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The effect of the COVID 19 infection on the respiratory and cardiovascular system, physical stress during the course of the disease
Doležalová, Anna ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: Impact of the COVID 19 infection on the respiratory and cardiovascular system, physical strain during the course of the disease Aims: The primary aim of this thesis is to find and study the latest relevant findings regarding the impact of COVID 19 infection on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and the effect of physical strain on the course of this disease. Subsequently, to write down a critical review on the topic. Methods: A literature review on the impact of COVID 19 infection on the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system and the effect of physical strain on the course of the disease. Results: The impact of the COVID 19 infection on the respiratory system is considerable. The disease can be asymptomatic or with only mild symptoms, typically shortness of breath and cough. The main manifestation of a developed infection is bilateral covid pneumonia, which progresses to ARDS in approximately 20-30% of hospitalized patients. The impact of the disease on the cardiovascular system is increasingly debated. Sources describe elevation of troponin in the serum, as an indicator of myocardial damage, in up to 12% of all cases. It can manifest as myocarditis, arrhythmias, myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock or even heart failure. The infection of COVID 19 is a multisystem...
Relationship of personality traits with acute stress response during challenge activity
Přibylová, Anežka ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: The relationship between personality traits and acute stress response during challenge activity Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the influence of personality traits on coping with acute stress in overcoming a high obstacle. Methods: The study involved 27 undergraduate and graduate students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS) at Charles University, with an average age of 23 years. The influence of personality traits on coping with acute stress during walking over a high obstacle was evaluated. Personality traits were assessed using the Big Five Inventory-44 questionnaire. The monitored indicators of acute stress response included heart rate, oxygen consumption, and respiratory rate. The results were processed using the software program Jamovi 2.3.26 solid. To determine the relationship between personality traits and acute stress response, Spearman's correlation coefficient was used. Results: A moderate correlation was found between neuroticism and heart rate (r = 0.53; p = 0.042) and between extraversion and respiratory rate (r = 0.526; p = 0.044) in the female sample. The male sample did not show any significant statistical significance between the individual personality traits and indicators of stress response. Conclusion: In our study, it was found that...
Factors of cognitive superaging - a systematic review
Thompsonová, Eliška ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: Lifestyle Factors and Successful Ageing: A Systematic Review on the SuperAger Phenomenon Background: As the world's population continues to age, the importance of studying the elders becomes more relevant. Age is one of the most prominent risk factors for diseases and understanding how to overcome or prevent the onset of any of them should be the goal for us as health promoting professionals. One of the straight-forward preventive measures is lifestyle. Objectives: The aim of this thesis was to assemble lifestyle factors that potentially contribute to the successful ageing of SuperAgers. Methods: A total of 6 databases were systematically reviewed using keywords established to help answer the review question. 654 studies were identified through the primary search and 10 studies were identified by hand search. After removing the duplicates, another 590 studies were excluded and 20 studies were selected for further eligibility. These studies were assessed using the Newcastle Ottawa Scale. Results: The number of studies finally retrieved from the systematic search was 20. Physical activity was identified as the most likely lifestyle factor to be positively associated with SuperAgeing. Social engagement, diet and adherence to cognitive activities were also found to be influential, as opposed to...
Public health in terms of eating habits of adolescents
Duchoňová, Andrea ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Petr, Miroslav (referee)
5 Abstract Context: Healthy lifestyle promotion is an important long-time process for today's society. Nowadays, models and theories are developed to enhance public health. Objectives: Create a systematic review of theories and models based on healthy diet promotion. Methods: The Master Thesis consists of 5 independent systematic reviews. Particular studies were examined based on Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) recommendations. A search was carried out of 2 electronic databases (PubMed and Web of Science) using following keywords - adolescence, eating habits, diet, nutrition a names of particular models/ theories. Results: 6 studies based on Health Belief Model, 8 based on Transtheoretical Model, 7 based on Social Ecological model, 8 based on Social cognitive model and 8 studies based on Nudge theory were included into the systematic review. Conclusion: Models and Theories are considered as successful ways to modify people's eating habits. More research within this area is needed due to wide diversity of healthy diet determinants. Keywords: diet, nutrition, healthy eating, adolescent, particular model/theory
Relationship between hand grip strength and cognitive function in older adults over 65 years of age
Čutková, Michaela ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: Relationship between hand grip strength and cognitive function in older adults over 65 years of age Goals: The main goal of this diploma thesis was to find out possible links between hand grip strength and cognitive functions in older adults over 65 years of age Method: As part of the master's thesis, a secondary analysis of data from the international cross- sectional study conducted within the Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) project was performed. The participants of the study were divided into seven categories based on their educational attainment, separately for both men and women. Generalized linear models were calculated for each of the mentioned categories as part of the data analysis. Results: The survey included a total of 38,519 participants with an average age of 74.00 ± 6.7 years from 18 countries worldwide. More than half of the participants were women. In the data analysis, it was found that the most represented educational group among the participants was the third group with higher secondary education, as defined by the ISCED 2011 classification. The tables indicate that values of all percentiles increase linearly with higher levels of education. This result suggests that higher education is associated with better performance in the examined test....
Injury analyses in florball players and possibilities of their prevention
Kleknerová, Sára ; Běhanová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Background Floorball is a dynamically enveloping game that is gaining popularity worldwide. However, as the interest in the sport grows the number of acute and chronic injuries increase both absolute and relative. Objectives The aim of this systematic review was to determine the prevalence of the most common acute and chronic injuries in floorball and to determine the effectiveness of intervention programs in preventing injuries in floorball. Methods The bachelor thesis was conducted as a systematic review in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Statement (PRISMA). The electronic databases PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus were used to retrieve relevant papers. Results A total of 17 cohort or cross-sectional studies and 5 intervention studies were included in the final selection, all the studies focused on different aspects of injuries in floorball players. The total number of participants in these studies was 7,256 and the mean age ranged from 10 to 30.9 years. The most common injuries were knee and ankle ligament injuries. Eye injuries were also frequent. Intervention programs resulted in a reduction in injuries, particularly in males and younger individuals. Conclusions The use of intervention programs appears to be effective in preventing acute...
The Effect of Teambuilding Outdoor Games on Salivary Cortisol Levels
Ludlová, Monika ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (referee)
Title: The Effect of Teambuilding Outdoor Games on Salivary Cortisol Levels Background: The present time is characterized by its great pressure on the psyche of the individual creating a stressful environment along with its negative effects. Stress has become a very important scientific topic worldwide. Physical activities in nature can be an effective way to reduce stress. Objectives: The aim of this master's thesis was to investigate the effect of team building outdoor games on salivary cortisol levels. Methods: The thesis was conducted as an experimental study with a crossover design. 10 participants completed three different experimental conditions - teambuilding outdoor games, indoor games, and passive rest. A saliva sample was collected before and immediately after the activities. The salivary cortisol levels were used as the main dependent variable. Comparative statistical methods and generalized linear regression models were used in the data analysis. Results: Salivary cortisol levels not significantly decreased after both types of games; however, increased significantly after the passive rest (p = 0.017). Generalized linear regression models revealed statistically significant effects of both team-building outdoor games as well as indoor games compared to passive rest. Conclusions:...
Movement determinants of football performance
Michalanský, Dominik ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Frýbort, Pavel (referee)
Title Movement determinants of football performance Objectives A systematic review of the knowledge dealing with the determinants of sports performance in amateur, semi-amateur and proffesional football players. A comparison of the results of studies on speed and power. Methods The methods used in the development of this thesis was the analysis of relevant literature, studies and internet sources. Their subsequent description. The thesis is written in the form of a review study. To obtain relevant information, electronic databases PubMed, Web of Science (WoS), SCOPUS and SPORTDiscus (EBSCO). The following words were used in the search: football, soccer, performance, strength, speed vertical jump. Results A total of 19 studies were selected for the review. Maximal average speed, when reaching an average speed above 30 km/h, largely does not affect motor performance. Players improve their movement and stress test results over the last 20 years. There is a strong correlation between speed and strength abilities. Key words football, speed, stregth, performance, study, vertical jump, CMJ, SJ, VJ Abstract
Use of Training lights in volleyball
Vojtíšková, Barbora ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Horák, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Use of Training lights in volleyball Background: Volleyball is a very popular, dynamically developing sports game, and the demands placed on players, especially in terms of reaction skills, are constantly increasing. For this reason, Training lights used to develop a volleyball player's game performance can be a welcome aid for coaches to diversify training. Objectives: The main objective of this bachelor's thesis is to present the training tool Training lights, the principle of its operation and the effect on the quality of the volleyball player's performance. Another goal is to create a stock of volleyball exercises using this tool. Methods: The bachelor thesis is implemented as methodical material. As part of the creation of the thesis, both knowledge from professional literature, especially from articles published in peer-reviewed magazines, and the experience of the author, a long-time volleyball player and coach, were used. Results: The result of the bachelor thesis is a methodical material that can serve as a clear guide for volleyball coaches for the use of the Training lights tool as part of game exercises focused mainly on the development of specific reaction abilities and game skills of volleyball players of all age categories. Conclusion: The resulting thesis makes it possible to...
The methods of training in high-altitude conditions
Polívka, Tomáš ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: The Methods Of Training In High-Altitude Conditions Aim: The aim of the study was to summarize published information on the issue of training methods in high mountain conditions and to determine whether the current use of methods can positively affect the performance of athletes. It includes findings from the history and current use of methods to achieve adaptive changes in the body. Methods: The method used in the bachelor thesis was document analysis and electronic database search. Results: We found that high-altitude training in both natural and artificial conditions improves oxygen transfer, red blood cell volume and maximal oxygen consumption VO2max. Thus, it can positively influence the performance of athletes when certain factors associated with hypoxic training are respected. We have also found that there is a considerable amount of scientific literature on the subject, which continues to grow, but the evidence is by no means conclusive. Keywords: Hypoxic training, altitude, performance, adaptation, acclimatization

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