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Theology and economics: A theological reflection of the principles of classical liberalism
Vaníčková, Věra ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Skoblík, Jiří (referee) ; Šíma, Josef (referee)
THEOLOGY AND ECONOMICS: A THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION OF THE PRINCIPLES OF CLASSICAL LIBERALISM Disertační práce. Mgr. Věra Vaníčková Abstract This dissertation presents the basic knowledge of the Austrian school and puts it in contexts with both biblical images of the world and man and with the theological basis of biblical personalism which forms the basis of the so-called Hussite theology. Representatives of the Austrian school, classical economists, and the philosophers of law, carry the ideas of classical liberalism that has no ambition to substitute either religion (it is empty of dogma) or worldview (it does not interpret the cosmos from a single principle) but possesses valuable knowledge of human behavior in social affairs and principles, to which all the societies of the compound individuals are subject, the Church included. Simply put: We can act in any way, but we cannot choose the consequences of our actions. By this the Austrian school indirectly reminds Christian theology of the need to take more seriously the message of the Old Testament, which by its prescientific means (by the speech of myth), reaches the same conclusions. The Old Testament, with its true relationship to earthly affairs, is the root of a tree whose crown is the New Testament with a message about the redemptive work of Jesus...
The Empirics of Deflation and Economic Growth
Ryska, Pavel ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Salerno, Joseph (referee) ; Hülsmann, Jörg Guido (referee) ; White, William (referee)
Author: Pavel Ryska Doctoral thesis: The Empirics of Deflation and Economic Growth Abstract This doctoral thesis deals with the relationship between deflation and economic growth. Existing empirical research has focused on the simple link between price growth and GDP growth or introduced narrower price measures as control variables. The goal of the present work is to account for shifts in both demand and supply, so that the effect of price inflation on growth as such could be separated from effects of changes in certain elements of nominal demand and supply. The work takes two general approaches. First, I use a large macroeconomic panel data set of 20 countries over approximately 140 years to explore long-run and short-run effects of inflation on output growth, after controlling for money supply growth as a demand shifter and oil price growth as a proxy for shifts in supply. In doing so, I use a range of methods such as the vector error-correction model, autoregressive distributed lag model and the fixed effects panel model. Second, I propose a new approach that uses disaggregated sector data from national accounts on output, prices and other variables to explore the link between quantity produced and sector inflation rates. The advantage of the data set is that it is rich in modern-day observations of...
Cloud Computing in Business
Šíma, Josef ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
The thesis deals with the means of using cloud computing in business. The aim is to present the selected cloud services currently available on the market and then compare and evaluate them according to certain criteria. After the characteristics of the technology have been listed, including its advantages and disadvantages, a detailed description of the chosen products follows. Specifically, these are Microsoft Office 365, G Suite (formerly also known as Google Apps) and Dropbox Business. In the next section of the thesis, the services are evaluated in each of the selected criteria using the Kepner-Tregoe decision analysis. The list of the criteria includes, among others, the usability of the user interface, security, or deployment in a company.
Co-operation and Data Sharing in the Cloud
Šíma, Josef ; Pokorný, Pavel (advisor) ; Krejčová, Iva (referee)
The bachelor thesis presents possibilities of cooperation and sharing of data using advanced cloud technologies. First, the term cloud computing is defined. Further on there are described selected cloud storages, their functions and sharing options they offer. In the following section there are analysed two services in greater detail, both specializing in work with documents in the cloud by means of a web browser. The last chapter deals with the possibilities of a practical use of Dropbox for studying and teaching purposes.
Charter Cities - islands of prosperity with the imported legal system?
Beník, Miroslav ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Hájek, Jan (referee)
If we consider various improving concepts of governance, we can distinguish two main trends in public choice economics. Neoclassical analysis provides a static view of competitive government, where the main idea is free choice and so-called vote with feet. Dynamic view adds understanding of competition as knowledge generating process and product differentiation. The aim of the work is to evaluate Charter Cities project from the perspective of static and dynamic competition in the government industry, and its potential for rules diffusion to the host country. Seasteading may seem utopian, but the realization would significantly address the problems of decision-making costs and differentiation of governments. Since concepts vary at first sight, purpose of the work is also to compare charter cities and sea cities in terms of their nature, risks, and final applicability in practice. Third, a closer form of activism is the decentralization of government and the transfer of responsibilities to the private communities. Since the government market is 30% of world GDP and is extremely closed and resistant to change, it must compare the three forms of institutional changes, identify under what conditions and in what timeframe are feasible and to determine their significance with regard to their specific nature.
The comparison of monetary causes of the crisis in 1970s and the current crisis
Jaklínová, Jana ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
The magister thesis makes comparison of monetary causes of the crises in 1970s and the current crises in the United States of America. On the basis of theoretical part that analyzes the Austrian theory of the business cycle derives work in analytical part the consequences of monetary policy on the economy in both of observed periods. Through the use of history of monetary policy finds the thesis advice for solution to current crises. The thesis analyzes monetary instruments of American central bank and explains the mechanism of transfer of money into the economy. In the terms of current economic debates the thesis conclusion answers the question if or on what condition can actual situation of the economy of the United States of America leads in stagflation development.
Regulation of pharmaceutical prices
Klingerová, Eliška ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Durdisová, Jaroslava (referee)
This study is aimed at analyzing the effectiveness of state intervention in the form of pharmaceutical external price referencing (EPR) in selected EU countries, as well as the description of drug policy and EPR in the analyzed countries. Among the analyzed countries, the United Kingdom and Sweden have been selected as representatives who don't use EPR regulation. On the other hand, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands are countries that regulate using EPR. The prices of selected pharmaceutical products in all of those states are converted into producer prices, on which most countries concentrate EPR. Prices are analyzed after the conversion of nominal and real exchange rates. The lowest prices are found in the Netherlands and the UK. This proves that EPR doesn't bring lower prices for medicine in the countries which use it. Further rankings vary based on the exchange rates used. The paper also analyzes the achievement of price ceilings in the Czech Republic, where the maximum prices set by regulators of EPR (including VAT) are compared with the average prices in pharmacies. All analyzed medicinal product prices are below the ceilings, which also proves the ineffectiveness of this intervention.
Charter Cities - Enclaves of Prosperity with Imported Legal System?
Procházka, Pavel ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Gregárek, Matěj (referee)
The master's thesis discusses an alternative concept of development aid in the form of charter cities created by Paul Romer, American economist. It describes this mechanism, institutional framework and analyzes its potential to work in practice. Besides the first attempts to put model cities into practice, the thesis also points to a number of myths that have appeared around the project and which are the subject of study. Due to absence of direct charter cities the concept is compared (based on ex-post analysis) with cities and economic zones that were established with goal to achieve economic growth. Similar procedure is applied even in testing of basic assumptions of this model to find out whether this is a viable project.
Monopolization of the Protective Agencies: Is the State Inevitable?
Jonáš, Josef ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Běláčková, Vendula (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the sustainability and stability of anarchy in the long run. Theories of Robert Nozick, Tyler Cowen and Randall G. Holcombe, which point to inevitable emergence of the state from the state of nature, are evaluated and compared with empirical observations of stateless societies. Proposals for the potential avoidance of state emergence despite the possible tendency of anarchy toward monopolization in the form of vertically integrated proprietary communities, remedial state and ideology are also introduced and analyzed. As result, the diploma thesis challenges the theories describing the inevitable emergence of the state and the first two proposals, which were designed to solve this problem. The role of ideology is highlighted in the conclusion as a crucial factor in achieving and maintaining anarchy in the long run.
Czech mobile providers market through the eyes of Ronald Coase
Benešová, Tereza ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Munzi, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma work is focused on situation and function of Czech mobile providers market. The theoretical background is based on Ronald Coase's findings. The functionality of theoretical hypothesis is verified and further discussed on the basis of foreign telecommunication markets. Different real economics provide valuable experience concerning identification of possible assets and problems. The acquired information is consequently used for analysis of Czech mobile market. Next to the evaluation of the current situation the focus is given to the planned auction of frequencies. Conditions of this auction are described and the potential influence to future Czech mobile providers market is monitored.

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