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Theory of spin-dependent transport in magnetic solids
Wagenknecht, David ; Turek, Ilja (advisor) ; Minár, Ján (referee) ; Šipr, Ondřej (referee)
of doctoral thesis Theory of spin-dependent transport in magnetic solids David Wagenknecht Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University 2019 Theoretical and ab initio description of realistic material behavior is complicated and combinations of various scattering mechanisms or temperature effects are often neglected, although experimental samples contain impurities and modern electronics work at finite temperatures. In order to remove these knowledge gaps, the alloy analogy model is worked out in this thesis and implemented within the fully relativistic tight- binding linear-muffin-tin orbital method with the coherent potential approximation. This first-principles framework is shown to be robust and computationally efficient and, consequently, employed to investigate bulk solids and their spintronic applications. Unified effect of phonons, magnons, and alloying gives agreement with literature for temperature-dependent electrical transport (longitudinal and anomalous Hall resistivities) and scattering mechanisms are explained from electronic structures. Moreover, novel data help to identify defects in real samples and experimentally hardly accessible quantities are presented, such as spin polarization of electrical current. Calculated results for both zero...
Quality of PCB Surface Finishes and Test Coupon Optimization
Minář, Jan ; Přikryl, Tomáš (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with measuring and evaluation of wetting for samples of different surface finishes, using a test coupon developed in cooperation with firm Gatema. It deals with surface finishes ENIG and immersion tin. For these samples deals with quality monitoring and periodic testing of these surface finishes. The solder using for tests is SAC305. Test methods are used for simulation of reflow soldering and wave soldering.
Electronic structure and magnetic properties of the materials with strong electron-electron correlation
Kozub, Agnieszka Lidia ; Shick, Alexander (advisor) ; Legut, Dominik (referee) ; Minár, Ján (referee)
In this thesis, we summarize the material-specific theories of strongly correlated systems and apply them to selected materials. We describe and apply the corre- lated band theory methods: the local density approximation plus Coulomb U, and the density functional theory plus exact diagonalization of single impurity An- derson model. First, we investigate the systems containing impurity atoms: cobalt impurity located in the bulk copper and samarium, and neodymium adatoms on the surface of graphene. We present the spectral densities and study the magnetism of those compounds. Afterwards, we analyze three Np-based compounds: NpPt2In7, Np2Ni17 and NpBC. For all three compounds we analyze the spin, orbital and to- tal magnetic moments and the total density of states, as well as its projections for selected orbitals and spins. Moreover, for NpPt2In7 and NpBC we perform the to- tal energy analysis between different magnetic moment arrangements on the Np atoms.
Minář, Jan ; Jana, Toulová (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis with measuring of wetting characteristics by the wetting balance method for samples of different surface finishes from the firm Gatema. It deals with influence of the isothermal aging and reflow processes on wetting characteristics of surface finishes ENIG, HAL and immersion tin. The influence of intermetallic layer on the overall wettability is studied in case of the surface finish of immersion tin. Also deals with the wettability of the nickel layer, after stripped off gold, in case of the surface finish of ENIG.
Property Insurance Coverage Selected Municipalities
Sikorová, Michaela ; Minář, Jan (referee) ; Řezáč, František (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is to analyze the current status of insurance coverage selected municipalities, analysis and comparison of offers insurance protection of property from commercial insurance community and the proposed changes in the scope of the cover of the municipality.
Study of biodiversity and account of haematophagous dipterous insects, mainly mosquitoes, in PLA Palava and Litovelské Pomoraví
Gelbič, Ivan ; Minář, Jan ; Olejníček, Jiří
Changes in the biodiversity of haematophagous insects, mainly mosquitoes and effect of artificial flood on the account of mosquitoes were studied in PLA Palava. Global changes of temperature on the biodiversity of mosquitoes in PLA Palava and Litovelské Pomoraví were studied too.

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