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Multi-Platform Tool for Generation of Technical Documentation from XML
Uhrecký, Michal ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design and develop a technical documentation generator that processes general XML input. The work thoroughly examines the structure of XML documents and defines the criteria that quality technical documentation should meet. Furthermore, it focuses on the generation of documentation, emphasizing the possibilities for user annotation of XML data.
System for Recognizing Disinformation in Web Environment
Večerka, Lukáš ; Žádník, Martin (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This work deals with the design, implementation, and verification of a system for automatic recognition of disinformation on the web. It addresses the issue of disinformation spread in the online environment and its impact on society. It focuses on training several Czech transformer language models for disinformation recognition and further automatic extraction of content from Czech online newspapers and their analysis using text classification and natural language processing through deep learning methods. The results of these analyses are then presented in a web user interface with the aim of providing a platform for verifying articles, authors, and sources. The interface could be used for data annotation by experts for continuous improvement of language models.
Tool for User-Defined Publication Output from Input Text Data
Novák, Michal ; Bidlo, Michal (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the design and implementation of a tool intended for creating publication outputs from input text data. The aim of this thesis is to design and implement a universal and modular program that can transform raw (serialized) data supplemented with user configuration into visual representation that can then be used in publications. Thesis explores sources of information, their types, and usage. Additionally, common formats for serialized and visualized data are analysed and a research of methods and approaches to data visualization is conducted. The individual components and approaches to tool design are explained, followed by a description of implementation. At the end, the tool is tested by users. Results of these tests are then used for evaluation of the quality of implementation.
Benchmark suite for graphics cards
Oškera, Josef ; Strnadel, Josef (referee) ; Jaroš, Jiří (advisor)
The goal of this work is to create a set of tasks for testing graphics cards so that someone else can try them out. This will be aided by a supporting application to run, debug and measure these tasks.
Elektronická hrací kostka
Michalik, Martin ; Strnadel, Josef (referee) ; Bidlo, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and implementation of an electronic dice using Raspberry Pi Pico W, accelerometer and communicates with supporting android application through Bluetooth connection.
Analysis of the Impact of Problem Solving Strategies using UPPAAL STRATEGO
Karásek, Filip ; Žádník, Martin (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This thesis analyzes and addresses the impact of strategies created using Uppaal Stratego. The implementation of four problems, counter, maze, bitmap, and intersection is demonstrated in this thesis. Experiments are conducted on these models, and strategies are formulated. For the first three problems, strategies with a positive impact on the given system were identified. However, for the last intersection model, it was not possible to find a strategy that demonstrably improved the system. This inability to demonstrate improvement is due to limitations in Uppaal Stratego and the complexity of the model.
Statistical Model Checking of Approximate Computing Systems
Blažek, Michal ; Sekanina, Lukáš (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the simulation of models of approximate multipliers. The main aim of the thesis is comparing selected properties of multipliers in an application-specific scope of input values. The thesis includes the conversion of multiplier models from the EvoApproxLib library into models used in the UPPAAL environment. These models are then simulated while monitoring their selected evaluation metrics such as error probability, mean absolute error, etc. From the obtained results, one can conclude that using a suitable approximate multiplier in a specific context can have a positive effect on the error in calculations. The results could therefore have further applications in the field of approximate computing systems.
Training tracking using NFC technology
Blažík, Vojtěch ; Zachariášová, Marcela (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes the development of mobile application which uses NFC technology for training tracking and monitoring of gym equipment usage. The work summarizes the basic motivation and approaches to training and equipment tracking as well as NFC technology and mobile app development focused on the multiplatform framework Flutter. The resulting app is based on the client-server architecture with offline mode support and uses the identifiers of deployed NFC tags to identify the machine and exercises. The goal of this work is to show a functional system, which incorporates this technology in an unconventional way to achieve a higher user comfort.
Traffic modeling
Kuča, Jan ; Strnadel, Josef (referee) ; Chudý, Peter (advisor)
The aim of this work is to compare the efficiency of different types of intersections through simulations using real-world data, with the output in the form of traffic flow comparisons. The data has been obtained from official statistics of the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic, and their visualization and processing in modeled scenarios are facilitated by the SUMO simulator. The model consists of selected road systems and intersections.
Analysis of Characteristics of Train Traffic Controlled by ERTMS/ETCS
Ondroušek, Adam ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze train operations controlled by ERTMS/ETCS, primarily within the Czech Republic. A model was created using the Uppaal software, which simulates train operations. Subsequently, a scenario was designed that significantly increased the efficiency of the modeled track. This scenario was verified using Uppaal SMC's simulation and probabilistic queries. Favourable results were achieved by doubling the intervals of passenger transport during peak hours and adding a freight train unit to the operation during this time with minimal time delay while maintaining operational safety. The model is designed to simulate any train unit and track section and could thus serve as a tool for planning and analyzing train transport after the implementation of ERTMS/ETCS.

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