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Collocability of German Adjectives in a Bilingual Dictionary
Budín, Tomáš ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis researchs the collocability of the german adjectives and gives some suggestions for the presentation of the collocability in the microstructure of the adjectival entries in the German-Czech translatory dictionary. The diploma thesis is a secondary product of the project of The Large German-Czech Academic Dictionary which has been realized in the Institute for German studies of the Phaculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague since 2000. The lexicographs use the methods of the corpus linguistics, especially a combination of the concepts corpus-based and corpus-driven. Analogous methods were used in this diploma thesis. By means of the Cooccurrence Data Bank (CCDB) of the Institute for the German language in Mannheim the most frequent cooccurrence partners of an adjectiv were found, concrete dictionary examples were found out in the corpus DeReKo of the IDS Mannheim using COSMAS II or on the Internet using the search engine Google. The dates were saved in a special numerical chart of a data bank which is structured on the basis of word classes. The diploma thesis comes to the conclusion that each adjectival entry can be carried out in more ways depending on the preferred criterion which can be frequency based, syntactical, semantical or didactical. In the practical part of the...
Analysis and elaboration of terminology in the field of horse breeding and horsemanship in the Large German-Czech Academic dictionary.
Zachrdlová, Lucie ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis concentrates on the analysis and elaboration of the terminology in the field of horse breeding and horsemanship in the Large German-Czech Academic Dictionary, according to the requirements of the lexical database LGCAD. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is based on modern lexicographical literature, defines the term of professional language, professional terminology, and terminological dictionary, and deals with the professional language of horse breeding and horsemanship. The main part of the thesis deals with critical analyses of the treatment of terms in various handbooks, focusing on several items such as morphology extent, and quality of equivalence, registration of typical collocation, terminological synonymy and lexicographic example, and bringing to justice several terminological inaccuracies found in the available literature. The practical part consists of fifty elaborated terms from the field of horse breeding and horsemanship.
Translation dictionaries with Vietnamese;
Vuongová, Thao Linh ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The thesis entitled "Übersetzungswörterbücher mit dem Vietnamesischen" aims to examine the quality of Vietnamese-German dictionaries (print and online) using examples of selected verbs and verb idioms. The first step is to compile a bibliography of dictionaries that are available on the Internet and in the printed form, to briefly characterize them (author, year of publication, introduction, designation of address, scope, presence of a grammatical overview and other appendices, such as a list of literature used to make the dictionary). The focus of the thesis is a critical analysis to examine how dictionaries consider the needs of native Vietnamese speakers who learn German as a foreign language and need to translate into it (dictionaries focused on production, so-called active - Vietnamese-German) and those of them, who translate from German into Vietnamese (so-called German-Vietnamese passive dictionaries)
Idiomatic Phrases in the Novell "Buchmendel" from Stefan Zweig and in its Translation into Czech
Kyselová, Soňa ; Hejhalová, Věra (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis pursues the contrastive comparison of Czech and German idioms in Stefan Zweig's novel "Buchmendel" and its Czech translation. Besides the theoretical description of idioms, its characteristic features and its classification deals the thesis with the contrastive phraseology, which was taken into account in the practical section, where the found idioms were divided according to their degree of equivalence, compared and commented. The center of interest is the appraisal of the suitability of the translation.
Adverbial Clauses of Time with Conjunctions bis, bevor, ehe
Kolář, David ; Šemelík, Martin (advisor) ; Dovalil, Vít (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with subordinate adverbial clauses of time in German introduced by the following conjunctions: bis, bevor and ehe. The theoretical part of the thesis concentrates on the description of adverbial clauses of time in selected grammar books. The introductory chapter of this part presents how this area is dealt with in the grammar book by Gerhard Helbig and Joachim Buscha, which is considered to be a basic handbook for German as a foreign language at an advanced level. This part also describes how these clauses are dealt with in other grammar books. An emphasis is put on comparing this description with the description by Helbig and Buscha. The practical part focuses on the occurrence of adverbial clauses of time in selected sources, namely fiction, newspapers and the DeReKo corpus. The analysis focuses on clauses introduced by bevor, ehe expressing implied negation. Furthermore, the analysis deals with adverbial clauses of time with future reference in which the analysed conjunctions, i.e. bis, bevor and ehe, are interchangeable according to some of the analyzed grammar books. Key words: grammar, subordinate clauses, conjunctions, bis, bevor, ehe, empirical research
Phrasemes with the "Fisch" component - corpus analysis
Křesťanová, Jitka ; Hejhalová, Věra (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The aim of this work is the analysis of phrasemes with the Fisch component. The work is divided into two parts. Theoretical part deals with phraseme terminology and phrasemes in general. In the practical part of this work are analyzed formal and semantic sides of the phrasemes with Fisch component. For this purpose serve two dictionaries ("PONS. Deutsche Idiomatik: Die deutschen Redewendungen im Kontext." and "DUDEN Band 11. Redewendungen und sprichwörtliche Redensarten: Wörterbuch der deutschen Idiomatik.") and the most extensive German corpus DeReKo.
Corpus analysis of adjectiv affixoids and their lexicographical processing in Czech-German dictionaries
Koptík, Tomáš ; Kloudová, Věra (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This thesis demonstrates the necessity of inventarisation of word-formation components in the bi-lingual dictionaries, taking adjective affixoids as an example. Describing the hands-on approach to addition of these word-formation components into the upcoming Large German-Czech Academic Dictionary, it points to the issues arising in connection with the inventarisation itself.
Terminology in Visual Arts in a large bilingual dictionary
Kučerová, Daniela ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This given thesis addresses the terminology of Visual Arts in the large bilingual dictionary and provides a reflection on the problem of terminology. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part gives definitions of language for special purposes, language for general purposes, term, terminology, synonymy, equivalence or terminological dictionary. The second part of the thesis analyses the given dictionary entries of the Visual Arts from the linguistic, terminological and lexicographical point of view in the large bilingual dictionary.
On the TEKAMOLO rule in the modern German language
Ekimova, Svetlana ; Maroszová, Jana (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis researches the problems of the usage of the TEKAMOLO rule, which determines the sequence of the Adverbials in a German sentence. Its main aim is to make an attempt to give an exact definition of this rule and also to determine the conditions under which it can be used in the communication. The thesis is divided in two parts: a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part there are some explanations of the TEKAMOLO rule given which can be found in textbooks and grammars of the German language and some terms explained which are related with this rule. The practical part has primarily to show how the native speakers and those who study German as foreign language understand the rule. Then there are some further aspects mentioned which affect the word order and which can modify the sequence of Adverbials determined by the TEKAMOLO rule.
Near Synonyms from a Corpus Linguistic Perspective - Verbs in Focus
Salačová, Helena ; Šemelík, Martin (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the near synonymy of German verbs whose usage is oft very problematic for non-native speakers. Word meaning and identical or different context of synonyms (anfangen - beginnen - starten; herstellen - erzeugen - produzieren) are researched using the German reference corpus DeReKo, more specifically the coocurrence databank CCDB. The first part of the thesis is a brief introduction to the vast field of synonymy; the other, empirical part is dedicated to analysis of CNS-maps contrasting co- ocurrence profiles selected verbs. Using these maps we are enabled to determine the different similarities in the usage of these verbs.

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