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Turbo codes and their applications in transmission technologies
Kuvik, Michal ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Šilhavý, Pavel (advisor)
Purpose of this work is to clarify problems of anti-error security with the help of turbo codes. This work can be divided into two parts. In the first part we look at the theoretical aspect of features of turbo codes, their coding and at various approaches of decoding secure messages for example SOVA and MAP, also at analyzing usage of turbo codes in promising transmission technologies. Second part is focused on creating an application with the help of software Matlab and on verifying attributes of this method in this software.
Programmable timer configurable via USB
Dresler, Jan ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of printed circuit boards and programming AVR microcontroller, that communicates with the digital thermometer Dallas, also with photoresist circuit and RTC. Using sensors and relay allows switching of different devices. The switch allows direct configuration with computer via USB using the auxiliary circuit UART.
Device localization using BLE packets
Tsevelnyam, Amgalanbayar ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Sysel, Petr (advisor)
Master’s thesis is about indoor localization of objects or persons using Bluetooth Low Energy. The outcome of this work is determining the accuracy of a localization method One Nearest Zone on density of the localization network, implementing the Trilateration method and also determining the accuracy of this localization method on density of the localization network.
Device for demonstration of line coding
Navrátil, Marek ; Šilhavý, Pavel (referee) ; Číž, Radim (advisor)
This thesis aims proposal and implementation of laboratory equipment for generating Line codes. The theoretical part describes digital transmission of information and the individual Line codes. The practical part deals with the design and subsequent implementation of the entire device. The results of this works are the theme of device an apparatus for printed circuit boards, software for microcontroller measurement and results.
Demonstration set for basic keying techniques
Žlebek, Lukáš ; Šilhavý, Pavel (referee) ; Číž, Radim (advisor)
This thesis concerns itself with construction of a set of laboratory products, used for demonstrating the basic methods of digital modulation. The primary product, is a generator of carrier and keying signals, which generates cyclically repeated data, and a carrier signal. Another two products are ASK and BPSK modulators. The theoretical part of this thesis describes a basic summary of different kinds of modulation and the design of all the product prototypes themselves. The practical part proves the functionality of individual components of the generator and the functionality of the modulators. In the last part of this thesis, there is a proposal of the laboratory task and its sample solution.
Visualization of forward error correction securing by block and cyclical codes
Fančal, Petr ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Šilhavý, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis provides an introduction to the principles of forward error correction securing by linear block and cyclical systematic codes and its visualization by educational application. First part of the thesis contains comprehensive theoretical base of principles of forward error correction securing and capability of linear block and cyclical systematic codes. Second part describes the educational application, realized in graphical user interface GUI of MATLAB. This application step by step visualizes parts of procedures of securing, error detection and correction. Its main benefit is its usability as illustrative teaching aid.
Control unit of the hoisting ramp
Špát, Pavel ; Šilhavý, Pavel (referee) ; Číž, Radim (advisor)
This work deals with the design of DC motor control for a hoisting platform which is supplied by the 12 V battery. The selection of control element is described here where suitability of a microcontroler usage and integrated logical circuits for this connection are compared for suitability. It also describes selection of sensors for sensing position of the hoisting platform where the mechanical switches, optical sensors and Hall probe are compared. This work also deals with the practical design of control. Each block of equipment and its function is described in this work. The functional prototype is the result of this work. The schematics, DPS proposal and plans of parts placement of the whole equipment are in the enclosure.
Visualization of lossless compression algorithms
Madeja, Jiří ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Šilhavý, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis focuses mainly on the development of visualization software for some of the most used lossless data compression algorithms. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the theoretical findings from the lossless data compression field. The second part of the thesis deals with the description of practical development of the software using Matlab. The draft is mainly focused on creating such environment to input data which will be encoded using most common lossless data compression algorithms, the comparison based on efficiency of those algorithms and visualization of the algorithm characteristics while in the process of encoding. Last part of the thesis is focused on presenting the final result of the software development.
Heart Rate Variability Measurement Device
Süss, Ivo ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Strašil, Ivo (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to develop a device that will receive the signal from sporttester belt and then that signal will be processed. The meter is based on development kit STM32 Primer 2. To receive signals from sporttester belts uses sensor RMCM-01 Polar. The meter allows measurement of parameters of heart variability, recording on a memory card and work with the measured data from the memory card.
Creating programs for teaching signal and image processing
Novotný, Luděk ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the problém of creating interactive JAVA applets. The practical part of work consist of desing, development and debugging four applets. The first one clearly explains the issue of phasor theory, the second one shows frequency filtering of audio signals, the third one demonstrates artificial coloring of grayscale images and the fourth one creates Huffman code from input text. The theoretical part describes the JAVA language, advantages of applets and theory, which relates to particular applets.

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