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Open air museums in the Czech Republic: theoretical and methodological basis
Bryol, Radek ; Dolák, Jan ; Drápalová, Lenka ; Koudelová, Jana ; Langer, Jiří
The methodology includes an introductory study dealing in general with the issue of open air museums in the Czech Republic, definition of terminology including definitions of individual terms, characteristics of the starting points for realization of open air museums, process of preparation and realization of open air museums. Contains literature review for open air museums and supplements.
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Anthropological perception of current home births without medical assistance.
Drabantová, Lucia ; Brůžek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Koudelová, Jana (referee)
The study discusses the current home births in developed countries. Introduction deals with the emergence of a model of human birth in the background of evolutionary mechanisms and the resulting biological risks, which are illustrated by data on maternal and neonatal mortality. Home births are understood in the complex scale, and so formation of current model of obstetrics in selected countries is shown in historical background. It brings most common image of women and the circumstances that lead to the choice of home birth. The study focuses on the comparison of home and hospital births due to the occurrence of undesirable health complications. As this comparison showed the results that births are largely influenced by medical interventions carried out, frequency of these procedures is also compared. Higher occurrence of interventions in hospital births can be partly explained by changes in the demographic profile of mother, which increases the risks associated with childbirth at home. Data processed in the study suggest that today's home births require extensive implementation of system changes, and therefore the home birth as a safe alternative is not recommended. It also doesn't consider hospital births appropriate in terms of excessive interventions, rather a compromise in the form of home birthing...
Monitoring of water quality in protected area Křivoklátsko
Koudelová, Jana ; Benešová, Libuše (advisor) ; Matějíček, Luboš (referee)
Nowadays, nature is constantly being polluted by anthropogenic activities. All components of the environment should be therefore monitored, including water quality. This paper focuses on surface waters in the Protected Area Křivoklátsko. The main purpose of monitoring is to obtain information about the current state of watercourses compared to the previous period and to determine the degree of purity in accordance with relevant standards. The theoretical part describes the basic information about the site that was the source of the water samples and also a brief history of the water quality assessment in the Czech Republic and worldwide is included. The practical part describes the basic characteristics of the given parameters and their practical determination. This is followed by the evaluation of the measurement results that is arranged in tables according to the legislation (CSN 75 7221). The paper concludes with the evaluation of results of quality monitoring and with comparing the current situation to the previous reporting period at each sampling point. Key words: water quality, chemical composition of water, Křivoklátsko
Integration of immigrants from Arabic countries settled in Prague for the long term or permanently
Koudelová, Jana ; Šiklová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Šišková, Tatjana (referee)
In my thesis I summed up the basic theoretical and practical knowledge about adaptation/integration of immigrants, integration policy and social work in the process of integration od immigrants, which i took from actual professional literature. I was also engaged in the influence of arabic-islamic factors in the integration process and actual situation of islam in the Czech society. I came out of the presumption, that the members of the target group can be negatively influented by unfair attitudes of majority and media, which usually come from the lack of information and can have specific needs and problems, on which it is necessary to react in an adequate way. By controlled structured interviews I realized pilot study into the target group, with the goal to gain information, useful for other researches and to consult the integration history of individuals, focusing on their specific needs in process of integration and forms and measure of their satisfaction and to indicate other possible fields of creation and application of integration arrangements, connected with the utilization or creation of capacities from both the side of majority society and immigrants theirselves. Integration is a komplex, multidimensional and multilevel process, on which must actively and responsibly cooperate all subjects of...
Provádění soupisu a dokumentace roubených objektů tradičního stavitelství
Koudelová, Jana ; Michalička, Václav ; Schejbal, Oldřich
Metodiku lze využít pro výzkumnou činnost zaměřenou na průzkum roubených objektů ve vymezeném prostoru a čase, nebo ji průběžně uplatňovat během časově neomezeného poznávání svébytných dokladů lidového stavitelství. Metodika je určena etnografům/etnologům, památkářům, architektům, stavebním historikům, ale také vlastivědným pracovníkům, kteří mají zájem o zachování doposud stojících roubených obytných i hospodářských budov v příslušné obci či v širším regionu. Metodiku mohou využívat jak pracovníci památkové péče, paměťových institucí (například muzeí v přírodě), univerzit (včetně studentů), tak rovněž kupříkladu kronikáři měst a obcí. Z institucí jde například o Národní památkový ústav, Slezské zemské muzeum, Valašské muzeum v přírodě v Rožnově pod Radhoštěm, Muzeum vesnice jihovýchodní Moravy – Strážnice, Muzeum Novojičínska, Národní zemědělské muzeum a Ústav evropské etnologie – Filozofická fakulta Masarykovy univerzity v Brně.
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