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Analýza energetické bilance intravilánu města pomocí metod dálkového průzkumu Země
The energy balance of each urban area depends on the specifics of active surface and other complex phenomena. In general, compared to the surrounding rural landscape, dry and impermeable surfaces predominate in urban areas. Different types of built-up areas have various properties determining how distributed solar radiation is. Overall, it is through energy fluxes defined by the sensible heat flux, the latent heat flux of evaporation, and the soil heat flux. Besides, vegetation plays a significant role in the proportions of fluxes. Plants can effectively transform the obtained solar radiation and thus influence the microclimatic situation through the cooling effect of evapotranspiration or other ecosystem services. Nevertheless, the efficiency depends on the state of vegetation and other prevailing conditions (weather, etc.). As the study area was selected the town of Písek. The research took place on two summer and two autumn days using remote sensing and statistical evaluation. The results showed the growing dependence of the latent heat flux of evaporation in localities with a higher vegetation density and a sufficient water supply. High values of surface temperature and sensible heat flux occurred in built-up areas with predominant materials with a large specific heat capacity, i.e. concrete, asphalt, sheet metal, stone etc. These indicators thus defined some problematic types of built-up areas, especially in terms of surface overheating or of the occurrence of local heat islands. Specifically, it was the historic centre, industrial zones and shopping centres. A better microclimatic situation prevailed in the park with a water surface, suburbs and built-up areas of family houses.
Prostorová diferenciace výskytu prostituce ve světě
The bachelor thesis deals with the spatial differentiation of the occurrence of prostitution in the world at the level of states. The number of prostitutes is based on the latest UN estimates. It is supplemented by other sources for the widest possible set of data. The analysis is focused on the comparison of prostitution rate with selected socioeconomic indicators by applying correlation coefficients to clarify the effects on the examined phenomenon. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the interpretation of differences and the spread of prostitution in the world. The synthetic part deals mainly with the distribution of prostitution in the macro-regional concept of the Earth in order to generalize the results and describe the main determinants of prostitution.
Contracted air transportation within Schengen area - Aerotaxi
Niko, Eduard ; Novák, Radek (advisor) ; Szabo, Stanislav (referee) ; Šourek, David (referee)
Thesis is focused on problematics of contracted air transport of passengers, also known as aerotaxi, within Schengen area. Thesis aims at main benefit of air transport and this is the time aspect. The time value is incorporated into calculation of total transportation costs in form of relationship between the length of the flight and transportation alternatives. The model experiment used in this thesis defines a set of attributes necessary for correct calculation of business trip cost. Thesis also presents propositions of hypotheses for future research
Information system management in holding type non-governmental organization
Groll, Pavel ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Šourek, David (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze possibilities and specifics of management of information systems in non-governmental organizations and to demonstrate it on the case study. The general analysis of information systems in non-profit sector is focused on influence of specifics of this sector on information systems management and on comparison how type of sector is affecting development and operation of information systems. As a case study Diakonie ČCE was chosen. Diakonie ČCE consists of large number of non-governmental organizations. It is relatively complicated structure which characteristic is very close to a holding company. Thesis pays an increased attention to the description of this structure. Case study consists of an information strategy design for the target organization. For this design and the development modern methodic and tools of development an information strategy were used. Strategy works with the real global strategy of researched organization and it is completed with specification of the concrete projects which are implementing strategy. Range of strategy is affected by limited financial sources of Diakonie ČCE for its creation. This is why elements which would cost unreasonable expenses for the researched organization were omitted.

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