two given varnishes. They are applied on a specially made plate. It was based on literary studies of corrosion coatings issues - coatings and practical tests. The samples were painted and tested according to the standards. The samples were tested on adhesion of varnishes, bending test and salt stray test. Finally all tests were evaluated.
Production of corner cover
Hrdina, Vojtěch ; Ohnišťová, Petra (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The project elaborated design of injection mould for production of corner cover, which serves to protect a reprobox from mechanical damage. The production possibilities were considered at the beginning. The injection molding technology was chosen from available technologies. The first part of the thesis is theoretic, plastics and injection molding are investigated. The choice of suitable polymer and the entire draft of mold is in the second part of thesis. The final mold is two-cavity with cold runner system. The technical and economic assessment of the proposal is carried out in the last part of thesis.
Production of the Folding meter lock
Václavek, Petr ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis proposes a concept of manufacturing the folding meter lock. The part is made from DC01+LC steel of 0,3 mm thickness. The series size is 100 000 pcs/year. A forming in a progressive combination tool combining shearing, bending and stamping was chosen for the production, based on the analysis of possible solutions. The tool, designed on the basis of literary research of used technologies, produces the part in eleven steps exerting maximal force of 38,5 kN. The production will take place on an eccentric press LEN 40 C. The market price of 3,38 Kč for one piece was established by the technical and economic evaluation.
Production of air conditioning holder
Šproch, Daniel ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
The holder of outdoor air-conditioning units are made out of steel 11 321.21 with 2mm thickness. The production quantity is 2000 units / year. The holder is produced using CNC machine for cutting and bending on CNC press brake. The semi-finished product is a metal sheet (2 x 2000 x 1000 mm). Part of this diploma thesis is to design of the population with the punching tools, the layout of parts on the metal sheet and design of appropriate press brake punches and dies. The conclusion contains economic evaluation of the proposed solution.
The manufacturing of horn holder
Kos, Bohumír ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
The project elaborated in frame of engineering studies branch 2303T002. The project is submitting design of technology production of the part from the deep drawing sheet iron 11 320.30. Pursuant to of the literary pursuit a problem of the shearing, bending and calculation was designed manufacturing in transfer combined die, which is set on the eccentric press LEXN 100 C (producer TOMA INDUSTRIES s.r.o. Trnava), with nominal force 1000 kN. Functional parts of tool are produced of tool steel 19 436.3.

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