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Parlamentary elections 1925
Širůčková, Erika ; Pehr, Michal (advisor) ; Polášek, Martin (referee)
(in English): This thesis deals with the parliamentary elections in 1925 in Czechoslovakia. The paper briefly describes the political system under the baton of those elections were held. The main aim of this work is the analysis of the election campaign, the elections and their results, political parties in 1925 to contest for seats in parliament involved, and the atmosphere in the society during the elections.
Fascist trends in peasant party in thirties of twentienth century
Duraj, Matouš ; Doubek, Vratislav (advisor) ; Pehr, Michal (referee)
Fascist tendencies in peasant party in thirties of twentieth century Abstract (in English): This work will concern with fascist trends in peasant party during the thirties of twentieth century. This period is characterised by taking power or consolidation of non-democratic regimes and deepening the economical crisis. In this work we will try to find out if the fascist trends were incorporated in politics and speeches of republican party. At first we will describe the function of republican party in political system of Czechoslovakia. Then we will determine basic features of fascist movements based on the analysis of several authors, which will be compared with the manifestations of the peasant party and assess if there are fascist tendencies or not.
Internment of Bishops Josef Hlouch and Karel Skoupý during Communism
Kolouch, František ; Míšková, Alena (advisor) ; Šebek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pehr, Michal (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Pedagogická fakulta Katedra dějin a didaktiky dějepisu DISERTAČNÍ PRÁCE Internment of Bishops Josef Hlouch and Karel Skoupý during Communism ABSTRACT: The dissertation deals with the internment of the Roman Catholic Church Bishops Josef Hlouch and Karel Skoupý during the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia in 1949 -1968. The work initially presents effort of the post-coup Communist government to transform the Roman Catholic Church into the national church, subordinated to the state, and unsuccessful negotiations of government representatives with bishops. The main part of the dissertation deals with the internment of Bishops on the example of Bishop Josef Hlouch of České Budějovice and Bishop Karel Skoupý of Brno. Both were first detained in their residences and later transported outside the diocese and for many years interned in secret buildings, supervised by State Security. The aim and purpose of this dissertation is to present coherently the internment of the Bishops in those buildings. The work's main resources are archival materials and testimony of witnesses. Those are the base to describe the Bishops' daily life in the internment and its organization. Another aim is to show the impact that the bishops' isolation had on the Roman Catholic Church. This result is the effort to...
Historic causes and context of the present position of the Roman Catholic Church in the Czech society
Černý, Jan Karel ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Pehr, Michal (referee)
(in English) This thesis is focused on historic causes and context of contemporary position of the Roman Catholic Church in the Czech society. To chosen problematics I approach through a concept of spirituality which enables us to have a preview on other phenomena and processes that disrupted catholic religiosity. My thesis starts in the Enlightenment which has had a quite underlying ideological influence on the position churches all over the Europe, while I complemented this chapter by secularization aspects of Judeo-Christian tradition. The next chapter dedicating to 19. century is primarily focused on modernization processes (especially Czech nationalism) which could replace or suppressed traditional religiosity. The short 20. century is devided on formation of relationship between state, church and society (The First Republic and communist period) and simoustaneously in framework of this part it is introduced postmodern transformation of religion whose ,,offshoots" characterise present Czech spirituality. The Revolution and the beginning of the 90s are viewed from two approaches - from a dissolution of concensus and from adapted liminal theory. How it seems, the contemporary position of the Catholic Church is given profound processes - especially anti-catholic form of nationalism and a rate of...
The reality of the Soviet Union from the perspective of First Republic intellectuals
Moravec, Jakub ; Doubek, Vratislav (advisor) ; Pehr, Michal (referee)
My dissertation focuses on few selected First Republic travelogues and its authors who in their works reflected their own subjective relationship towards the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century. By the gradual assessment of the research questions that I define by my complex approach at the end of my dissertation I reach the conclusion that I outline in the introduction. The goal of my methodological research is to evaluate the ability of recognition and reflexion of selected intellectuals and their perception of reality of the Soviet regime in the span of two decades by analytical and comparative methods divided into six chapters. The thesis focuses on such topics as a theory of non-democratic regimes, ideas, contemporary history and literary history. The travelogue reports of choice are going to provide a picture of contemporary Soviet society that was idealized by some intellectuals who, unlike others, could not have seen through the illusion that the Soviet Union had created. Key words: Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, authoritarian, totalitarian, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Communism, Bolshevism, reality, illusion, travelogues, reports
The 1935 Catholic Assembly as an expression of modernization in the Catholic Church in inter-war Czechoslovakia
Pehr, Michal
This paper analyzes the events of the first national Catholic Assembly held in Czechoslovakia in 1935, which can be viewed as the culmination of the Church’s development in the independent Czechoslovakia.
The development of racial theory in the Czech Lands during the Second Republic in Czechoslovakia
Heller, Tomáš ; Pehr, Michal (advisor) ; Doubek, Vratislav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the evolution of race theory and its relation to Jews in the Czech lands during the period of the second republic. Apart from mapping the evolution of race theory in the Czech lands in said period coherently, the thesis also focuses on the premises of the second-republic policy and its accompanying government regulations. The aim of the thesis is to show the characteristics of Czech antisemitism and especially the connection between political and race theory which appeared at the political sphere of the second republic. The thesis points out the fact that not everyone acted upon antisemitism, even though it was quite widespread.

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