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Způsoby hodnocení stresu u koní
ČERNÁ, Michaela
This bachelor's thesis deals with the currently highly addressed issues in horse bree-ding, which is stress. It can be caused by a number of causes and lead to a number of undesirable consequences. These can adversely affect the health, performance or behavior of the animals. Therefore, this is a very important topic for horse breeders. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to write available current information about horse stress and select appropriate methods for its evaluation. The following proce-dures were chosen: heart rate, cortisol levels, body temperature and eye temperatu-re. The observation included 3 individuals who were integrated into the new herd. The most effective way to evaluate the degree of tremor in the incorporation of horses into a new herd was to measure the temperature of the eye using a thermal camera. Within 3 days, the value of the eye temperature dropped from 35.5 °C to 31.6 °C. An invasive and accurate method for determining stress in horses was found-free determination of blood cortisol concentrations, which were recorded at 64.3 nmol / l, 29.7 nmol / l when collected at 17:00 and 149 nmol / l when collected at 10:00. The morning time proved to be more suitable for blood collection to assess the degree of stress. Heart rate was recorded as normal (36 bpm, 44 bpm) and did not reflect the stress response. Rectal temperature measurement has proven difficult to perform in horses in a new environment and under stress. Eye temperature measurement proved to be the most accurate method for asses-sing stress in horses and blood cortisol levels, which is more suitable for scientific purposes. However, the goal of every breeder should be to try to prevent stressful situations, especially by fulfilling the welafre in horse breeding.
The Ritual at Successful Completion of Addiction Treatment in Therapeutic Community from the Perspective of Client
Černá, Michaela ; Radimecký, Josef (advisor) ; Richterová-Těmínová, Martina (referee)
The aim of the work is to describe (using the observation) the rite after successfull finishing of the treatment of drug addiction in a therapeutic community and to find out how the client, who has finished the treatment this way, perceives this rite. The work directs particularly at what emotions he has experienced, if and how he has sensed his surroundings and the rite subjects used during the rite. The rites could be characterized as the ceremonial acts which have their rules and meaning. They satisfy needs of emotional experiences and the spirituality of the individual, they are connected to traditions of a specific community and the give to the individual a possibility to identify himself to the community.The therapeutic community uses a plentiful amount of rites, particularly because of the motives mentioned above. The research assemblage is formed by the client of the therapeutic community for drug addicted, who has finished the rite for the succesful finishing of his treatment. In the practical part was used the qualitative approach, collecting of the data was accomplished from of the semi-structured interview and the data were assessed afterwards by the form of the analysis of the interview. From the analysis of the interview is clear that the client experiences during the rite the lots of...
Treatment Success Sulphonylureas in Type 2 Diabetes
Černá, Michaela ; Vopršalová, Marie (advisor) ; Tilšer, Ivan (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Candidate: Mgr. Michaela Černá Consultant: PharmDr. Marie Vopršalová, CSc Title of Thesis: Treatment success sulphonylureas in type 2 diabetes This construed examination paper deals with the analysis of the effectiveness of treatment with peroral antidiabetic drugs - sulfphonylurea derivatives for 2nd type diabetics. In the theoretical section there are summarized the basic principles of screening and diagnosis of 2nd type diabetes. There is outlined algorithm of the selection of treatment and briefly described individual classes of peroral antidiabetic drugs. There is also a mention of other possibilities for pharmacotherapy of diabetes. More attention is given to peroral diabetic drugs from a group of sulfonylureas derivatives, where individual knowledge are supported by scientific studies. The aim of experimental part of study was to follow experiences with sulfphonylurea derivatives therapy on a group of patients treated in the medical facility Dům zdraví Havířov. There was followed the advantageousness of therapy and reasons for laying off the particular medicinal substances. I found that most patients had experience with glimepiride, and combinations of peroral antidiabetic drugs from...
Textual part in the textbooks of Czech as a foreign language
Černá, Michaela ; Hrdlička, Milan (advisor) ; Převrátilová, Silvie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the text element of the textbooks used for teaching Czech as a foreign language. Based on selected structural text aspects (discussed in the theoretical framework), the thesis aims to characterize and analyze the content and the manner of delivering the non-explicatory (written and visual) text element of selected textbooks for foreign Czech language students, considering its purpose and role in the context of the individual textbook character. Special attention is paid to the topic of gender, its role and the way of display in the textbooks. A theoretical overview of the topic of gender is presented, which is then narrowed to the textbook discourse. An analysis of the text element of the textbooks follows, with a focus on the concept, the choice of topics, presented values and needs, and the picture of a woman and a man being built in this textbook genre. Among the subjects of this analysis are the "textbook guides", the characters providing guidance throughout individual chapters and topics in the context of the textbook, increasing its attractiveness and supporting the process of learning. The theoretical framework includes chapters on the topics such as communication, text, didactic text, structural components and parameters of a didactic text, language learning-...
A child in foster care on primary school level
ČERNÁ, Michaela
The bachelor thesis is focused on children , that are the primary school students , growing up in foster care. The theoretical part describes basic theoretical knowledge concerning biological family and substitute family and their importance for the development of the child and preparation for entering the school. The bachelor thesis describes the current legislative framework of foster care in the Czech Republic, the process of mediation of this care and the forms of support of substitute parents, support of children that grow up in foster care, given by the institution of social and legal protection of children, school facilities and other non-state entities. The aim of the practical part of the thesis is to find out and to describe the difficulties in children faced by foster parents after start of school attendance, how the foster parents deal with the difficulties and what tools the schools use to support them. In accordance with the aim of the thesis, a mixed research approach was chosen - data collection using questionnaires and a method of multiple case study.
Brand perception
ČERNÁ, Michaela
This thesis analyze perception of the brand by pubic and the employees of AAA Auto International a.s. The semantic differentials were used for the research of the brand perception. On the basis of the research results were evaluated the initial hypothesis and were made the recommendations for improvement of the brand perception.

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