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Cinema, Television and Conceptual Transmutations in Samuel Beckett's 1960s Prose
Nixon Kiryushina, Galina ; Pilný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Wallace, Clare (referee) ; Weller, Shane (referee)
This dissertation examines the impact of Samuel Beckett's close personal and professional engagement with film and television technologies on the form and content of his prose works of the 1960s. It begins by charting Beckett's interest in cinematography and its complex but key role in the development of his aesthetics during the 1930s, the formative and intellectually rich period to which he kept returning throughout his life and writing career. Drawing on letters, unpublished manuscript material, critical and creative writings as well as numerous contemporary resources, the dissertation traces the evolution of Beckett's thinking about the practice and theory of cinema across the decade, including documentary film, montage editing, and the decline of silent black-and-white cinema, and sets this into a context of the wider cultural debates in modernist Europe around the significance of film as an art form. The dissertation then argues that this experience comes to inform his practical encounters with the media of film and television during the 1960s and beyond, starting with Beckett's work on Film in 1963, and considers the ways in which these modes of expression and their specifics in turn prompted creative impulses for the development of an entirely new conception of Beckett's fiction. It does so...
Cultural Identity and Gender Stereotypes in Christina Reid's plays Joyriders and Clowns
Vašková, Petra ; Wallace, Clare (advisor) ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee)
Thesis abstract The thirty-year conflict in Northern Ireland, also known as the Troubles, has inspired many works written and set in this period. The Northern Irish playwright Christina Reid wrote several plays depicting life in the centre of the Troubles. However, contrary to the trend in Northern Irish literature, she focused on characters who lived on the margins of the historical narrative. She regularly portrayed characters who broke cultural and gender stereotypes, thus created a space for cultivating equality in Northern Ireland. This thesis examines two of her plays, Joyriders and its sequel Clowns, in a socio-cultural context. These two plays were chosen because they have not received as much attention in the critical conversation as her other plays, and they provide a clear insight into many aspects of cultural conflict and gender issues. This thesis focuses on arguing that Christina Reid breaks gender and cultural stereotypes in her plays through the addition of characters, that were not common in the Northern Irish literary canon, to the historical narratives, showing the real representation of the area. Structurally, the thesis has five chapters including the introduction and conclusion. The second chapter examines the socio-cultural context of Northern Ireland, traditional cultural identities...
Anna Burns's No Bones and Milkman: Bildungsroman and Trauma
Klečanská, Štěpánka ; Pilný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Wallace, Clare (referee)
Despite the term Bildungsroman being associated mainly with novels of the 18th and 19th century, this genre, or at least its features, persists in contemporary literature. Manfred Engel defines three main assumptions for the definition of the Bildungsroman: one central figure who undergoes development, which usually commences in childhood and ultimately reaches maturity, with Bildung referring to the formation of identity. The Bildungsroman is intertwined with society since it features rebelling or conforming to it. The genre, which originated thanks to the changes in society, developed with societal changes and several variants of the genre appeared. Critics eventually began to recognize female and feminist Bildungsroman that introduced a female protagonist, which was not usual in the earlier novels of the genre. The rise of new female protagonists in the twentieth century was partly caused by the fact that women were able to gradually obtain the same opportunities formerly available exclusively to their male counterparts. The Bildungsroman in Irish literature follows the general tradition of the genre in many aspects. Nevertheless, there are some recurring features typical of the Irish tradition. One of the frequent themes is leaving as a means of finding one's identity or potential. Unlike in...
Heat-moisture and Heat Storage Properties of Heavy Structures of Sloping Roofs
Pilný, Ondřej ; Ostrý, Milan (referee) ; Novotný,, Marek (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The heavy claddings of sloping roofs are increasingly being incorporated into the common constructions of family houses, apartment buildings and other civic amenities. Thanks to the increasing demands for energy savings in the form of ever-tightening values of heat transfer coefficients and other thermal engineering requirements, these designs are the answer to how to achieve the requirements more easily. Furthermore, they are able to influence the passive thermal stability of interiors and thus solve not only the issue of overheating of buildings, but also to achieve energy savings in the case of thermal stabilization of the interior throughout the year. However, if there is a lack of understanding of these different constructions for heat-moisture and heat storage behaviour, there is a risk of the opposite effect and a risk of deterioration of interior thermal stability. Therefore, it is necessary to better understand these structures in terms of behaviour and the impact that their use has on the building itself. Also, it is desirable to understand the effect of changes in their partial material properties and of the composition itself on the functioning of heat-moisture and heat storage properties of compositions that use these materials.
Apartment Building in Jablonné nad Orlicí
Tejklová, Šárka ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
At the almost flat plot number 411/3, cadastre unit Jablonné nad Orlicí was designed a new apartment building with an service establishment. Local zoning plan of the village defines the plot as a buildable area. The building has one basement and three floors. There are 7 dwelling units and a hairdresser's in the building. The living area and the service establishment have separate entrances. The building is designed with wheelchair access. On the first floor there is an accessible two-bedroom flat with kitchenette and hairdresser's, on the second floor there are two two-bedroom flats with kitchenette and two studios apartment, on the third floor there are two three-bedroom flast with kitchenette. In the basement there is cellar boxes and technical facilities of the building. The foundations are made of a system of foundation strips made of plain concrete, external wall of floors is walled with clay blocks and insulated with external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). Staircase and floor structures are made of reinforced cast-in-place concrete. The building is roofed with a non-walkable flat roof.
Gallery Access House Wolkerka
Harazin, Tomáš ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with project documentation for the new construction of a gallery access house Wolkerka. The proposed building is located near the historic center of city Olomouc in the former industrial zone, which has been transforming into a residential zone in recent years, thanks to many projects that are being developed in the area. In the vicinity there is a large park, which stretches around the medieval walls, that define the historic city center. The building is a four-storey building with the first floor serving as a background for residents and is equipped with a cellar for each of the apartments, a cleaning room and a technical room. On the remaining floors there are apartments, a total of 7, with layouts 1 + kk, 2 + kk and 3 + kk, which are oriented to the south by large sliding windows. In front of these windows, each of the apartments on the first and second floor is equipped with an unheated winter garden, which in the summer months allows for a complete opening and connection to the exterior. The top floor is recessed and there is only one apartment on it, which is equipped with a terrace, that is designed as a green roof, which simulates a garden in height. The roof, like the terrace, is designed as a green roof. All floors are connected by a staircase, which is part of the gallery on the columns. Under the winter gardens of the first floor there are 5 covered parking spaces. The house is based on reinforced concrete foundation strips. The vertical construction system consists of Porotherm T50 profi ceramic blocks, which are filled with mineral wool. Horizontal structures are monolithic reinforced concrete.
An analysis of representation of significant events and personalities of Irish history in the period from 1916-1923 in Irish film
Kejmar, Tomáš ; Wallace, Clare (advisor) ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Filozofická fakulta Ústav anglistiky a amerikanistiky Tomáš Kejmar Abstrakt bakalářské práce THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Analýza reprezentace významných událostí a osobností irských dějin v období 1916-1923 v irském filmu Abstract of BA Thesis An analysis of representation of significant events and personalities of Irish history in the period from 1916-1923 in Irish film. Praha, květen 2011 vedoucí práce: Clare Wallace, Ph.D. 2 Thesis abstract This thesis focuses on the period of Irish history from 1916 to 1923, i.e. the period commencing with the Easter Rising and concluding with the end of the Irish Civil War, as it was captured in three feature historical films shot in the last two decades: Jonathan Lewis' The Treaty (1992), Neil Jordan's Michael Collins (1996) and Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006). The main interest of the thesis is the way the historical events and the main characters of the films are represented. The implications of such representations are analyzed and possible explanations offered. Selection, misrepresentation, falsification and invention of historical material by the authors of the films is scrutinized and pointed out. The contrast between historical and biographical accounts of the characters and their filmic portrayals is considered and...
(Post)Modern Inferno: Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman between modern and medieval netherworlds
Ruczaj, Maciej ; Pilný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Armand, Louis (referee)
I have discussed earlier Noman's hallucinatory experience of "woodenness" spreading across his whole body - "a dry timber poison killing me" (119). It provides another stage in the consistently allegorical construction of the motif. Noman's moment of enlightenment, the possibility of the discovery of an allegorical meaning, is of course immediately distorted by the fact that Noman is already dead and - if his dwelling-place is hell - there is no possibility of further degradation, he is all "wood" by now. "Woodenness" he correctly associates with death, yet as always he misses the point as it is primarily a "spiritual" death that is signalized here.
John Millington Synge and Irish mythology - Deirdre of the sorrows
Pecovová, Petra ; Pilný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Wallace, Clare (referee)
This thesis is focused on the relationship between the mythological tale of Deirdre and John Millington Synge's play Deirdre of the Sorrows. It concentrates primarily on features, such as characters, themes and motives, which distinguish Synge's Deirdre from the previous versions of the tale. The first part lists all the versions that are echoed in Synge's play, which include the 12th century version from the Book of Leinster, the medieval version from the Glenmasan Manuscript and the versions by Synge's fellow writers and dramatists from the Abbey Theatre. It briefly outlines similarities and contradictions between the earlier versions and Synge's approach. The second chapter deals with the role of fate, its representation in the different texts, and how it affects the central themes and motives in the tale. The last part of the thesis analyzes female protagonist and questions her role as a heroine. The aim of this work is primarily to show that portraying realism was essential to Synge, even when dealing with a legend that is comprised of the exact opposite. The most important passages of the thesis are those which uncover the conflicting representations of characters and motives, because they indicate that Synge's fusion of the heroic and peasant world was not successful. Even though he managed to...
The Organs of Perception and Expression in Samuel Beckett's Dramatic Works
Parin, Giulia ; Pilný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Wallace, Clare (referee)
This thesis focuses on three plays written by Samuel Beckett: Play, Not I and Footfalls. Corporeality is the central theme of these works, which also connects them to an important and celebrated source of study and inspiration for the dramatist, The Comedy of Dante Alighieri. The influence played by Dante's descriptions of the body, particularly in the cantica of Inferno, is visible in Beckett's works for the ways in which the organs of perception and expression are treated at both textual and theatrical level. In the three plays the activities of mouth, eyes, ears (and less relevantly, nose) constitute the narrative focus of the text, while the sensorial aspects derived by their presence on stage determine the kind of exchange at play between actors and spectators. Staging immobilized, constricted and barely visible characters who, narrating obscure, uncertain stories, obsessively try to make a sense of their existential and physical conditions, the author gives life to a metatheatrical language rooted on instability and doubt. After the introductory opening chapter, the second chapter looks at the language of Dante's Inferno and at its thematization of corporeality, introducing the continuities between the poem and Beckett's drama. The third chapter juxtaposes the characters and the uncertain...

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