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The comparison of selected rights and obligations of the Czech Police and the Municipal police force in relation to the general public
The aim is to carry out an analysis of selected rights, privileges and duties of the Police of the Czech Republic and selected rights, privileges and obligations of the Municipal or respectively the Local police forces in relation to the public in order to point out the scope of powers of the Police of the Czech Republic and Municipal or respectively Local police forces and submit proposals de lege ferenda intended to increase or reduce the powers of those institutions and the provision of security and protection of the rights of the persons concerned.
Determination of waterproofing screens efficiency in various types of building materials exposed to capillary wetness
Červenka, Martin ; Dohnálek,, Pavel (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
Increased moisture of masonry occurs mainly in older buildings. In some cases these problems arise even in new buildings. This issue should be properly treated and process of rehabilitation of the building must be executed. Humid walls can be treated by chemical injections, which is nowadays quite extensive and widely used method. Unlike mechanical methods humid walls in the implementation of chemical grouting does not need a major redesign and thus is friendly to the construction of the object. The main objective of this thesis is to establish a methodology for testing the injection materials, which will include a selection of ideal injection gel.
Experimental testing of hydroinsulating injection screens efficiency in dependance on properties of building materials
Červenka, Martin ; Černý, Vít (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
The most of the buildings are almost always faced with moisture in our climate. In the past, the humidity was reduced and conducted only by mechanical methods. Over time, chemical wet masonry method also known as chemical infusion curtain was invented and introduced into practice. This method involves the creation of boreholes at a selected height of humid masonry. These boreholes are impregnated with special solutions. These solutions in humid masonry fill pores in the field of boreholes and thanks to this subsequence the monolithic waterproofing curtain is created. The objective of this work is to determine the methodology for verifying effectiveness of various types of waterproofing injection curtains depending on the properties of the various types of building materials.

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