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Changes in a presentation of a "good" scout
Reslerová, Kateřina ; Švec, Štefan (advisor) ; Suk, Pavel (referee)
Main theme of the diploma thesis is the children's magazine Junák, which is especially intended for members of the Czech Scout organization Junák. The thesis deals with the main ideas of the Scout Movement and its significance for the society. Further, it describes the history of Czech scouting from the beginning up to now. Subsequent part pays attention to the magazine Junák, its history and importance for the members to the Czech Scout organization. The second practical part is devoted to the research of the changes in a presentation of an ideal scout member in a various time periods based on articles published in the magazine Junák. As a method the quantitative content analysis is used. The survey explores how the characteristics, abilities, values and activities of the "good" scout have changed since the beginning of the 20th century. In addition it tries to find out if the scout was influenced by the contemporary political and social circumstances. The research part consists of eight particular presentations created by eight representative volumes of the magazine Junák. Conclusion is comprised of the summarizing overview based on the previous presentations. It stresses the changes and differences of the attributes of the scouts over almost one hundred years.
Recurrent stereotypes in magazines for teenagers at the beginning of the eighties and today-the media image of parents
Mišíková, Kateřina ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Švec, Štefan (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Repeating Stereotypes in Youth Magazines in Early 1980s and Today - Media Image of Parents" deals with a content analysis of two magazines, Sedmička pionýrů and Bravo Girl, focusing on the image of parents created by these magazines. The theoretical part explains the terms stereotype and media image and describes the content analysis method. It also deals with mental development of teenagers and the influence of the media. This part presents the results of several studies focused on the media preferences of teenagers. Finally it provides information about the history of the above magazines, their characteristics and a description of the individual sections. On the example of Sedmička pionýrů the thesis describes how political situation and changes in society affect the magazine's form and content. The part devoted to the Bravo Girl magazine concentrates, among other things, on girls magazines in general, on the language they use and on their effect on young girls. The analytical part describes the processing of the content analysis and its results including charts and tables. It tries to answer the question whether the images of parents show stereotypes and whether these stereotypes repeat themselves over time.
Czech Catholic Magazines for Children and Youth in 1945-1948
Volencová, Hana ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Švec, Štefan (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to cover the topic of the Czech catholic children's magazines within the period of 1945 - 1948. Firstly the thesis contextualizes the historical background in the terms of looking back to the period of the occupation and then turns to the consequences that the occupation brought to the catholic population. Further the thesis offers an insight to the situation after 1945 mainly from the catholic point of view and focuses on the catholic press within the given period. In the next section the thesis characterizes the trends of the children's and juvenile literature in the period of 1945 - 48 through literary pieces, which form an integral part of the analyzed magazines. This part also deals with the general overview of the Czech children's and juvenile periodicals output within the given period. The main part of the thesis then characterizes and analyzes two chosen periodicals: Anděl strážný (The Guardian Angel) a magazine for catholic children and Dorost (The Juvenils) a magazine for catholic juvenils. This part of the thesis analyses the contents, structures and partly also the visual appearances of the chosen periodicals and tracks any changes of these aspects in single volumes. Marginally the thesis also mentions the editors and authors of the texts and illustrations....
A history of Czech children magazines 1850-1989
Švec, Štefan ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
A History of Czech Children Magazines 1850-1989 Štefan Švec The present thesis describes the evolution of children magazines in the Czech language from the very beginning of their existence around the half of the 19th century to the fall of the com- munist regime in 1989. The time span is divided into five periods. Their boundaries are defined by editorial, economic and ideological changes of magazine publishing. As a result of a century and a half of efforts there exists a unique Czech tradition of magazines for children, with its own specific practice, features and results. The thesis itself consists of three main parts; 1) an introduction discussing theoretical problems of writing a history of magazines, delimitating the material of the history itself and placing it in broader context, 2) a main body examining the five periods of the development of Czech children magazines, their features and main titles, 3) an overview of titles listing all Czech magazines for children with a brief description and publishing data. The text is supplemented by previews of pages from all magazines and by ten short additional materials devoted to a history of children magazines in the world, of Slovak magazines for children, of exile periodicals for children in the Czech language, of children newspaper supplements,...
Media education in the pre-school education in Czech Republic
Klímová, Barbora ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Švec, Štefan (referee)
The thesis explores the need for inclusion of deeper and more comprehensive media education in the system of preschool learning. The main chapters of the first part endeavour to depict a recent growth of importance of the preschool education in the 21st century. Recently, there has been a strong need for rise of a media literacy by mens of preschool education. The chapter itself also focuses on development abilities of children in the preschool age. The second part, which is a practical research, analyzes opinions of parents, teachers and other specialits for this problematic. The aim is to prove that the media education, or training, is very needful and desired in nursery schools. The conclusion of the thesis is aimed at attitudes of preschool children to the subject of media, their favourite serials and their way of percieving media.
Spartakiada theme in Czechoslovak propaganda in years 1955-1985
Fliegl, Tomáš ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Švec, Štefan (referee)
Since the overall topic of my diploma thesis is propaganda in socialist Czechoslovakia , I focused my attention on mass sporting exhibitions, the socalled Spartakiada. To limit the scope of my research to a reasonable size, I selected years 1955, 1965, 1975 and 1985. I analyzed the content of the periodical papers published during this period. For this purpose I chose the following publications: Mlada fronta (published by the Socialist club of youth) and Lidova demokracie (published by the Czechoslovak People's Party). The aim of this thesis is to determine whether and if so howthe communist party used propaganda in relation to the mass sporting events. My hypothesis was that participants of the events were not influenced by the socialist propaganda. au contraire they focused mainly on sports without anypolitical underlying meaning. Powered by TCPDF (
Basic formats of agency news : (the comparison ČTK/Reuters)
Ljašková, Lucie ; Švec, Štefan (referee) ; Trunečková, Ludmila (advisor)
This thesis "Basic formats of agency news (the comparison ČTK/Reuters)" deals with differences and similarities of text reports that are produced by the news agencies ČTK and Reuters. The author of this work attends to a history of selected news agencies and generally to their production of news in the introductory part. She also mentions the typology and categorisation of news agencies as well as the definition of the basic term - a news agency. The research part of the work is also focused on a definition of further important term - a text report. The work deals with its construction, structure and how different agencies use so called "metadata". The work explores by using comparative analysis what features prevail in issuing text reports and how they defer in the chosen agencies. The particular examples are presented at the chosen types of news that illustrate individual features of particular types of news in brief form. The annex contains the news in a full version.
Press in a closed community of Soviet Army bases in Czechoslovakia in 1968-1989
Bernardová, Lenka ; Švec, Štefan (referee) ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor)
The thesis "Press in a closed community of Soviet army community in Czechoslovakia in 1968 - 1989" describes questions of periodical press on Soviet army basis in Czechoslovakia, its availibility, selection and single titles. My aim was to sketch out basic principles of periodical press within the Soviet army community and implant the theme into wider historical and political context. First part therefore traces the after-war history and reasons for Soviet invasion in 1968. Second part ensued from my research work among Soviet soldiers that were dislocated on Soviet army basis in Czechoslovakia mainly in 80's. It gives an insight into which papers and journals were available to soldiers and their content. In conclusion I have evaluated the research outcome and outlined some posible further questions.
Czech comics for children serving the new regime on examples of Rychlé Šípy and Jiskrovci comics (1945-1949)
Kubalík, Jiří ; Švec, Štefan (referee) ; Suk, Pavel (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the relationship between totalitarian propaganda and the comics. Special accent is laid upon the extraordinary comics series Jiskrovci and Rychlé šípy. In the thesis we explore possible connections of ideologically driven communication and its infuence in the field of the magazines for children and young people - especially the magazine Vpřed and Junáci vpřed!. We deal with the possible propagandist continuity, which connected all totalitarian regimes through the spectrum of that time. We deal with the level of conscious usage of the propaganda, following the timeline forma the nacistic Germany to postwar Czechoslovakia. The Czechoslovakian area is the key one for the purposes of this work. We support out findings with the analysis of the comics series a their mutual comparison. Similarities found in that comparison are the basis for proving or denying the propagandist tendencies in postwar Czechoslovakia. The thesis concentrates on the rise of the propagandist trends in the time of regime change. Comics Rychlé šípy was chosen because of its special status in the czech history and its educational dispositions. Jiskrovci was chosen because the comics aimed to reach the continuity with the Rychlé šípy, but was made after the totalitarian takeover in 1948.
School media - press, radio, television, internet : on example of regions of Olomouc and Ústí nad Labem
Smrčková, Dana ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Švec, Štefan (referee)
Diploma thesis "School media - press, radio, television, internet: on example of regions of Olomouc and Ústí nad Labem" deals with school media production of pupils and students of primary and secondary education focusing on the Czech environment. The whole issue is framed within media literacy, media education. Moreover, the interpretation accents with its direction of production. The most important chapters of historical-theoretical part introduce the outline of the school media development from the beginning till nowadays. Practical part characterizes school media in the regions of Olomouc and Ústí nad Labem. The research survey is mainly focused on the occurrence of school media production, forms of their outputs and characteristics of individual types of school media. What is more, the survey is also interested in current trends in publishing of school and class magazines and their theme and genre profile. Survey summarizes reasons, which impedes realization of school media production. Finally, on account of compile findings and data, it deduces a school media typology, criteria of their possible categorisation and includes them into the media system. As a result, the diploma thesis is a contribution to a study of school media and presents the platform from which it is possible to stem from during...

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