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Experiences of clients of the aftercare centers in Prague with employment at the job market
Pavlovská, Amalie ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Kuda, Aleš (referee)
Background: There are many researches on the topic of employing (ex) drug users in abroad, but a little works in the Czech Republic. Its pioneers did not aim specifically to describe a group of clients of aftercare centers who are most closely to the working process. Aims: In cooperation with three Prague aftercare centers (Drop In, Magdaléna, SANANIM) and Work and social agency SANANIM to map and describe job experiences of their clients on the job market. Next aim is to create a typology of clients in the aftercare centers according to their current un/employment. Complex of recommendations how to prevent mistakes at the job market was suggested. Methods: Quantitative and qualitative research methods were used to data collection - a questionnaire to map experiences of clients at the job market and interviews for detailed description of client types. Data analysis was carried out by open cosiny and descriptive statistics. All the ethical questions were kept. Sample: Basic population was created by all current clients of aftercare centers in Prague. It was necessary to fulfil these criteria: to be current client of some of the centers, to have at least one contact with the job market during the aftercare programme and to give an agreement with attendance in the study. Total number of respondents...
Tobacco dependence in terms of service to clients dependent on alcohol
Procházková, Zuzana ; Nevoralová, Monika (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
This thesis deals with the problem of tobacco addiction among clients dependent on alcohol. It surveys the attitudes and needs of service providers to clients addicted to alcohol with regard to the phenomenon of addiction to tobacco. In the first half of the theoretical part I describe general information related to the smoking and to the alcohol, such as history, occurrence in the population, their characteristics and effects, and one chapter is devoted to the specific interaction of tobacco and alcohol. In the second half, I focused on the diagnosis and assessment of the rate dependence, on the description of the dependence on these substances, therapeutic interventions and on the medical care system. In the empirical part this thesis deals with the issue of Tobacco Addiction treatment with simultaneous treatment of alcoholism. How is the practice now and how it would according to the view of workers be involved in the treatment of alcoholism should have to be Tobacco Addiction treatment included in their services. This is a qualitative study, as a data collection method was used individual semi structured interviews with the service providers. For the data creation there were used content analysis methods. In the results I focused on individual topics, as the advantages and disadvantages of the...
Suicide Risks in Connection with Depressive Symptoms of Non-alcoholic Substance Addicts - men in Some Health-service Institutions in the Czech Republic
Rotreklová, Anna ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Reichelová, Lenka (referee)
Starting point: Risk factors associated with suicidality are, for example, severe depressive phase in anamnesis, low self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness, aggressiveness, impulsivity, suicidal thoughts during depressive phase, severe anxiety, personality disorders (border, narcissistic, histrionic personality), nicotine abuse, alcohol or other substance abuse, stress, problems at work, sexual or psychical violence, conflicts with relatives or life partners, absence of the person who the pacient can trust (Látalová, & Praško, 2009). These risk factors can undoubtedly occur in non-alcoholic substance addicts, patients in hospitals or those without treatment. Thaťs why the work has been devoted to the topic of suicide, depression and addiction. In the research part I wanted to verify connection of depressive symptoms and suicidal risks in patients - men in some psychiatric hospitals in The Czech Republic. Aims: The main aim of my work was to map the topic of suicide and depression and connect it with the theme of addiction. The thesis has been compared suicidal risks and depressive symptoms in non-alcohol substance addicts - men in some psychiatric hospitals in The Czech Republic. Methods: We used Beck Depression Inventory and Pöldinger questionnaire for comparison of depressive symptoms and...
The Quality of life for drug dependent clients before and after the institutional treatment in Prague
Brachtlová, Veronika ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Novotný, Miroslav (referee)
BACKGROUND: Quality of life is defined by WHO as an individual perception of one's own position in life, taking into account cultural aspects of the society and a system of values in which the individual lives, as well as his/her goals, standard of living and interests. Because quality of life measure is strongly a subjective measure, it can only be assessed by the individual himself/herself. AIMS: The aim of this thesis was to compare of the quality of life of drug users before and after institutional treatment. SAMPLE AND METHODS: WHOQOL- BREF questionnaire was employed to collect the data. A research sample consisted of all clients (both men and women) in the institutional treatment at the department of treatment of dependencies at the Clinic of Addictology, The clients filled the questionnaire in before treatment entry or within the first week after treatment entry, and at the release from the treatment. RESULTS: None of the clients was very satisfied with his/her quality of life before treatment. After treatment, the quality of life was perceived as positive rather by women. After treatment, 44% of women found their quality of life good, whereas it was assessed as very good by 13% of women. The overall perception of the quality of life in the male population has not changed much. Regarding the...
Evaluation of the Introduction of a Long Term Program of Primary Prevention in Schools from the Teacher's Perspective
Štosková, Jana ; Nevoralová, Monika (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Concept: This bachelor paper summarizes the findings and practical experience with the implementation of the long-term program Primary prevention of socially pathological phenomena in elementary schools in the area of the City of Prague Disctrict 14. It describes the process of implementation of the program, its progress and evaluation of satisfaction in terms of attitude of the schools involved in the program. Aims: The aim of this bachelor paper is to bring information that would enable a better understanding of how teachers perceive individual components of the prevention program, including its contribution to the school and the teaching team, and on the basis of these findings suggest measures, which should lead to the improvement of quality and level of individual program components to fit the needs and requirements of individual schools. Methods: The evaluation of teacher satisfaction with the current program in this paper is done through qualitative and quantitative methods - a questionnaire method, a focal group. Complex: The research complex involved 6 elementary schools in the area of the City of Prague District 14. Respondents of this research were headmasters, school methodologists and class teachers. On the whole, 95 educationalists were questioned. Results: The evaluation of teacher...
Standards of professional competence of providers HR and preventive services in nightlife environment
Saberžanovová, Petra Chawa ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Janíková, Barbara (referee)
The nightlife environment is a place where young people frequently come into contact with the drug, compared with the general population there is significantly higher prevalence of current use and experiment with illegal drugs in particular. This environment is poorly covered by preventive and harm reduction services for recreational drug users, in addition they cannot be financed under the standard grant procedure because there are no standards to allow their certification. The aim of the thesis is to create standards of professional competence of service providers in the nightlife environment. The technique used is a theoretical analysis of the available resources, and expert assessment of the draft proposed standards. As a source for analysis were used scientific publications, existing guidelines and critical assessment of experience from the implementation of services within the project Safer Party. The output of work is standards proposal. Further, the particular issue of position of these programs in system of drug services and testing of synthetic drugs are discussed.
Alcohol - the attitudes and experiences of students of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
Burešová, Zdeňka ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Objectives: The work is focused on finding out the extent of experienc e with alcohol among medical students. Methods: The results are based on information obtained through a structured anonymous questionnaire. 812 students from First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Results: It was found that women generally achieve more favorable results in the CAGE test, which is considered to achieve a higher score than 2 ( significant indicator of problem drinking). Better results achieved in the same test medeical and dental students in comparison with other medical disciplines. Students of Medicine, drink in the second half of their studies, more than at the beginning. A fifth of students have sometimes had problems with alcohol - according to the CAGE test results. Conclusions: The medical students have many experiences with alcohol. Every fifth student was even more serious alcohol problem. Despite of this medical students achieve more favorable results as compared to other faculties as well as the general population.
Baumol's cost Disease in Czech Regional Opera Theatres
Poláček, Jiří ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Martišková, Monika (referee)
This thesis examines the existence of Baumol's cost disease in Czech regional opera theatres. The study is divided into a theoretical and an empirical section. The theoretical section deals with Baumol's concept of cost disease and its impacts on a theatre, externalities arising from a theatre's operations, public subsidies, demand for arts and ticket prices and their impact on the theatre's income. The empirical section analyzes the existence and scope of the cost disease in selected theatres (Divadlo J. K. Tyla in Pilsen, Severočeské divadlo in Usti nad Labem, and Jihočeské divadlo in Ceske Budejovice). The examination has revealed the presence of the cost disease in all the theatres; however, the scope and the impact of the cost disease differ significantly from theatre to theatre. On the basis of these findings, the study concludes that theatres may counteract the cost disease by offering an attractive theatrical product, which allows for a continuous increase in revenues from ticket sales.
Prevention of specific development disorders in children from disadvantaged backgrounds, whose parents are drug users
Havlová, Božena ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
In this paper I look at the question of how to educate these children, what is the identified attitude of the parents towards the child's education and what effect the family environment of drug abusing parents has on the his/her development. There are a number of hypotheses concerned with the education of these children and with the fact that the family environment can affect the results of the interventions aimed at them. These hypotheses also cover the fact that the behaviour and education of preschool children can be improved, and that ADHD, disorder attention deficit linked to hyperactivity, can be positively modified with a set of professional approaches and if the mother follows the instructions given to her. The aim of this work is to show how it is possible to work on the prevention of developmental disorders in preschool children from disadvantaged backgrounds and how these children can be educated to become capable among their peers. Examples of both conventional and alternative approaches have been provided, which would attract experts and motivate children to work. Materials aimed at the prevention of developmental disorders and a description of interventions aimed at the child and his/her mother have been outlined. The aim of this work is to compare the average development of the preschool...

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