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Land estate yards in Podorlicko region in cartographic sources from the 18th to the 20th century
Langer, Matyáš ; Tůmová, Martina (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee)
The Diploma Thesis deals with the topic of land estate yards, specifically the changes in the landscape in their surroundings and on their land in the period from the 18th to the 20th century. Its subject is one of interdisciplinary, historical-geographical studies, which brings new knowledge about the transformations of the historical landscape in the past using a specific and so far little-used type of historical source (economic maps of large estates). For this work, three land estate yards from the area of Podorlicko - the former Opočno estate - Podzámčí, Přepychy and Pulice were selected. For each of them, their brief history is summarized in the introduction, which is very important for spatial changes and their placement in the historical context. However, the main content of the work is the analysis and comparison of old maps of different scales, date and purpose of production, which are intended to place the above-mentioned changes during history in a spatial context. The main objectives of the work include identifying changes in the area of interest, their spatial delimitation and their justification in relation to historical development. Furthermore, to prove the differences in the spatial changes of the individual land estate yards, again based on the different historical development,...
Zoos as socially constructed institutions in changing social and territorial contexts
Nekolný, Lukáš ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee) ; Boltižiar, Martin (referee)
This dissertation deals with research of the zoo as a social construct, which in its history and form represents the development of the relationship between society and nature, or man and animals. At the same time, it is a specific cultural landscape reflecting other changes in paradigms and needs in society. The current form of zoos has always reflected various economic, political, environmental and cultural aspects, or opinion and spatial changes of society. This work is a contribution to the discussion of the application of thematization typical of contemporary experience-oriented society. The aim of the thesis is to characterize the development of zoos and their current form in Europe, where this concept originated at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, and to discuss regional differences regarding the different geographical context of the post-socialist space. From the geographical point of view, this is a topic rarely addressed so far, both from a theoretical (the zoo as an example of the specific landscape) as well as a regional approach. The first part provides a theoretical framework by means of a discussion of scientific literature and formulating the starting points of the research based on selected concepts and paradigms (social constructivism, the relationship between man and...
Evaluation of the development of the Ezgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region after its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List
Slavíková, Jana ; Jelen, Jakub (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee)
This thesis is focused on the effects of inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The main goal was to obtain information about this issue on the specific example of the Czech part of the Ezgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region from the point of view of local stakeholders. Sub- goals are focused on heritage management in the given region, benefits and disadvantages associated with this inscription, motivation of local stakeholders to use it and identification of these stakeholders. In order to find out what effect this inscription had on local stakeholders from the public and private spheres, semi-structured interviews were used. The obtained data were evaluated using open coding and thematic analysis. The research itself can be divided into three phases. In the first phase, a list of stakeholders involved in the process of creation, protection and interpretation of mining heritage was created. The second phase consisted of interviews with local stakeholders, namely representatives of municipalities and entrepreneurs. In the last stage, these interviews were evaluated and summarized.
The differences in place perception: conditionings and links in time and space
Skála, Tomáš ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of place as one of the most important concepts of human geography. The term place is examined from the perspective of social constructivism. In the first part the thesis focuses on the term place, place perception, space perception and place identity. Those and other important terms are discussed based on scholar literature considering the terms. In the second part of this thesis changes of place identity are analyzed using the example of Zbuzany, a suburban village of Prague with its space dynamically grounds. Old maps and aerial photos are used for observation of the changes within the area. Also, the main phases of space development are defined. The third part of this thesis uncovers the symbolic space using semi-structured interviews conducted with six respondents from three age groups representing different generations. The interviews were analyzed and the differences in sense of place and space among generations were proved.
Manor demesne. Aristocrat's relationship to the land ownership. Dukes of Saxe-Lauenburg 1600-1750
Vokurka, Michal ; Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jiří (referee) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee)
According to Manuel Schramm, the 17th century marks a turning point in the perception of nature and landscape in Western and Central Europe. This thesis attempts to trace these changes in the attitude of aristocrats towards their dominions. Based on a sample of Bohemian demesnes of the Dukes of Saxe-Lauenburg, the thesis focuses on the acquisition of estates and the development of residences, sacral (church) buildings, gardens, water infrastructure, forests and farms and their management. The thesis argues that the dominion had three basic functions for its owner (and his family): economic, aesthetic and recreational (leisure). The requirements to fulfil all three functions were often met within same area of the estate. The successful combination of these functions led to the owner of the dominion being portrayed as a good Hausvater (householder). In case of the Princesses Anna Maria Francisca and Sibylla Augusta, this was combined with the stereotype of the good widow. The dissertation follows the management and changes of the dominion according to the demands of its owner and tries to (re)construct his/her the relationship and attitude towards the dominion.
Transformations of the symbolic layer of the landscape: analysis of minor place names and local names in old maps of the city of Jičín and its surroundings
Dařílek, Petr ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee)
Diploma thesis is focusing on local place names and minor place names in the landscape as part of landscape memory. The landscape consists of many layers, one of which is also symbolic layer. This layer is also created by toponyms, they have the power to affect us in how we perceive the landscape, and also carry valuable information about culture and history. The aim of this thesis is to analyse place names and minor place names in historical maps of Jičín and the surrounding area. This thesis will try to determine which local place names are steady parts of the Jičín landscape, if and how place names change thorough time, and whether there can be registered a disappearance of minor place names and local place names.
Estate maps and their importance for the study of historical landscapes and serfdom towns
Tůmová, Martina ; Semotanová, Eva (advisor) ; Frajer, Jindřich (referee) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee)
The dissertation deals with the knowledge and reconstruction of the historical landscape of the early to the upper modern period using cartographic sources, maps of the estates from the 18th and the first half of the 19th century, which have not been exploited so far. It seeks answers to the questions of what changes occurred in the landscape during this period and documents them, especially on the example of the serfdom towns in Bohemia. The dissertation is interdisciplinary in nature. It tries to contribute to research in historical geography and to fit thematically into the concept of studying historical landscapes (from identification and documentation to understanding the meanings of their transformations). However, it also uses the approaches of historical cartography in the research, analysis and processing of hitherto neglected cartographic sources - sources of information about the past. Attention in the study of historical landscapes and urban history has so far been paid rather to the younger period from the mid-19th century onwards, mainly because of the availability, mostly wider possibilities of processing the necessary historical sources (topographically more accurate old maps and plans of comparative character) and the accuracy of their narrative value. The older period up to the...
The mining heritage of the Jáchymov region as a dynamic sociocultural process
Jelen, Jakub ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee) ; Chrastina, Peter (referee)
The presented dissertation deals with the perception and methods of management of the mining heritage from the perspective of individual stakeholders, entities and interest groups involved in the process of its creation, inventory, interpretation, use, protection or reconstruction. At the same time, it discusses the ways of using the mining heritage, the benefits and risks of its presence in the territory or its connection to territorial identities. The general starting points of the research are based on a search and critical discussion of scientific literature and key geographical concepts (heritage, place, identity). In the first part, the thesis deals with the conceptualization of heritage in general, discussing various ways of defining and looking at heritage, its characteristics and properties, and also it discusses possible approaches to it. The thesis also brings different perspectives on classification of heritage and analysis of its individual phases, as the heritage is seen as a socio-cultural process conditioned by individual actors, entities and interest groups who enter and influence it at various stages. The thesis also deals with the ways heritage shapes and affects the environment in which it is located, including its inhabitants and visitors. After a general discussion, the thesis...
Use of terrain modelling to landscaping in landscape parks
Šantrůčková, Markéta
The presented thesis deals with assessment of landscaping and with the opportunities for making use of natural relief during setting up of landscape gardens. The assessment has been done based on studies of the relevant matter in model locations, then the acquired facts have been generalized. Landscape gardens form an indispensable part of the landscape as such. Gardens mix, in a specific way and inseparably, influences of natural environment with anthropogenic impacts. The natural environment changes into landscape gardens mainly by means of diverse forms of relief. At the same time, relief was not just passively taken as a basis for starting a park, it was actively being changed, spending not a small amount of money and effort. What is typical of terrain changes in landscape gardens is that these changes, striking to whatever degree, were meant to be hidden to viewers, and that they copied natural lines and shapes. Geographical research topics in landscape gardens concentrate mainly on finding to what degree the natural relief was used and changed, and what impact it had on the form and creation of the parks. In the presented work methods leading to a thorough understanding of terrain changes were used. The main part of the work was to analyze maps in GIS systems, to study historical documents,...

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