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Composition of the banking projects portfolio using the multi-criteria decision methods
Bozděchová, Slávka ; Borovička, Adam (advisor) ; Šindelář, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with a multi-criteria analysis of the bank's portfolio of projects. In the ?rst part, projects that meet aspirational levels through bivalent programming are selected into project portfolios. This is followed by the weighting using the Saaty's method and ranking of the projects from best to worst using TOPSIS method. An integral component of the theoretical part is to get acquainted with the methods of multi-criteria assessment of the options and, also with the methods that determine the weight of the individual criteria. There is also a description of the company and the summary of the projects that are present in the work. The Conclusion contains a summary of the results and recommendations of the IT Credits & Consumer Finance Team which portfolio to choose.
Optimization of Control Algorithm of MR Damper
Strecker, Zbyněk ; Kotaba, Ondřej (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (referee) ; Šindelář, Martin (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
This work deals with the usage of magneto-rheological (MR) damper in the semi-active car suspension. Semi-active suspension can improve ride comfort or tyre grip to the level, which cannot be achieved with the common passive setting of the damper. MR damper has however features, like time response of the controller with MR damper and the control range of the MR damper, which limit area of application. It was found out that especially the time response of the damper significantly influences the efficiency of semi-active algorithms. Current MR dampers with controllers are not capable of efficient control of the semi-active suspension. For proper design of semi-active suspension with MR dampers, the time response must be decreased. Therefore, a new PWM current controller was designed and verified. Also changes in MR damper design which eliminate eddy-currents in the magnetic circuit were proposed. The results of this work should contribute to the better design of semi-active suspension systems with MR damper.
MR Strut of Steward Platform for Vibration and Shock Isolation
Macháček, Ondřej ; Šindelář, Martin (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
The thesis deals with design magnetorheological strut of vibration isolation adapter for cosmonautics. For its optimization is necessary to create several virtual models. The dynamic model of the mechanism - the Stewart platform, rheological model for determining the damping force of MR damper and model of the magnetic circuit to guarantee the required intensity in the gap. These models, along with controls models that are primarily concerned with strength calculations, will help with design. Designing using virtual models requires constant monitoring and verification. It is a rather broad topic including eliminate vibration also kinematics, dynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics and last but not least electronics and magnetism. It is necessary to communicate with experts in their field and use their knowledge and experience to create, but also to control of the individual models. The thesis was created in cooperation with Honeywell Aerospace Division (ESA).
Stand for analysis of device to lubrication of railway vehicles flanges
Štěnička, Petr ; Šindelář, Martin (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
This work deals with construction of an experimental measuring stand. This stand will be used for research focused on wheel flange lubrication improvement. The construction is based on wheel flange lubrication system Tribotec OK-02. First part treats of rail vehicle dynamics and wheel flange lubrication problematics, second part describes construction itself.
Vertical rack
Kovář, Pavel ; Šindelář, Martin (referee) ; Brandejs, Jan (advisor)
Target of master thesis is constructional design of vertical rack with press of screenings for shaft type 501 up to 3200 mm deep. Part of this shaft system is atypical bottom with two inflows and one outflow of sewage water. According to these requirements there ware adapted dimensions and shapes of whole construction. Master thesis is divided into several parts, where is disposed construction design of rack with supplement, modification of shaft bottom and embedment of vertical rack.
Load carrying capacity enhancement of thrust bearing
Tomek, Ondřej ; Šindelář, Martin (referee) ; Křupka, Ivan (advisor)
The Master Thesis describes knowlege in thrust bearings with solid segments. Contains analysis of thrust bearing used in NR/20SJ turbochargers. Further designs new thrust bearing with enhancement of load carrying capacity. The new thrust bearing and the old one are tested and compared.
Virtual model of manual tail test
Greplová, Kristýna ; Šindelář, Martin (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
The aim of the master´s thesis is analysis of limits of tail test exercise in practice for certification of dampening quality of wheel hitches of vehicles using virtual simulation. The goal is to create virtual model of front axle of Skoda Roomster 1.4 TDi using program Adams/View, MSC Software and follow-up simulation of tail test of wheel hitch.
Brand Management of Partners of Life Planning
Švehla, Adam ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šindelář, Martin (referee)
1.Introduction: Market position, ways to manage the brand 2.General terms 3.Partners 4.Conclusion: classification, recommendations
Web 2.0
Vítek, Pavel ; Rydzi, Daniel (advisor) ; Šindelář, Martin (referee)
The Bachelor's Thesis is concerned with Web 2.0 phenomenon. It defines meaning of this phenomenon and submits its features and characteristics : change in comunication system, freedom of content editing, content created mostly by its users, reputation systems, conversions of desktop applications to web services. It concentrates on technology background of web services, particularly AJAX, Adobe Flex, Silverlight. It focuses on designs, that were starting point for Web 2.0 and uses them to show principles of the whole concept. Selected designs examples were : community servers MySpace and Facebook, search engine Google with its additional services, video sharing server Youtube, bookmark server, content sharing server, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, personalised internet radio and music encyclopedia The work continues by describing current situation in the Czech Republic. In the end the paper summarizes and answers the basic questions asked in the introduction and mentions major obstacles of current development together with their possible solutions.

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