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Sverge - A Flexible Tool for Comparing & Merging
Švec, Ondřej ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
2 Title: Sverge - A Flexible Tool for Comparing & Merging Author: Ondřej Švec ( Department: Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems Supervisor of the bachelor thesis: Mgr. Pavel Ježek, Ph.D., Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems ( Abstract: Developers, who work on larger projects, are using revision control systems, which usually does not have a built-in tool for visualising differences between directories and individual files or they only offer a console interface. Even though there are numerous tools for visualising the differences, none of these tools are modular, so that a visualisation for a different file types can be added. A tool called Sverge that is modular and pluginable was created, it can visualise differences between directories and text files by default and more visualisations can easily be added. The tool was created using C# programming language, it can natively run on Microsoft Windows operating system and it can easily be integrated with popular revision control systems. Keywords: visualisation, differences, 2-way, 3-way, files, directories, modular, extensible
Integration of Turkey into the European Union
Švec, Ondřej ; Glazar, Ondřej (advisor) ; Dingová, Vilma (referee)
Integration into the European Union is a chance for candidate countries to catch up with the average income level in the current member states. This study shows economic impact of Turkey's membership on foreign trade between EU countries and Turkey and also shows impact on EU budget. To gauge the effect of Turkey's accession the gravity model of trade was used. It has been estimated that the trade effect of membership implies 60% increase in trade volume. The dynamic model find out that shared EU membership could lead to 5% increase in trade every year for next ten years and it could represent 1% annual growth rate of Turkey's GDP. Economic impact of growth in EU exports to Turkey will be rather small, more important for current EU members are consequences of Turkey's integration on EU budget. The estimated cost of subsidies for Turkey lies between 0.09% and 0.23% of EU's GDP assuming current financial framework. The total subsidies will amount up to 5.5% of Turkish GDP. These results suggest that EU membership, particularly its effect on trade and EU budget, could lead to large economic gains for the new member states with some costs for current EU members.
A man in becoming-mad of the world (The conception of a man by early Deleuze)
Prášek, Petr ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
The philosophy of early Deleuze is the main subject of this dissertation. Concretely, it will be treated with regard to distinctive and singular individuation of a man: this essay tries to present his relationship to the ultimate horizon of Being in Deleuze's work. The first chapter constitutes a starting point which can be determined in criticism of the image of thought, closely related with Deleuze's transcendental empiricism. The second chapter is devoted to its culmination, to the metaphysical description of the virtual field of Ideas, of transcendental conditions of our experience. The next chapter shows how Ideas condition, that Ideas actualise themselves insofar as something develops itself within its intensive field of individuation. The fourth chapter takes us back to our starting point: it concerns a phenomenon, this time sufficiently explained, and we are again obliged to confront us with the image of thought which covers this explanation. This is the reason why our interpretation has to continue. The description of distinctive and singular individuation of a man wants to explain the way by which the image of thought, based on common sense, is established. Even though our experience is constructed on this image, there are still some "small islands" of difference, places where the virtual...
Does consciousness exhaust the nature of thought? The meaning of Descartes's term "cogitare"
Sedláková, Jana ; Palkoska, Jan (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to deal with the problems which arise from interpretations of Descartes' term "cogitare". It concentrates on the deconstruction of the orthodox interpretations which explain the term "cogitare" as "to be conscious". The thesis aims at introducing three alternative interpretations from Czech academic environment, the one of James Hill, of Petr Glombíček, and of Tomáš Marvan. I would like to refer to the problems of orthodox reading as well as to benefits and losses of the other interpretations. I will proceed through analysis of sensory perceptions, emotions and dream. The purpose of the thesis is not to find the definite meaning of "cogitare", but to make the readers familiar with these problems and their interpretations which I find more plausible than the orthodox interpretation. The term "consciousness" is a complex term which needs to be explained in order to be capable of explaining other philosophical problems. Keywords: Descartes, thinking, consciousness, sensory perceptions, emotions, dream, self-reflection, judgment, propositional content
Subjective body and life. An Essay on the way of thinking of Michel Henry
Jiskra, Martin ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
v anglickém jazyce: The fundamental theme of this diploma paper is the phenomenology of the body which is related to the investigation of the act of the appearing itself in the works of the French philosopher Michel Henry. The phenomenological approach of this thinker is going to be defined primarily by the confrontation with intentional phenomenology of Edmund Husserl, which in the matter of the appearance keeps itself within the bounds of the relation to the world. This classical version of the phenomenology will be compared with Henrys phenomenology of the life. The life which is understood in such a manner is invisible or unapparent because it is radically immanent and never appears in the exteriority of the world. Anyhow, the redefinition of the classical conception of the appearance should make possible access to the most important and the most interesting thing for us that is to say to subjective or transcendental body, which appears and experiences itself directly in its affective self- experience of the invisible interiority. Therefore, the subjective body is going to be described upon these grounds together with Henry as immanent being that is at the same time appearance. Thus we are going to present philosophy of Michel Henry, which is called radical phenomenology of interiority that is...
Husserl's phenomenology of attention
Grimmich, Šimon ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
(in English): The diploma work Husserl's phenomenology of attention systematically presents Husserl's conception of attention. The first part deals with the presentation of Husserl's static phenomenology of attention, taking into account in particular of Logical Investigations and Ideas I. The second part is devoted to genetic phenomenology of attention, which is reconstructed mainly upon Experience and Judgment and Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis. In it's conclusion the work offers other possible perspectives of investigation of the phenomenon of attention from the phenomenological positions.
The Question of Freedom and Personality in Early Works of Nicolai Berdyaev
Múčka, Jakub ; Švec, Ondřej (advisor) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
Even though the theme of freedom and personality is crucial in the philosophy of N. A. Berdyayev, the topic is not found directly in the early work of the author. However it stands in the background of its development. I study in my following work the question of freedom and personality in an early work of the author in the years 1900 -1905, when Berdyayev went through a special ideological path from so called Legal Marxism, through different variants of idealism (neo-Kantianism, Nietzscheism) to a definite inclination to Christianity, ie. religion of God-humanity. In my work I try to not only study the author's original concept of philosophical anthropology including any potential changes, but also to assess to what extent was the theme of freedom and personality of Berdyayev crucial for his development to his mature work.
Relationship between "Ich" and "Der andere" in Améry's "Hand an sich legen"
Straková, Zuzana ; Kouba, Petr (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
(in English) This thesis deals with the relationship between The Self and The Other as presented in the works of Jean Améry, especially in his book about suicide. To think about the relationship between these two agents means also to think about freedom, humanity, the right to life, and the right to voluntary death. The first part of the thesis is concerned with the definitions of the relevant concepts; the second part reflects on the concept of voluntary death. It is precisely the voluntary death that can be the most radical result of the culmination of misunderstanding between The Self and The Other. For voluntary death is not only a decision not to live at this time and place but also a decision to leave this society, the others. According to Améry, the decision to commit suicide is a free, natural, and humane act. By saying that suicide is a free act Améry argues against the deterministic teachings of psychologists. Améry believes that voluntary death is a natural response to inhuman, humiliating, or for any other reason unacceptable life conditions. He thinks that voluntary death is also a humane act, as it gives men the opportunity to stop existing when there is a threat to their existence as human beings, for example when they get dehumanized like a muselman in a concentration camp. In the...
Sophisticated Evaluation of Answers in Czech
Švec, Ondřej ; Mikolov, Tomáš (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
Subject of this thesis are design and implementation of test building system, intelligent multiword answers evaluation on the basis of learned empirical knowledge and exploring benefits of Czech language processing tools usage.

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