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Zhe Project: user-generated content from the perspective of quality control and creators' motivation. Case study
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
This Master degree thesis deals with content quality regulation and motivation to participate in the project - web server dedicated to reviews of restaurants and other culinary venues. The server represents a specific case of user-generated content (UGC) whose content comes from closed community of reviewers chosen among non-professional food lovers by the server's founder. Aim of this thesis is to describe this filtration and regulation process as well as the qualitative criteria applied to reviewers and reviews, both from the point of view of administrators and community members. It uses the theory of reputation systems as well as Carpentier's more dynamic concept of quality as the ever-changing result of democratic negotiations (in the context of community media, as can be to a certain extent). Motivations for participation are explained with Bourdieu's concepts of social and cultural capital and their later derivations. Empirical part of the study is based on qualitative interviews with administrators and 11 community members and following thematical analysis. Interview data are completed with analysis of texts - Scuk guidelines, reviews and other community communication. We found out that the first access filter plays a key role in content regulation, creating like- minded...
Media reflection of negative parliamentary election campaign in 2002,2006 and 2010
Pistulková, Petra ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on media reflection of negative Czech parliamentary election campaign in 2002, 2006 and 2010. The main goal of this thesis is to find out, whether media did reflect at the time the use of negative political marketing by Czech political parties in the way Czech political scientists describe it. Theoretical part explains the principles of political marketing and characterises parliamentary election campaign in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Empirical part gathers results of quantitative content analysis that were made for each pre- election period 13 weeks before elections in Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny and Mladá fronta DNES. The results of quantitative analysis did not confirm the hypothesis that those researched newspapers would in the period of 13 weeks before election reflect higher use of negative political marketing.
Hate speech in the Czech legal theory and media practice
Moravová, Veronika ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of "hate speech" in relation to the freedom of expression. In the first part, I went into the legislation on freedom of expression and hate speech in our legal system. I devoted a considerable part to international treaties concerning this issue that, according to the Constitution, are a part of our laws and base of the national legislation to a great extent. There are two different approaches to the freedom of expression - the American and European one. The first one is close to the absolute concept of freedom of speech that also covers the hate speech. The second one excludes the hate speech from its protection. The most typical representatives of these two approaches are the U.S. and Germany so I have also paid attention to the legislation of the two countries. As this topic is extremely wide, I chose for the practical part a few cases that are somehow boundary. With the aid of these extremes, I tried to define the limits of freedom of speech. In the next two subsections, I tried to reflect two controversial lawsuits medially, i.e. the Mein Kampf edition and the visit of David Duke in pages of the Lidové noviny, Právo and MF Dnes. The next subsection is devoted to the Internet, beyond the territory of states, so, logically, there is a collision between...
Media Legislation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its changes
Němcová, Anna ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
This work deals with venezuelan media legislation, it's changes after the 2002 failed coup d'état and possible implications on freedom of expression. It describes the structure of ownership of media outlets in Venezuela and tries to closer understand the very principles of operating of venezuelan media. It also briefly deals with the socioeconomic situation of the country and with laws, that have been passed under the governance of Hugo Chávez. A part of this study is dedicated to the Chávez - media relationship and to creation of his media image. In quite detailed manner is then analyzed the 2002 coup d'état, in which private media outlets have played the primordial role. This part of the study focuses on media coverage of this critical event in modern history. Related topic to this is then chapter, that unveils american funding of venezuelan journalists and private media outlets. Finally this work sheds light on claims about the undemocratic character of venezuelan media, made by some western media and humanitarian watchdogs, that are proven to be false.
Construction of a healthy in the media ullustrated by TV show "Jste to, co jíte"
Vozobulová, Petra ; Štechová, Markéta (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Construction of a healthy lifestyle in the media illustrated by TV show Jste to, co jíte" deals with this TV Prima Family show and presents how they construct an image of healthy lifestyle. In the theoretical section presents expert views on the health and its components, as well as media construction of reality. The analytical part of the work (in its qualitative and quantitative component) it is trying to present a coherent manner and form of construction of a healthy lifestyle and determine the main categories of this construction. These categories are healthy lifestyle as a recipe, as a regime, as nutrition, as a physical activity and as an opposite of illness.
Media (Re)Construction of Collective Memory: October and November as a Support for the Contemporary Czech National Identity
Vacková, Kateřina ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Media (Re)Construction of Collective Memory: October and November as a Support for the Contemporary Czech National Identity" focuses on relation between mass media, collective memory and national identity. In accordance with social constructionism theory, the terms collective memory and national identity are understood as social constructs whereas mass media is considered to be one of the social construction agents. The aim of this work is to analyse a variety of media interpretations on significant Czech history events - October 28, 1918 and November 17, 1989. Analysed are newspaper commentaries published in order to commemorate these events during the eleven- year period from 1998 to 2009. As a resource for the analysis I have chosen three Czech daily newspapers - Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny and Mladá fronta DNES. The research method used is media qualitative content analysis. The work objective is to examine the typical media discourses based on national history which are constructed in a way to support contemporary Czech national identity. Not only does this thesis consist of research, it also includes methodology and theoretical framework.
The Use of Media to Create a Media Image of Jaromír Nohavica
Němečková, Petra ; Köppl, Daniel (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
The intention of this work is to approach the practice used in the creation of the media image of the singer-songwriter Jaromir Nohavica. The first chapter defines the conception of public relations, personal marketing, the phenomena of image and reputation. The second chapter focuses on Jaromir Nohavica's career from the beginning until the year 2010. The third chapter is devoted to an analysis of statements and actions of Jaromir Nohavica in relation to the creation of the media image, media communication and personal marketing. Music record sale statistics published by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry, results of the Academy of Popular Music Awards (Akademie populární hubdy), Český slavík and Žebřík are used as examples of the impact of his self-promotional activities. The aim was to map the processes of communication and marketing activities of Jaromír Nohavica and their impact in practice. This thesis should serve as a guide for those interested in personal marketing and public relations, the creation of media image and their effectiveness.
Interakcion of media and marketing media discourse on the media image of musician Tomáš Klus
Nováková, Kristýna ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
This diploma thesis Interaction of media and marketing discourse on the media image of musician Tomáš Klus examines the influence of the corporate agenda through the marketing and PR department of a record label Sony Music Entertainment Czech Republic s.r.o. on the agenda of the media, which represent the work of three full-scale Czech newspaper MF Dnes, Právo a Blesk. The theoretical approach is being built on the basic theses of media construction of reality and construction of media image, the concept of agenda setting and issue of the music industry. Thus, areas involved and influence the marketing and media world and form the basic framework of the theoretical structure of media reality. The empirical part is devoted to a particular process of agenda setting on an example of the media image of a Czech musician Tomáš Klus over three years through marketing and PR department of a record label Sony Music Entertainment Czech Republic s.r.o. sampled for analysis of print media - newspapers MF Dnes, Law and Flash. The goal is to trace how and to what extent the marketing discourse influences the media discourse and how does this interaction influence the musician's final media image.
Czech serial "Velmi křehké vztahy" characters with regard to their property estate and social class
Svobodová, Zuzana ; Štechová, Markéta (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
The thesis titled "Czech serial Velmi křehké vztahy characters with regard to their property estate and social class" is linked to specialised publications which originated in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University in Prague mapping how the 'after the velvet revolution' series made by the Czech TV portray the topic of wealth and affluence. The theory part consist of findings from two socio-scientific fields, i.e. sociology and media studies, the outcomes of which will consequently meet in the research part of this thesis. The subject matter of the research part of this thesis is the episodes of the third season of the Velmi křehké vztahy soap opera which was broadcast by the Prima Czech TV channel between 2008 and 2009. This research sample was achieved by using a qualitative research technique, specifically the grounded theory method. The thesis focuses predominantly on how a class hierarchy and wealth determine their character. The attention is also paid to listing various social classes which appear in the series, and to the outline of the areas of a social life in which the social mobility is possible. The research part of the thesis also focuses on which professions are represented mostly in the series and how characters are portrayed when working. There is also a part dedicated to...
Talk show Uvolněte se, prosím and its political guests (qualitative and quantitative analysis of politicians' attendance in the show)
Svobodová, Ivana ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
Diploma thesis "Talk show Uvolněte se, prosím and its political guests (qualitative and quantitative analysis of politicians' attendance in the show)" deals with the topic of convergence of entertainment and politics, hence politics and the media as such. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the wider context of the issue - presentation of the politicians on television, interconnection of politics and humor, and the role of talk shows in political communication. The theoretical part presents the issue of political celebrities as one of the factors that affect communication between the politicians and the citizens. The practical part deals with the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the political guests' performance in the czech version of American talk shows Uvolněte se, prosím.

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