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Samuel P. Huntington and his contribution to the historical sociology
Mrázek, Jaroslav ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Maslowski, Nicolas (referee)
This graduation thesis is trying to examine the work of the American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington and refers to his contribution to the historical sociology. This work presents the most important theses, sets them into the context, possibly compares them with ideas or works of another social scientists. The first part of the work deals with this author as a person, with his professional life and makes clear a selection of the studies, which forms a skeleton of this thesis. The work is trying to describe concepts, which are in some relation with social change. First of all it means modernization, democratization, civil-military relations, civilizations analysis, multiculturalism, crisis of democracy and crisis of american identity. The work follows the chronology, in which author's books were being out. This is a reason, why the themes are presented in order, in which Huntington was focusing on them. The chronological aspect falls back, when the themes are mentioned by author in another books. The end of the work points out the contribution of Samuel Huntington to the historical sociology and in general adverts to importance of his work. Keywords: civil-military relations, modernization, democratization, civilization, identity, political order, multiculturalism, uni-multipolar system, islam
Medicine in the Life of Religious Orders during the 17th Century: Example of the Society of Jesus
Černý, Karel ; Říhová, Milada (advisor) ; Novotný, Miroslav (referee) ; Čornejová, Ivana (referee)
1 Summary The thesis deals with relation of the medicine and the religious ambient in the 17th century. The original purpose of this study was to describe medical features of everyday life in colleges of the Jesuit order. However during the research I came across several questions that I had to answer in context of the Czech history of medicine, and that is why this text has three main foci. Firstly I have collected and described those features of recent development of foreign medical history, which I consider to be important for my purpose, and which have not been reflected in the medical history so far. Among others socio-constructivist and anthropological approaches to terms like "illness", "health", "healing", "academic medicine" etc. are discussed. With respect to the second part I had also to deal with the issue of retrospective diagnoses and particularly with history of the plague. Secondly, regarding the fact that healing in a Jesuit community was always associated with a strong religious aspects, I had to analyse a problem of miraculous cures and their social and cultural context. Medical history has always been an interdisciplinary field but in this case I had to rely on methods based on humanities rather than on sciences. As a starting point I have used a list of more that 1000 miracles ascribed...
Islam radicalism in the eyes of social sciences and the Czech public opinion
Černý, Karel ; Růžička, Richard (referee) ; Suša, Oleg (advisor)
Cílem této práce je teoretická analýza příčin a souvislostí vzestupu současného islamizmu a náboženského terorismu, případně pokus navrhnout, operacionalizovat a aplikovat alternativní explanační model ke koncepci "krvavých hranic islámu" (S. Huntington). Dílčím cílem je také empirická analýza českého veřejného mínění týkající se názorů na jednotlivé aspekty a souvislosti probíhající "války proti terorismu" (analýza a sekundární analýza socg. šetření). Charakter práce je tedy teoreticko-empirický s důrazem na interdisciplinární pojednání problému. Pro potřeby vypracování práce autor absolvoval tyto kurzy: sociologie mezinárodních vztahů (A., A. Kutějnikov, Petrohradská státní univerzita), sociologie náboženství (T. Halík, FF UK) a úvod do politické geografie (J. Tomeš, PřF UK). Teoretická analýza je založena na pracích předních politologů a expertů z oblasti mezinárodních vztahů (Z. Brzezinski, S. Huntington, F. Fukuyama aj.) a také historiků a orientalistú (zejména B. Lewis, L. Kropáček). Hlavní "těžiště" analýzy však spočívá na rozborech předních sociologů náboženství (G. Kepel, M. Juergensmeyer), inspimje se však také dalšími odvětvovými sociologickými disciplínami (sociologie nerovnosti a chudoby, války, konfliktu aj.). V úvodních kapitolách budou koncepce těchto autorů postupně představeny, uvedeny do...
Multifunctional Building
Černý, Karel ; Havířová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with construction of new mixed-used building in Brno at Terezy Novákové street. The relevant estate lies on building plot number 49, which is purposed as building ground. There are existing buidings at relevant estate which will be removed. When the proposition for the building was being drafted, an extra focus was placed on use of public zone of building. The proposed capacity of building consists of 21 living units with its own internal and external parking places. The mixed-used building has five floors, there are one underground floor and four above-ground floors. There are parking zone and technical background of the building in the undergound floor. The first above-ground floor is used for commercial purposes with its own parking zone. Others above-ground floors are used for living purposses. Living area and public area are separated.
Černý, Karel ; Kotek, Lukáš (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
This thesis deals with reconstruction of the home for the elderly Plaveč main building. These reconstruction is primarily interior renovation, the rooms of clients and staff facilities, but also the surrounding of the building. All work will be in full operation. Consideration of this factor in the organization of construction is the main subject of this thesis, which shall include traffic contexts, costing, budget, time schedule, equipment of construction site, construction machinery, technology procedure, occupational safety and resources.
Family House
Černý, Karel ; Komínková, Kateřina (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The thesis deals with a project documentation of detached house for a family of four to five family members in Letovice village in Southern Moravia. The building is brick with two floors, without basement, with inclined roof and garage. The house is situated in mild slope on an estate without earlier housing development. The first floor functions as social background with kitchen and technical room. In the second floor there are childern´s rooms, playroom and sleeping room.
Vnitrodruhová struktura Phytopthora alni Brasier et S. A. Kirk na území ČR
Černý, Karel
The work is aimed to study of morphological variability of Phytophthora alni complex in the area of the Czech Republic with use of numerical phenetics. The morphological analysis of 29 Phytophthora alni strains acquired from the area of the pathogen in the Czech Republic was carried out. In total there were studied 50 cultural and morphological characteristics: 14 cultural characteristics, 16 characteristics describing asexual and 20 characteristics describing sexual structures. The all morphological measurements were repeated twenty times at magnification 1600× with use of Olympus BH-2 microscope, Olympus E-510 camera and Quick Photocamera 2.3 measuring software. The data were processed in Statistica 8.0 in modules of non-parametric statistics, descriptive statistics, cluster analysis, analysis of principal components and discriminant analysis. In the area there was confirmed the presence of the two taxa belonging to the P. alni complex: Phytophthora alni subsp. alni (Paa) a Phytophthora alni subsp. uniformis (Pau). The third taxon (P. alni subsp. multiformis) was not found. The nominate subspecies Paa prevailed - more than 4/5 of studied isolates belonged to this taxon. The classification of isolates was in full agreement with molecular study of identical set of isolates which was parallely performed (Štěpánková et al. 2013). The morphological analysis showed, that majority of Czech isolates of P. alni complex can be successfully determined on the basis of standard morphological characters -- oogonial wall ornamentation, antheridial length, rate of aborted oogonia etc. Ca 10 % of isolates were found to be intermediate. All studied isolates were divided with series of cluster and PCA analysis in two relevant clusters and a discriminant function dividing the isolates in the two taxa on basis of morphological characters was generated and validated. The rate of standard oogonia, high of oogonial ornamentation, rate of two-celled antheridia with central septum and antheridial length were used as discriminators. The two different Paa morphotypes were found in the area of the Czech Republic. The discriminant function dividing the Paa isolates in these two morphotypes was also constructed and tested. The discriminators were oogonia diameter, high of oogonial ornamentation and width of antheridium. The most reliable character was the antheridial width: the north-western morphotype has antheridia wider by 3 micrometres than the south-eastern one. The Paa taxon was continuously distributed in the western part of the area, its frequency diminshes eastward. The distribution of the second taxon - Pau - was scattered and insular, but it was found out in the whole area of the Czech Republic. It could be supposed, that the parental taxon Pau had spread before Paa invasion in the area. Later the new and more combative Paa replaced the older weakly pathogenic Pau. The recent area of Pau is apparently insular and probably relict. The two Paa morphotypes importantly differ in their distribution - the first morphotype is more frequent in north-western part of the area (and predominates in western, central and northern Bohemia) while the second one is frequent in the south-eastern part (southern Bohemia and Moravia). Likely, these two subpopulations can represent the remains of colonisation waves of two allopatric Paa lineages. The lineages can originated by repeated independent hybridisation between parental Pau and Pam taxa somewhere in western or central Europe.
Outsourcing IS/ICT - formy, modely využití, trendy
Tůmová, Magda ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
Práce uvádí definici outsourcingu, jeho historii, důvody pro outsourcing a také možné nevýhody. Věnuje se informatickým zdrojům, procesům a službám. Uvádí dělení outsourcingu na outsourcing vývoje, provozu vlastnicví a odpovědnosti a na offshore a onshore outsourcing. Detailně popisuje rozdělení podle přemětu outsourcingu, kde jsou u jednotlivých modelů outsourcingu uváděny přínosy, možná rizika, kritické faktory a další specifika. Doporučuje jednotlivé kroky outsourcingu, které je dobré při jeho postupu dodržet. Obsahuje vlastní analýzu poskytovatelů outsourcingu v České republice. Nastiňuje trendy outsourcingu jak ve světě, tak v České republice.

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