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Parental Competence and Resilience of Preschool Children
Pražáková, Eva ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The presented work aims to verify whether there is a relationship between the perceived parental competence of fathers and mothers and the resilience of their pre-school children. The theoretical part of the work introduces the concept of children's resilience, its development in the context of socialization and the factors that affect the development of resilient behaviour. Then, it focuses on the parenting sense of competence in relation to positive parenting. The empirical part analyses the relationship between the resilience of pre- school children and the parenting sense of competence as perceived by their parents. The data were gathered by means of standardized questionnaires that determined the range of the observed variables. The research questionnaire sample comprised 62 mothers and fathers of pre-school children. The results of the analysis did not prove a statistically significant relationship between a child's resilience and the perceived parental compentence. Nevertheless, there was a link between a child's resilience and between one of the aspects of the parenting competence, i.e. the parental efficacy of its mother. At the same time, the study did not prove any differences in the perceived parental competence between mothers and fathers of pre-school children. It did not prove any...
Impact of fairytales and myths on psychological development of personality
This thesis deals with fairy tales and the significance assigned to them by psychologists, psychotherapists, and parents of primary school children. The theoretical section of this work defines the basic terms related to the presented topic, such as traditional and modern fairy tale, the importance and the functions of fairy tales, or the development of the way of thinking and ethics. Then, it introduces the most important approaches and theories concerned with fairy tales, their significance, and their practical application, such as psychoanalysis, analytical psychology, and narrative psychology. The practical section is a qualitative research comprising the following research questions: How do fairy tales influence the child ´s personality and behaviour according to parents and psychologists? What role do fairy tales play in the parents' and psychologists' lives? Are there any differences between traditional and modern fairy tales? How do psychologists work with fairy tales during their therapy sessions? What position does a traditional fairy tale have in a contemporary family? Twelve respondents, six psychologists and six parents of primary school children, were interviewed in the research. The data were collected by semi-structured interview and further processed by initial coding. The aim of the thesis is to find out what importance is assigned to fairy tales by the respondents and how fairy tales have influenced the respondents' lives and the lives of their children and clients. The respondents attached great importance to fairy tales in the field of emotions, moral development of children's personality, and formation of their system of values. Then, they put emphasis on formation of the relationship between the story-teller and the listener, and also on joy and escape from sometimes difficult reality. At the same time, however, it was found out that in some families, traditional fairy tales are replaced by modern stories and television production.
Impact of the change in providing spa care according to the ordinance 267/2012 to the physiotherapy conception in the spa surrounding
My bachelor thesis deals with problems, that occurred after the cancellation of the Decree No. 58/1997 Coll. and the adoption of the Decree No. 267/2012 Coll. establishing a new indicator list for the Spa sanatorium rehabilitation care for adults, children and adolescents, when there have been significant changes in the area of Spa care. Significant changes occurred, for example in the length of stay in treatment, that was shortened to 14 days or 21 days and to changes in the overall indication of the spa treatment, when some disease it was not possible to draw a spa care at all. This resulted in serious problems for both the spa facilities, as well as for patiens. Physiotherapy as an important part of balneotherapy has a very close relationship to the overall concept of the Spa treatement and its effect depends to a large extent on the presence and frequency of other treatments. The first part of the theoretical work deals with a spa treatment, legislation of Spa care and impact which has occurred after the adoption of Decree No. 267/2012 Coll. The second theoretical part deals with the therapeutic methods in the Spa. The aim of the work was charting of physiotherapeutic procedures in the context of Spa care pursuant to decree 58/1997 Coll. and 267/2012 Coll.. For the processing of a qualitative research strategy was used the method of the personal case study. Research file consisted of three patients who have completed the three-week comprehensive spa treatment in Bertiny lázně in Třeboň. One patient was treated with rheumatoid arthritis and two patients with Bechterew's disease. All the listed patients visited the spa facilities regularly and repeatedly. For these respondents was conducted the subscription history, input and output kinesiological analysis. Input and output of kinesiological analysis contained the examination of aspects, palpation, examination of walk, antropometric examination, goniometric examination and examination of distance on the spine. Six individual therapies was done and a subjective evaluation of the results of therapy at the end. Physiotherapy treatment was evaluated according to the above regulations. For these three treated patients was noted a difference in the effect of the spa treatment in the three-week and the four-week stay. Extended stay brought the longer-term pain relief, improve mobility and overall had a long-term effect, thanks to the greater number of balneotherapy treatment and the greater number of physiotherapy. It also had a better effect on the psyche of the patient when the patient could rest during the longer stay and managed to learn exercises and consolidate new friendship. The good news is the adoption of the new law, when from 2015 the length of the Spa stay was set back to four weeks. In my bachelor thesis I'd like to point out the problems that caused the adoption of Decree No. 267/2012 Coll. Furthermore, public awareness on this issue could be improved in this way.
Quantification of Customers' Satisfaction in a chosen Firm
Ryšavá, Kateřina Bc. ; Lukšů, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pražáková, Eva (referee)
Práce popisuje možné metody monitorování spokojenosti zákazníků a vhodnost jejich použití. Zabývá se způsoby zjišťování spokojenosti a loajality zákazníků ve vybraném podniku a navrhuje nový systém měření. Ve zvolené společnosti je realizován dotazníkový průzkum, který směřuje k navržení vhodných doporučení ke zlepšení činnosti podniku a jeho vztahu se zákazníky.

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