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Traffic crime and its prevention
Pytlíková, Ivana ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Vokoun, Rudolf (referee)
Summary: Traffic belongs to humanity since time immemorial. First people relied on their own feet, later on animal power. The biggest change came with the invention of the wheel 3,500 years BC. In the 19th century, first car was invented. Ever since the vehicles are constantly being improved. Simultaneously with traffic the traffic crime originated too. The topic of my thesis is Traffic crime and its prevention. I have chosen this topic because I think that it is a current issue and because transport is a normal part of our every- day lifes. The purpose of my thesis is to analyse main causes of traffic crime and clarify basic preventive activities on the national and international level. This thesis is composed of five chapters, each of them dealing with different issues relating to transport crime a its prevention. Chapter one is about fenomenology and explanation of the concept of transport crime, its specialities and on the most frequent transport crime. Chapter two are transport's statistic, which are available especially at the Police, courts and The Ministry of Transport website. Chapter three deals with structure of traffic crime. Chapter four is about causes of traffic crime and highligts on main cause, which is traffic accident and in detail describe aspects, which are on its rise a significant...
The crime of habitual drunkenness under s. 360 of the Criminal Code
Velich, Roman ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
The crime of habitual drunkenness under s. 360 of the Criminal Code The purpose of this thesis could be summarized as a complex analysis of a crime of habitual drunkenness under s. 360 of the Czech Criminal Code. The described crime (sometimes named 'rauschdelikt᾿) represents one of possible approaches to a problematic question: How to hold a perpetrator who has committed a crime in mental state of insanity (irresponsibility), in which he had induced himself by use of alcohol, narcotics or similar substances, liable? As far as conformity with elementary principles of criminal law (such as 'nullum crimen sine culpa᾿) is concerned, the crime of habitual drunkenness seems to be the most suitable answer to the previous question. The crime of 'rauschdelikt᾿ is an old legal institute that is specific in many aspects. I have chosen the topic within the context of recent recodification of substantive criminal law. A previous regulation of this crime was often criticised for many reasons (e.g. improper title, too stringent penal sanction etc.). Thus we can now review if those criticised deficiencies have been set right. The thesis is divided into ten chapters. Chapter One is introductory and defines basic terminology used in the thesis, such as 'insanity᾿, 'culpability᾿ and so on. The third subchapter...
Traffic crime and its prevention
Kukrál, Petr ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Krupička, Jiří (referee)
Zusammenfassung Das Thema der Diplomarbeit ist Verkehrskriminalität und ihre Prävention. Ich habe dieses ausgewählt, weil ich es sehr aktuell betrachte. Der Verkehr ist gegenwärtig ein üblicher Bestandteil unseres Lebens. Verkehrkriminalität betrifft fast alle Menschen. Jeder von uns kann sowohl Obfer, als auch Täter werden. Zugleich handelt es sich um das Thema. Das die Aufmerksamkeit noch nicht verdient. Angesichts der Schadenhöhen, der Anzahl der Todesfälle und der Verletzten handelt es sich um einen Bereich, der einen erheblichen Einfluss auf das Leben sowohl der ganzen Gesellschaft, als auch einer individuellen Person hat. Das Hauptziel dieser Arbeit ist es, die Hauptuhrsachen der Verkehrkriminalität zu analysieren und anschlieβend die Vorbeugungen zu erzielen. Die Diplomarbeit besteht aus Einleitung, 3 Kapitel und Schlussvollgerung. Das erste Kapitel widmet sich Fenomenologie der Verkehrskriminalität. Es werden hier die Fachbegriffe von Vekehrsdelikten erklärt, die üblichsten Verkehrsstraftaten beschrieben und es wird auch aufmerksam auf Besonderheiten dieser Art von Straftaten gemacht. Das 2. Kapitel gibt einen überblick über die Ursachen und bedingungen der Verkehrskriminalität. Es wird hier der Begriff Verkehrsunfall, als die Hauptuhrsache der Verkehrkriminalität, definiert. Im Weiteren...
The crime of habitual drunkenness under s. 360 of the Criminal Code
Přívara, Mojmír ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Herczeg, Jiří (referee)
The crime of habitual drunkenness under s. 360 of the Criminal Code SUMMARY The purpose of my thesis is to analyze the crime of drunkenness under valid and effective law. The offense of drunkenness is regulated in the sec. 360 of the Criminal Code (40/2009 Coll.). In the introduction to my thesis I put forward current issues, which I wish to research in my work and mention several particular questions, which I wish to answer of all things. My thesis consists of eight chapters: In the first chapter, the basic issues, I generally introduce the matter of the offense of drunkenness, then I zoom on several theoretical ways of treatments of the culpable insanity and finally, I try to place the offense in a context of the Czech criminal law and its relations to whole legal system. The second chapter is dedicated to the development of the offense of drunkenness in this country. Most interesting point to see is, how much theoretical modifications and their variants followed during the time and how they interacted and influenced each other. In the third chapter, which is the most comprehensive part of my thesis, I analyze the facts of the crime of drunkenness. I define its key terms and details related to the features, which characterize the offense. This chapter describes close quasidelict to a greater details and...
Crimes of rape and sexual coercion - comparison of legislation in the Czech Republic and Republic of Ireland
Nová, Laura ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
Rape and Sexual assault - legal comparsion of offences in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Ireland Summary The diploma thesis is comparsion of sexual offences, in particular rape and sexual assault, which are closely scrutinized from a two different legal systems - czech and irish criminal law. The aim of the thesis is to analyze each offence and to find potentionally applicable de lege ferenda solutions for the czech criminal law. It shall be noted that while czech criminal law is mainly to be found in a single piece of legislation known as Code No. 40/2009, the Criminal Law Act. Irish criminal law on the other hand not only has a separate statutory legislation but also and mainly common law doctrine. The thesis is composed of eight chapters. First chapter outlines brief history and characterises sexual offence of rape in the czech criminal code. Second chapter, characterises the offence of rape from the common law doctrine and also statutory legislation in the irish legal system. Third chapter is focused on comparison of the offence of rape, and points out the main differences between czech and irish criminal law. Fourth, fifth and sixth chapter likewise does so with the offence of sexual assault. Seventh and eight chapter describes importaint proceedural institutes, which are related to sexual...
Issues of punishment for traffic offences
Klinovský, Karel ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Krupička, Jiří (referee)
My thesis is focused on the issues of the punishment for traffic offences. This topic is actually in the spotlight of the social discourse since the relatively high number of tragic traffic accidents leads to the call for the solution of the anomy on the Czech roads. One of possible solutions is also a proportional use of the state repression using the legal tools of the criminal law. The goal of this thesis is an analysis of all the punishments applicable to the traffic offences and their de lege lata and de lege ferenda evaluation. In the first part of this thesis, I will define all kinds of transportation and their legal basis. This is necessary to put the road traffic offences into their proper place in the system of traffic related offences. Furthermore, I define the traffic offence and I also elaborate on which offences are traffic offences per se. My conclusion is that we should use more restrictive approach when it comes to listing the traffic offence. Later on, I modify this restrictive approach by adding the offences of reckless endangerment and obstruction of an official decision. As a part of this chapter, I also examine each offence in the context of their practical use and judicial decisions. The second part of this thesis is focused on the traffic offender. A very specific aspect of...
Violent crime and its prevention
Vondrušková, Magdalena ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
The theme of this thesis is "Violent Crime and its Prevention". The violence can be seen everywhere, in the family, in school, at work or in the streets. Every day the media inform the public about violent crime. Is it true that the violence increases in our society or is it only a report interesting for the media? The purpose of this study is the answer this question. The thesis is composed of seven chapters and a number of subchapters. The first and introductory chapter defines basic terminology used in the thesis, for example criminology, criminality, violent crime, aggression and violence. Chapter two deals with the phenomenology of violent crime. The chapter consist of three parts. Part one focuses on the state of violent crime. Part two is concerned with the structure of violent crime and part three documents dynamics of violent crime. Third chapter outlines the victims and theirs issues. This chapter firstly explains the terms as victimology, victimity, victimization, victim. Latter parts of this chapter are concerned with the behaviour of victim, the relationship between offender and victim, the typology of victims, the help to victims, prevention from becoming a victim, the victim's psychology and finally analyses the victims of violent crime in the Czech Republic. Fourth chapter is called "The...
Unauthorized Disposal of Personal data
Jaroš, Ján ; Vokoun, Rudolf (advisor) ; Říha, Jiří (referee)
The submitted rigorous thesis deals with the unauthorized use of personal data in the Czech criminal law. The thesis particularly focuses on the interpretation of the concept of personal data, the processing of personal data, the criminal offense, the principle of subsidiarity criminal repression and further on the research of two conflicting rights too - the right to protection of information (personal data) and the right to information. The complexity and legal uncertainty is primarily caused by judicial practice, which is in the interpretation of individual terms inconsistent, although professional literature and the public point of view on the interpretation of so-called "borderline cases" is unified. Amendment to the Acts, the Criminal Code and related laws, do not always solve problem areas ideally" and therefore opinions issued by "bodies active in criminal proceedings" and administrative authorities contribute to the unification of procedures and interpretations. The rigorous thesis also focuses on the application of the "ultima ratio" which should be taken into account in decision making if a crime or an offense was committed. Unless the facts of the crime and the offense not met the rule of law offers a number of means, which the defective condition, that involves unauthorized processing...
Public action in criminal proceedings
Holánková, Simona ; Herczeg, Jiří (advisor) ; Říha, Jiří (referee)
This thesis, themed Public action in criminal proceedings, is trying to treat the historical development of the public action, contemporary legal regulations of prosecution and its status, and the task and the operation of the public prosecutor as the litigant in the criminal proceedings. The core of this thesis is the comparison of contemporary legal regulations with the proposal of a new law of prosecution and brief summary of pros and cons of the suggested legal regulations. The thesis consists of three chapters and some of them are further divided into subchapters and their sections. First chapter approaches the historical development of the public action in Bohemian countries and is further divided into two subchapters. The first of these subchapters deals with the origin and the development of the public action in general, whereas the second subchapter describes the development of the public action in Bohemian countries in individual historical periods and consists of seven sections. Second chapter is divided into five subchapters. Primarily it brings the insight into the operation of the prosecution and then it deals with the operation and the task of the prosecution in individual stages of the criminal proceedings. The fifth subchapter, determining the force of the prosecution outside of the penal...

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