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The block of flats
Prchalová, Nicol ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is to proces a design documentation for construction of apartment building that is situated in city part Brno-Chrlice in Břestislavova street on the plot number 505/3. Apartment building is non-basement and contains 11 hoising unit. Wall construction system is built from clay block Porotherm. Ceilings are represented by cast-in-place reinforced floor slab. The buildig is covered by hipped roof. There are 10 outdoor parking spaces near the building.
The block of flats
Müller, Otto ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
ABSTRACT The subject of the Bachelor´s thesis is processing of project documentation for implementation of a new apartment building in Ostrava, which is set in the locality of housing estate built in the previous regime. The apartment building has four floors, basement and longitudinal support system. Object is placed perpendicular to the slope. In the apartment house are eight flats, on already mentioned for floors and in the basement are technical rooms and cellars for every flat. Shape and appearance of object are solved in a simple way to fit into locality of apartment buildings. Construction will be implemented from sharped brick blocks in combination with ceramic-concrete ceilings on concrete foundations. The new building will be insulated by thermal insulation system ETICS from mineral wool. Facade color will be in shades of grey. Roof will be flat and single skin.
The flat - building
Hubálek, Jakub ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor´s thesis is the design of an apartment building in Letohrad, a city located in the Pardubice region, district Ústí nad Orlicí. The object consists of four above ground floors and one underground floor. The building is designed with a total of 8 residental units of different size. The third above ground floor forms with the fourth above ground maisonettes, each of the maisonettes has in the fourth above ground floor walking terrace with beautiful view of the city of Letohrad. The building has brick supporting system of clay blocks with clay ceiling, stair construction is reinforced concrete monolythic and is coupled with ceiling. The building has an elevator.
Mixed-use building
Franc, Filip ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to design new mixed-used building in Drásov. This building is situated on the outskirts of the town. The mixed-used building is design as detached building with four-storey and with partial basement. In the basement there are technical utilities, small storages and meeting room. On the firt floor there are commercial space as shoe store, sports equipment, household goods and hourer´s shop. On the second floor there are two separeted office premises. On the third and four floor there are eight flats. On the each foor there are four flats type 3+kk. Structural system of the building is design from ceramic masonry type Therm and from permanent formwork. There are ceilings from prestressed concerete floor slabs. The roof of the building is design as single-layer flat roof.
Kindergarten in Velká Bíteš
Dvořáčková, Karolína ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design and elaboration of project dokumentation of kindergarten in Velká Bíteš. The building have two above-ground floor, non besement, with flat green roof. The structural system of building is designed from sand-lime block with thiskness 240 mm. Floor structure is from precast floor slab. The building is insulated witr contact thermal insulation. In kindergarten there is three class, each for 25 kids.
New Building hotel in Valasske Mezirici
Pasztorek, Martin ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
This master’s thesis addresses the design concept of the new hotel building located in Valašské Meziříčí, a town located in the Zlín region of the Czech Republic. The hotel building consists of a total of 21 accommodation units, a restaurant, and a cafe. The accommodation units vary from double rooms and triple rooms to three-person apartments with a kitchen – providing an accommodation capacity of a total of 47 guests. The hotel is designed as a building with a cellar that consists of one underground and four above-ground floors. The parking spaces for guests and employees are located on the ground floor together with technical equipment such as ventilation systems and utility rooms. The first floor is divided into two parts – the hotel’s operational space and the guest’s section. These two parts are structurally divided with a separate access entrance leading to each part. The operational part consists of facilities for employees, kitchens with food storage rooms, and hotel management offices. The guest area is comprised of an entrance hall with a reception, a restaurant, and sanitary facilities. On the second floor, there is a cafe with a terrace, storage for bedding, a hotel lounge as well as seven accommodation units oriented to the southwest. The third floor consists of a freely accessible terrace, bedding storage, and a lounge. There are also another seven accommodation units with balconies and a two-person apartment with a kitchen. Apart from another the bedding storage and the lounge room, the fourth floor also has two two-room apartments with a kitchen and a balcony for three people. There are also four more accommodation units with a balcony that can house 2-3 people. The thermal insulation of the building is solved by the external thermal insulation composite system, internationally referred to by the abbreviation ETICS. The basalt wool insulation facade panels is used as the main thermal insulator on the external walls of the entire building.
New Building of the Hotel with Wellness Center
Blažek, Milan ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The main theme of my thesis is a projecting documentation for a new building – Completely new Wellness hotel. This building will be used for accomodation, feeding, wellness and parking for cars. Hotel has one stage under the ground and three stages above. It is divided into 4 parts: Wellness center with gym, massage saloon or sauna with entrance on its own terrace in the second floor, accomodation with over 25 rooms with different capacity of the room with possibility of your own terrace in the south part of the building, your own laundry room or offices for management; a restaurant with capacity more than 100 guests and with its own terrace in the first floor or garage for over than 40 cars. The whole building is also designed for people with a special needs, there are 2 rooms and 4 parking spots dedicated to these people with special needs. The whole building is divided functionally for guests and employees. The building has two lifts of a new generation on the west and east part; air conditioning systems for the hotel, kitchen, wellness center and other neccessary technical means. Carrying system is made of prefabricated, framework standing on a monolitic reinforced concrete snugs connected with reinforced concrete tresholds in the place of their shroud. It is done from ceramic breeze blocks and heated with desks made of stone fibred according to ETICS. Shroud of the underground is made of concrete breeze blocks. The inside lining is also bricked up with ceramic breeze blocks. The ceiling creates ventricular ceiling pannels, stairs is designed as a prefabricated. The roofs are done as a classic, extensive vegetational, monocover with three laiers of asphaltic, hydroisolated strips. All the terracess are also classical, monocover with walking tract made of concrete pavement on adjustable targets in a wellness center. In the hotel you will find a ceramic pavement.
Kindergarten, Uhřice
Ždánský, Adam ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is design of a new kindergarten for 36 children in the village Uhřice near Kyjov. The design is made in level of detailed design. The designed building is a partial basement, two-storey building of elongated shape. The facade of the building is designed as ventilated with wooden cladding, the northern part of the building is with contact thermal insulation system. The building has two single-layer flat roofs, one with a vegetation layer, the other with a PVC roofing with an attic. Entrance to object is from south side. On the first floor there are two separate departments for education of children with facilities and there is a technical-economic background in third part. On the second floor there are special classrooms that can be used by both the kindergarten and the adjacent elementary school, as well as the public. There is also a central office, a meeting room and a special speech therapy room. On the underground floor there are warehouses and technological facilities. Static scheme of the building consists is combined system of ceramic blocks and reinforced concrete columns with girders, in the basement is used reinforced concrete walls. The ceilings are designed from prestressed spiroll panels. Park landscaping was designed on the surrounding site. The purpose of the object is in the concept of preschool education. The concept is based on children acquiring the fundamentals of key qualities from outset and acquiring prerequisites for their lifelong learning.
The house with the day care
Salač, Petr ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
My diploma thesis occupies with project documentation for building of house with the day care, with conformity of legal regulation and technical standards. My work solves the buildings dispositions with proposal of right construction system and supporting system with using right materials, important for me was the integration into near built-up area on the periphery of town. My diploma thesis evaluates the building from the point of view of building physics. It verifies warm-technical and sound-isolating properties of constructions, from the suggested materials and it verifies the materials with standards values.
The building
Kuchař, Michal ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This dissertation thesis concern the project of a multifunctional building in Hranice na Moravě. It is an individually standing object on a flat terrain. The building has four over-ground floors. In the first and second floor are administrative spaces. Administrative spa-ces consist of offices and meetings room. In a third and fourth floor are four flats. There is one 3+kk flat (three rooms with kitchenette) and one 2+kk flat (two rooms with kitchenette) on every floor. The double staircase is used to connect the individual floors. The building is designed from a structural system of ceramic fittings. The ceilings are assembled from ceramic fittings with reinforced concrete. This ceiling is also supporting part of single skin flat roof. The thesis contains project documentation for construction.

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