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Criminal proceedings against legal persons
Gebauer, Jan ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
1 Abstract The thesis deals with selected procedural issues of criminal proceedings against legal persons, especially those procedural institutes that are controversial in theory or application. The aim of this thesis is to point out and analyse these procedural shortcomings, which stem not only from the strict legal regulation of Act No. 418/2011 Coll., on criminal liability of legal persons and proceedings against them. To this end, the legal regulation is evaluated and the author bases his interpretation on the opinions of the professional public. To achieve this goal, the method of description, analysis, including linguistic interpretation is used. This thesis is divided into 4 parts in which the author elaborates on the procedural aspects of criminal proceedings against legal persons. The introductory part describes the basic concepts that are necessary to grasp the procedural issues and without which the interpretation would not be complete. The second part is devoted initially to the substantive law institute of "evolving from criminal liability" of a legal person, which, however, has an overlap into the procedural law context and thus deals in detail with the problem of shifting the burden of proof to a legal person, and in its conclusion states that it cannot be accepted in criminal proceedings...
The character of gaucho in 19th century Argentinean poetry
Gebauer, Jan ; Housková, Anna (advisor) ; Fousek, Michal (referee)
In my thesis I focused on the character of gaucho in the 19th century Argentinean poetry. At first I dealt theoretically with the very beginnings of poetry in the region called Río de la Plata. The aim was to distinguish folklore, poetry of authentic uneducated gauchos and gauchesque poetry, artificially created by educated authors during the 19th century and also to place this poetry in the literary-historical context among other literary streams, such as classicism and romanticism. The main sources for profound studying this theme were El payador (The payador) by Leopoldo Lugones, Las corrientes literarias en la América Hispánica (The Literary Streams in the Hispanic America) by Henríquez Urea and Nástin dějin argentinské literatury od počátků do roku 1910 (The Outline of History of Argentinean Literature from the Beginnings till 1910) and last but not least an enriching discourse by C. O. Bunge El derecho en la literatura gauchesca (The Right in the Gauchesque Literature) given at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Buenos Aires. As a complementary source of information also served the book called Dějiny Argentiny, Uruguaye a Chile (The History of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile) by Jiří Chalupa.

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