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Certified methodology for textile deposition
KUŽELOVÁ, Zdenka ; ŠEVČÍK, Richard ; PŘÍHODA, Jiří ; NASADIL, Petr
The methodology was created for the neeeds of museum workers handling and depositing textile artefacts. The methodology is focused on depositories where textile artefacts are stored. The content is focused on traditional folk clothing from Moravia originating from the period of 1850-1950 and the methodology is specific in this way. It is necessary to emphasize that the folk textile (clothing) was stored in its own way which has to be kept and which some attention should be paid to.
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Certified methodology (I) for conservators of textile focused on artefact survey and its documentation (e-learning)
KUŽELOVÁ, Zdenka ; DUFKOVÁ, Libuše ; ŠEVČÍK, Richard ; SMEJKALOVÁ, Eva ; PŘÍHODA, Jiří
Certified methodology is focused on the care of textile artefacts. It defines principle terms, instructions for all involved workers, environment, documentation, survey and material sampling.
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Certified methodology (II) for identification of textile and non-textile components and their conservation (e-learning)
KUŽELOVÁ, Zdenka ; ŠEVČÍK, Richard ; VYSKOČILOVÁ, Gabriela ; HANÁČKOVÁ, Pavla ; PŘÍHODA, Jiří ; NASADIL, Petr
The methodology deals with the conservation of textile, textile components and non-textile parts and components as well. A complete conservation process is described in details including some of the processes presented in "Certified methodology for conservators of textile focused on artefact survey and its documentation".
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Certified methodology to create permanently sustainable environment for storage of traditional clothing components in depositories
HRUBANOVÁ, Markéta, ; POLÁŠKOVÁ, Hana ; NASADIL, Petr ; KUŽELOVÁ, Zdenka ; PŘÍHODA, Jiří ; ŠEVČÍK, Richard
The methodology was created to identify risks related with the environment where artefacts of cultural heritage are handled or deposited. It is intended for museum and open-air museum workers handling textile clothing components and other textile artefacts. The aim was to create a tool to monitor and measure contamination of the environment where artefacts are handled to reduce risks, damage or lifetime decrease of the artefacts as a result of an improper storage conditions. Following described procedures will enable to monitor and decrease the pollution with the aim to protect both exhibits and health of the workers handling them.
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