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Impact analysis of the type of construction on the normal prices of apartments in Hradec Králové
Kašparová, Eva ; Hrubanová, Michaela (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The object of thesis is estimation of the normal price for property type of apartment in Hradec Králové, including finding of the extent to which is the normal price influenced by the type of supporting structure. A partial task is valuation of selected apartments using different valuation methods. The solution task were used the price regulation methods – cost method and comparative method and market valuation methods – yield method and the direct comparison method of valuation, which is estimated market value. Finally the thesis contain a recapitulation of prices and analysis of detected differences.
Heating of the Residential Building with Commercial Spaces
Kašparová, Eva ; Horák, Petr (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis aims to introduce the concept of central and water heating in a residential building with some commercial premises in Brno city. Gas condensing boiler has been designed as a source of heat for the heating system as well as water storage heater. The water storage heater is located in the boiler room in the ground floor. Areas of the heating surfaces are panel radiators and tubular and design elements. Electrical heating cable were used for the rooms with limited space.
Participants of Inclusive Education in Kindergarten
Kašparová, Eva ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Kaščák, Ondrej (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of actors intervening in inclusive education in kindergarten. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. It aims to give a comprehensive view of the actors of inclusive education. The theoretical part defines the concepts and legislation of inclusive education in kindergarten. The actors with institutional level and their clients are described. It gives a more detailed theoretical picture of the teacher and the teaching assistant, defining their roles and prerequisites for these professions with regard to preschool inclusive education. The content of the practical part is a multiple case study. Its aim is to examine in detail in three classes of a kindergarten the cooperation between a teacher and a teaching assistant and its impact on a child with special educational needs as well as to find out how it affects the school climate. In the final summary of the case studies, the influence of the actors involved in the education of a child with special educational needs is described for a comprehensive view. In the conclusion of the thesis, the answers to the research questions are summarized, showing the necessity of a proper relationship between the teacher and the teaching assistant for optimal support of a child with special educational needs and a...
Technical equipment in molecular microbiology diagnostic, Real Time PCR and End Point PCR methods confrontation
Kašparová, Eva ; Pavlík, Emil (advisor) ; Pavlíková, Andrea (referee)
Technical equipment in molecular microbiology diagnostic - Real Time PCR and End Point PCR method confrontation The disetration is dividend into three parts : -equipment of the diagnostic methods applied in microbiology -identification of the instruments used for molecular diagnostics -Real Time PCR and End Point PCR methods comparation Theoretical passage of this diploma thesis deals with general characteritics of molecular diagnostic metods used in microbiological laboratories - such as hybridisation, polymerase chain reaction and infections agens detection. There is also description of technical equipment necessary for execution of these methods in both small laboratory operations and automated systems. The practical passage indicates Real Time PCR and End Point PCR method confrontation focused on Nested PCR. This comparison is based on theoretical knowledge and laboratory practice and work experience.
Social Preparedness for Kindergarten
Kašparová, Eva ; Švandová, Martina (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis surveys the field of social preparedness for kindergarten from the perspective of developmental psychology and the influences of the modern world in which preschool children grow up and which affect them. The thesis is partitioned into the theoretical and practical research parts. The second chapter of the theoretical part describes the preschool facilities and care possibilities for preschool children in the Czech republic with emphasis on common kindergartens. The third chapter is focused on a preschool child from the perspective of developmental psychology and environmental influences. The fourth charter introduces the term social preparedness for kindergarten. It also explains the concept of adaptation period. Its evaluation and results are used in the practical part as potential criteria for determining the social preparedness for the kindergarten. The first section of the research part is dedicated to the survey on social preparedness and how it is percieved by parents and teachers. The second section captures the observation conducted on a sample of 15 children during the adaptation period. The conclusion summarizes the results of the research. .
The effect of climatic changes on genetic build-up of populations and their role in promoting adaptive radiations
Štefková Kašparová, Eva ; Janko, Karel (advisor) ; Šabacká, Marie (referee) ; Hulva, Pavel (referee)
The Southern Ocean and its enormously cold, remote and yet the wildest continent, the Antarctic, have experienced numerous rapid climatic changes. It used to be viewed as a barren wasteland with limited knowledge of species diversity or phylogeography. Recently, all aforementioned premises are being increasingly questioned, and this thesis aims to shed light on them. Firstly, multi-locus genetic markers were used to evaluate if it is the lifestyle, benthic or pelagic, including the duration of the pelagic larval period that determines the population connectivity of particular notothenioid species. It was the adult's fish lifestyle along with the oceanographic factors that are responsible for the gene flow between localities. Secondly, is lifestyle a factor determining the extent to which Pleistocene growing grounded ice sheet affected species past population dynamics? The attention was paid to Notothenioidea fish, then to Echinoidea sea urchins, and lastly to NCBI database available antarctic marine shelf and deep-sea fauna. Our findings suggest that the last glacial maximum affected more profoundly the population size of benthic shelf species. At the same time, those living in the water column or inhabiting deep slopes had more ancient population size changes. The Antarctic terrestrial evolution...
Recruitment process of international companies in the light of national cultures: France and the Czech Republic
Bočanová, Magda ; Kašparová, Eva (advisor) ; Kubernátová, Eva (referee)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to analyze and describe cultural differences between France and the Czech Republic in connection with recruitment processes of international companies operating in these countries. The thesis is divided into two main parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part involves the basic terminology in the field of human resource management and cultural specifics. It defines the terms and procedures of the recruitment process as a key component of human resource management as well as connection and influence of cultural characteristics on the process. The practical part describes recruitment processes using the example of two international companies doing business on the Czech and French market. It also contains a comparison of the recruitment processes of these companies in the light of the national specifics of France and the Czech Republic. The practical part also includes detection of expectations and attitudes of Czech university students and graduates towards one of the international companies in relation to the activities of its HR marketing.
Emotional intelligence
Jeřábková, Marie ; Kašparová, Eva (advisor) ; černohorský, Ivan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with problematics of emotional intelligence and its importance in employment, especially concerning leading position. The first part of the thesis, which is a theoretical part, is focusing on explanation of basic concepts such as emotion, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-control, empathy and relationship control. Then follows the practical part, which is dedicated to the evaluation of the research. The research was realized within the method of questionnaire and the questioned subjects were employees of HR department of companies. The objective was to determine whether the emotional intelligence is the main factor when choosing employees for leading positions. Further, the thesis investigated whether HR departments measure and develop emotional intelligence at their current employees. Another focus of the thesis is to determine what qualities of emotional intelligence are preferred for leading positi-ons. Lastly, there is detailed evaluation of the questionnaire and comparison of its re-sults with the hypothesis.
Communication barriers with personnel in small enterprises
Do, Daniel ; Hubinková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kašparová, Eva (referee)
The aim of this Bachelors Thesis is to analyse the working environment of two small food distribution enterprises, which will examine communication skills of personnel with lower and upper secondary education. The research is aimed at both employees and managers to evaluate their points of view on possible ineffective communication at their workplaces. The data will be obtained by observation and two questioning methods, semi-structured interview with management and questionnaire for the subordinates. In conclusion, both environments will be evaluated and optimization of inner communication will be proposed.

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