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Genetic diversity and structure of populations of Campanula glomerata on regional scale in White Carpathians
Černá, Mariana ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kotilínek, Milan (referee)
Habitat fragmentation can adversely affect species populations due to reduced genetic diversity and increased population differentiation due to habitat isolation, reduced population size, and disruption of gene flow. Many species suffer from habitat fragmentation and isolation, and Campanula glomerata is a good example of a species that is noticeably declining in many places due to changes in landscape management. The question is how the model species responds to these changes and whether is the change are reflected in genetic diversity and population structure. The aim of this work is to determine the degree of genetic diversity and to reveal the genetic structure of populations of the model species C. glomerata on a small regional scale in the White Carpathians. This system will allow us to compare populations from two different regions that have been affected to varying degrees by agricultural intensification and fragmentation in the last century. It is a southwestern and northeastern part of the region, which differs from each other in the history of management in the landscape, but also in the continuity of meadows, species composition and environmental conditions. For this purpose, I developed and optimized a total of 16 usable microsatellite markers, 4 of which come from related species of...

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