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The Problem of Art Forgery
This bachelor thesis will deal with the issue of counterfeit and stylishly imitated works of art, their identity with a focus on theoretical problems that the existence of falsified artworks brings. Firstly, the most famous examples of revealed artistic falsum will be introduced. Consequently, I will analyze aesthetic and ethical problems caused by the phenomenon of artistic falsification. An important part of this work will be formulation of artworks' identity problems, especially in relation to the Anglo-American aesthetics. One of the most important sources for this work will be a monograph by Tomáš Kulka: Umění a falzum (2004) and his conception of dualism in aesthetic theory. In addition to Kulka's approach, I will mention authors such as Nelson Goodman, Denis Dutton, Mark Sagoff and Arthur Koestler. The aim of this work is to evaluate a functionality of presented approaches to the given issue.
The analysis of factors which influence the mortgage market
This thesis deals with current issues relating to the mortgage market. The aim of the thesis is to analyse factors which influence the mortgage market in the Czech Republic and to describe their influence on the quantities of mortgages within last 10 years (2002-2011). The theoretical part introduces basic concepts related to the mortgage market, the legislation and chosen factors that could have an influence on the quantities of mortgages. Among these factors were chosen GDP, the rate of unemployment, the inflation rate and the interest rate of mortgage loans. One part deals with mortgage crises which came into existence in the USA in 2007 and had an impact on economics of other countries. In practical part there is an introduction into development of chosen factors and then there is finding out whether these factors influence the quantity of mortgages.
The analysis of system of payment and bank services in the Czech republic
The bachelor thesis is orientated on a system of payments. We all meet with it every day. It is resource of revenues of every bank. Its transaction together with emission of credit money is one of principal functions of banks. The first part of bachelor thesis is orientated on the characteristics of a system of payments. The second part of bachelor thesis is orientated on the analysis bank charges of payment services in terms of an account. For detection where is more or less advantegeous opening an account for a client there are compared the average month charges among nine banks.

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