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Regulation of HLA class II genes expression
Zajacová, Marta ; Černá, Marie (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee) ; Slavčev, Antonij (referee)
HLA class II genes are known to be highly polymorphic, even in the regulatory non-coding gene regions. Polymorphism in the promoter region potentially forms a strong basis for an uneven allele-specific expression. Even though it is known that the amount of HLA class II molecules on the cell surface has a significant role in shaping immune response, HLA class II expression polymorphism has not yet been thoroughly measured. The thesis aims to shed light into allele-specific mRNA expression and promoter DNA methylation of HLA class II genes. Two studies, each addressing different aspects of the HLA class II allele expression regulation, were conducted. Study A examines the DNA methylation of 10 DQA1 promoter and its effect on the DQA1 mRNA expression. DNA methylation in whole blood cells was determined with bisulfite sequencing and mRNA expression was measured using RT-qPCR. Even though inter-allelic differences in overall methylation were observed (the most methylated alleles were DQA1*02:01 and *04:01), the expected negative correlation between the DQA1 promoter DNA methylation density and the allele expression was not observed. We suggest that the genetic polymorphism in the region (especially region upstream of position -400, which is almost completely methylated in all alleles) may lead to different...
Use of nanodiamond carriers for gene therapy
Křivohlavá, Romana ; Benson, Veronika (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee)
Nanodiamonds (ND) serve as RNA carriers with potential for in vivo application. ND coatings and their administration strategy significantly change their fate, toxicity, and effectivity within a multicellular system. Our goal was to develop multiple ND coating for effective RNA delivery in vivo. Our final complex (NDA135b) consisted of ND, polymer, antisense RNA, and transferrin. We aimed (i) to assess if a tumor-specific coating promotes NDA135b tumor accumulation and effective inhibition of oncogenic microRNA-135b and (ii) to outline off-targets and immune cell interactions. First, we tested NDA135b toxicity and effectiveness in tumorospheres co- cultured with immune cells ex vivo. We found NDA135b to target tumor cells, but also to interact with granulocytes. Then, we followed with NDA135b intravenous and intratumoral applications in tumor-bearing animals in vivo. Application of NDA135b in vivo led to the effective knockdown of microRNA-135b in tumor tissue regardless of administration. Only intravenous application resulted in NDA135b circulation in peripheral blood and urine and it decreased granularity of splenocytes. Our data showed that localized intratumoral application of NDA135b represented a suitable and safe approach for in vivo application of nanodiamond- based constructs. Systemic...
Virulence of Bordetella pertussis from an Omics Perspective
Novák, Jakub ; Šebo, Peter (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee) ; Novák, Petr (referee)
The Gram-negative aerobic coccobacillus Bordetella pertussis is one of the few exclusively human pathogens and the main causative agent of the respiratory infectious disease called pertussis, or whooping cough. Despite global vaccination programs, pertussis remains an important public-health burden and still accounts for over 100,000 infant deaths and over a dozen of millions of whooping cough cases every year. Substantial effort is devoted to studies on the mechanisms of action of virulence factors of B. pertussis, but the biology of interactions of B. pertussis with its human host remains largely underexplored. Evolution, genetics and adaptation of B. pertussis to the complex environment of human nasopharynx and the mechanisms enabling B. pertussis to overcome host innate and adaptive mucosal immune defenses, remain poorly understood. In such situations, unbiased exploratory omics approaches represent valuable tools for uncovering of unknown aspects of host-pathogen interactions and open the path to detailed analysis of virulence-underlying processes by mechanistic studies. In this thesis, I am presenting the results of three omics projects on B. pertussis biology that involved high-throughput proteomics. In the inital phosphoprotemics project, we analyzed the kinase signaling pathways hijacked...
On the origin of receptor microclusters on T cells
Ptáček, Antonín ; Cebecauer, Marek (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee)
T cells play an important role in both acquired and innate immunity. T cell receptors recognize antigens presented by MHC glycoproteins on cellular surfaces. The binding of the antigen to the T-cell receptor triggers activation signals. This leads to T-cell receptor clustering to microclusters and immunological synapse generation. The IS plays an important role in signalization, co-stimulation, T-cell activation and receptor degradation. This thesis is focused on the process of the T-cell receptor microclusters and immunological synapse formation and how the development in fluorescence microscopy improved our insight into these processes.
Ap4A-RNA in IgE activated mast cells
Potužník, Jiří František ; Macíčková Cahová, Hana (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee)
Mast cells are tissue resident members of the immune system. They have a wide range of functions and receptors including the FcεRI receptor, which gets activated by binding to IgE bound to an antigen. When the cells are activated in this manner, a process termed the LysRS- Ap4A-MITF signalling pathway occurs, resulting in the translocation of the Lys tRNA synthetase into the nucleus and an activation of its moonlighting activity - the production of diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A). Ap4A is a dinucleoside polyphosphate, a type of ubiquitous molecule present in all domains of life. They are made up of two nucleosides joined together by a 5' to 5' phosphodiester bridge of variable lengths. Recently, these molecules have been shown to serve as non-canonical initiating nucleotides during bacterial transcription, where they function as 5' RNA caps, similar to the well-known 7- methylguanosine eukaryotic mRNA cap. In this thesis, I present proof of existence of Ap 4A capped RNA in mast cells, a previously unknown 5' RNA structure in eukaryotic cells, and I attempt to pinpoint its role in the activation of these cells and in the wider context of mast cell mediated immune response. Keywords: mast cells, RNA caps, Dinucleoside polyphosphates, Ap 4A, RNA modification, IgE, FcεRI receptor, Lysine tRNA synthetase
Working of semi-finished product for laser welding
Černý, Jan ; Mrňa, Libor (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the technology of laser welding and preparation of semi-finished products for laser welding for serial production. The theoretical part deals with the physical nature of the laser, different types of lasers, welding technology, preparation of welded surfaces, safety of work with lasers and basic division of corrosion resistant steels. The practical part deals with the assessment and evaluation of the proposed technologies of cutting blanks for laser welding. In the practical part, roughness, flatness and macrostructure tests were performed and evaluated.
Continual double-helicoidal mixer
Černý, Jan ; Malach, František (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
This work focuses on the process of mixing particulate materials and the design of the screw mixer for this activity. The theoretical part describes the mixing and properties of particulate matter. Subsequently, individual devices serving for different types of mixing are analyzed. The practical part contains calculations of the main dimensions and the required power consumption. The choice of suitable drive, bearings and gear is followed. Finally, the analysis of the blade shaft load and the strength analysis of the mixer blade using Autodesk Inventor are performed. Part of this work is enclosed drawing documentation of equipment assembly and selected partial components.
Molecular Mechanisms of the Interaction of Interacellular Pathogen Francisella Tularensis and Antigen Presenting Cells
Härtlová, Anetta ; Kročová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee) ; Krejsek, Jan (referee)
Title of the PhD thesis: The molecular mechanisms of the interaction of Francisella tularensis and antigen presenting cells Abstract: Over the past few decades, reductionist approaches dominated in the study of biological systems and helped to understand many basic principles that underlie host- pathogen interaction. Nevertheless, recent advances in genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics have enabled to design new type of experiments and get thus novel information of all the components of biological systems, as well as to characterize interaction among them. Profiling of proteins, as main carriers of biological activity, is especially of great interest in order to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of infection in space and time. Nowadays, there is a need to develop new antibiotic and anti-viral drugs, extensively investigate the respective infectious agents in regard to pathogen-specific signaling processes or enzymes that do not occur in human cells. However, pathogens have evolved different strategies to avoid the host defense mechanisms. The fact that pathogens exploit many factors of the host cell signaling machinery for finding safe niche for their replication provides the basis for an alternative, host-directed strategy to prevent establishing of infection in a host. This PhD thesis applies...
Wnt/beta-catenin and mTOR signaling in regulation of T-cell phenotype and cytotoxic activity for adoptive cellular immunotherapy of cancer
Stakheev, Dmitry ; Smrž, Daniel (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee) ; Říhová, Blanka (referee)
1. Abstract (EN) The adoptive cellular immunotherapy (ACI) based on ex vivo produced T cells is a modern treatment modality of cancer. However, the ex vivo production of T cells with high therapeutic efficacy is far to be well established. Wnt/β-catenin and mTOR signaling have been shown to affect both cancer cells and immune cells. Therefore, the modulation of these pathways seems to be perspective for the production of T cells with superior therapeutic efficacy. The aim of our project was to investigate, how interventions into Wnt/β-catenin and mTOR signaling during the ex vivo production of tumor-associated antigen-specific T cells could improve the production of T cells with a desired and controlled phenotype that would best fit for use in ACI of cancer. In the first part of our study, we investigated the role of Wnt/β-catenin inhibition by XAV939 on cancer cell elimination by lymphocytes from patients with localized biochemically recurrent prostate cancer (BRPCa). We found that preconditioning BRPCa lymphocytes with 5 µM XAV939 accelerated the elimination of LNCaP and PC3 cells during the coculturing. However, during subsequent re-coculturing with fresh LNCaP cells, BRPCa lymphocytes were no longer able to eliminate cancer cells unless coculturing and re-coculturing were performed in the presence of...
The Secularization of the Prague Working Class, Smichow and Its Vicinity in the Second Half of the 19th Century.
Černý, Jan Karel ; Štaif, Jiří (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Tomáš (referee)
(in English) A thesis deals with the secularization of a Prague, especially Smichow working class in the second half of the 19th century. The working class is usually considered the most secular stratum and the aim of the thesis is to verify the proposition locally and to examine why the process of secularization occurred in the working class so powerfully. The working class is drafted as a social stratum in which the process acts as well as the stratum actively practices it. The process of secularization is then divided into three categories; religion - spirituality - church and the process is conceptualized as "de-catholization" as well as the spiritual transformation. In the process of the transformation, traditional religion (Catholicism), its institutions (church) and religiosity lose their socio-cultural power and are replaced by modern ideologies, state (bureaucratic and rational) structures and implicit spirituality, resp., "un- religious faith". In the process of secularization, there is particularly stressed the role of urbanization, industrialization, socialism, church and its social teaching. In the thesis, there are combined theoretical approaches of the sociology of religion (the sacred canopy) and religious studies (dimensions of the Sacred) and are applied to the secondary and...

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