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Grate Boiler for Wood Chips - 96,4 t/h
Strnad, Ondřej ; Ryšavý, Milan (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with issue of grate boilers. It describes their properties, function principles and usage. The main part of this thesis is design of grate boiler burning biomass with steam output 96.4 tons/hour. Steam temperature and pressure at the output are 490 °C and 8.1 MPa.
Gas Boiler - 220 t/h
Flodr, Jan ; Ryšavý, Milan (referee) ; Skála, Zdeněk (advisor)
For set parameters of a steam and a boiler feed water is designed a thermal and dimensional plan of the boiler, allowing high efficient requests. A boiler is used for combustion of blast furnace gas contains 10% of a natural gas used as a stabilisation element.
Grate Boiler for Coal and Bagasse Combustion - 200 t/h, 9.3 MPa, 520 °C
Bartůněk, David ; Ryšavý, Milan (referee) ; Skála, Zdeněk (advisor)
The object of the thesis is to design a grate boiler for bagasse and brown coal combustion with a heat output of 160 MW. Calculations of a flue gas stoichiometry are based on known element analyses of each fuel. The crucial part of the thesis includes designs of heat-exchanging surfaces, where the bagasse is considered as the main fuel while the brown coal is the spare one. Overall thermal balance and an actual boiler efficiencies are provided in last chapters. The boiler-outlet flue gas temperature is compared with the dew point temperature at the very end of the thesis. As a part of the thesis there is a design of the boiler attached.
Grate Boiler for Biomass and Coal Co-combustion
Baláži, Martin ; Ryšavý, Milan (referee) ; Skála, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis solves a design of a grate boiler burning wood chips or brown coal with a heat output of 160 MW. Stoichiometry flue gas is calculated according to the specified composition of each fuel. The dimensions of the individual heating surfaces are primarily calculated for burning wood chips and subsequently checked for the combustion of brown coal. Design of the boiler is completed by checking the overall heat output. Boiler design is accompanied by drawing documentation.
steam boiler for woody biomass 88t/h
Lučko, Martin ; Ing.Milan Ryšavý (referee) ; Skála, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of the work is to design a plain wood combustion boiler of 88 t/h output. Fuelling component analysis has been added to the basic boiler parameters. For given fuel is prepared stechiometric calculations. After making the heat balance of boiler is determined the thermal efficiency. For given output of steam parametrs (temparature, pressure, volume) are designed individual convective surfaces and dimensons of the boiler. It is also made drawings.
Steam boiler burnig natural gas 170t/h
Žaloudek, Martin ; Ryšavý, Milan (referee) ; Skála, Zdeněk (advisor)
The thesis contains calculations of a boiler burning natural gas. For designated values of steam pressure, temperature and steam power is made a proportion design and heat calculations.

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